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My magazine 2.0

  1. 1. Just how does my music magazine compare to theconventions of other such magazines? The model is on a fairly blank background The eyes of the model look at the reader The model wears clothes suitable for their image Text layering is used to give the magazine depth Text never placed in front of the model Words extra and exclusive used to lure reader Multiple text colours but no more than 5 Different font styles used to add variation Pictures in medium close-up Issue number, price and barcode are small You whilst they were working, instead they would look at Cover lines show whats in the magazine what they’re doing, I framed the picture as a mid shot and Exclamation marks used to add emphasis also framed the picture so that the model would be on the Mast heads give brand Identity left hand side of the page, so that text could be placed Competitions or offers promoted easily on the right of the page, but also so that the model appears to be looking at the cover lines drawing yourAs you can see from the list above, my magazines front attention to them and consequently whats inside thecover conforms to most of the typical music magazines magazine hopefully enticing someone to pick the magazineconventions, however I think that my magazine breaks one up and buy it. Another convention I have mildly broken isof the most common conventions of a typical magazine in by having the issue number in a large font, I thought thisthat the model is not looking at the reader, I believe in this was a good idea as this is the magazines first issue, andcase this breaking of convention is justified, my magazine is the prominent issue number advertises this well, I also likeall about how music is made for film and TV, so my model is the look of the issue number as it is anchored to the sideworking at a sound mixing desk, if someone were to be angle of the mixing desk.busily working they wouldn’t stop to look at
  2. 2. I do however think that it is good that my magazine follows many of theconventions of a traditional music magazine, as if it were too far andunconventional potential readers mightn’t realise that it was a musicmagazine without closer inspection, presumably leading to a lot less sales.I have decided to have a consistent colour scheme throughout themagazine, with blue yellow black and white, this is shown on the front coverin the gradient fill background, (plain as per convention) blue and off blue ofthe cover line text and the stripes of blue and yellow in both the upper rightand lower left corners of the magazine.The magazines cover lines are written in two alternating fonts in alternatingcolours to add variety and words such as exclusive used to entice the readerinto read the magazine, like a conventional magazine.I think that my magazines masthead helps compliments the magazinesidentity, the title of my magazine is soundtrack, the font is made up of threedifferent lines (or tracks) curving to form the shape of each letter, and thetag line below the mast head of “Film and TV Sound Magazine” simply andeffectively tells a potential reader what the magazine is about withoutsounding vauge or pretentious. Its just straight to the point.
  3. 3. I think that my contents page both conforms to andbreaks some conventions of a usual music magazine.oA message from the editor is includedoThe message is written in an informal fashionoPictures, page numbers and contents are in groupsoThe pictures and pages are anchoredoThe colour scheme from the front page is repeatedoImportant stories are biggeroThe logo and title are repeatedoThere is no empty space As you can see from the list above it meets many of the conventions of a magazine contents page that we noted in class, however I think the main thing my work does to challenge a convention we didn’t list is that it is made of two pages as opposed to one page as per convention. I decided to do this as the contents page is usually on the The contents page has a table of pictures with related page third page (right hand side) and not much on the left, so I numbers inset, so the reader can see which pictures most decided to add a large picture of some speakers, grey interest them, look up a brief description in the contents and find scaled, posterized, then re coloured to go with my colour the page, I think that this gives the contents page a clean and scheme, overlaying this with a quote, I think this adds to organised look, the letter from the editor is written in an informal the magazines aesthetics and further reinforces the style in the top right, with an advertisement for subscriptions in magazines brand identity. the bottom left, to help promote future sales, as this is the first issue and fill in space so the contents page doesn’t look empty. The rest of the contents page though is relatively on convention.
  4. 4. The masthead of my magazine is on a clear white background, this is so the title is clean, clear and easy to read. Helping give the magazine a stronger brand identity, this helps distinguish the magazine from similar ones. The font chosen for my masthead is big and bold in an interesting font which should help grab the readers attention. I took this image of Mike in the music room at Priestley College, the lighting was not ideal and this caused mikes skin and hair to look washed out, because of this I used Photoshop to edit the colour levels of the photoincreasing contrast, and creating an overlay layer over his hair to remove too much shine from the bright un natural lights, I cut him and the desk from the background using the background eraser tool and used the spot healingbrush to get rid of the shine in his glasses, I then gave him a drop shadow to give him some depthThe word exclusive is used to entice the reader, suggesting the magazine is special among other similar magazinesThe font style and colour alternate between two different styles and colours to add variation to them making tem more interesting, the cover lines alsohave a slight drop shadow which helps give the page some depth. The fonts are also made so that they stand out from the pages background making them easier for a potential customer to readThe font style and colour alternate between two different styles and colours to add variation to them making tem more interesting, the cover lines also have a slight drop shadow which helps give the page some depth. Here is a special offer to help entice the readerThe issue number is placed here large to draw attention to the fact that this is the first issue of a new magazine, it is also placed at an angle so that it appears to line up with the angle of the mixing desk The price, frequency, barcode and web address are printed in small here, this is so the customer knows information about the magazine and where to look online for more information about it, a common feature of magazines in general
  5. 5. I have used the title of my magazine in the contents page, helping implement brand identity The art page adds to the overall aesthetic of the contents page and appeals to our arty target audience, its colours are also the same as the colour scheme again helping to implement brand identity These images are specially made to look both interesting and slightly mysterious grabbing the readers attention compelling them to look at the chart below to find out more from a small description. They can then look up the page number and turn to itThe editors message is written in an informal and friendly style, designed to sound as if the writer is writing directly to the reader, this should naturally appeal to them and give them a sense of connection and involvement withthe magazine, this could inspire some form of brand loyalty from the reader causing them to continue to buy the magazine the letter is even signed at the end, but using a shortened down more informal version of the editors nameThis is an advert for future subscriptions to the magazine, the advert offersa special offer giving the first 3 issues for £2 each, this is advertised in the bubble, and using exclamation marks for added emphasis, helping enticethe reader, into future sales promoting that a subscription is a good saving for them, this is also good for the magazine as it guarantees a definite monthly income
  6. 6. The caption of the photo helps anchor what ishappening in the image to what is being written about in the text, linking the twoHere is a key quote from the article, it can help the reader tell at a glance the sort of article they’re looking at, it also helps them get a feeling about if they’d like the article or not In this image the model looks away from the camera in an over the shoulder shot, I did this so that he looks like a busy professional, butalso being able to see what he’s working on canhelp include the audience in the action, they can see what he does making them feel more included in the story, and have a stronger positive feeling towards the magazine, as if they’ve connected with it in some way The article is written in a quite informalstyle, just like the transcript of a chat, this helps the reader follow the flow of the interview and helps them imagine the peoples voices inside their heads, again making them feel more involved The logo is again repeated to reinforce brand identity and awareness
  7. 7.  I think that the media organization most likely to distribute my magazine is IPC media, this is as the group seems to publish the most niche magazines such as volksworld, superyacht and niche magazines which may also interest the people my magazine is aimed at such as amateur photographer, I think meaning that my magazine fits in well with their current output. I think that the best sort of stockist for my magazine are specialist record or music shops, recording equipment shops, instrument stockists, college or university libraries, this is because my magazine is aimed at quite a niche audience and so probably wouldn’t have a huge circulation, and probably wouldn’t be suitable to a more general stockist such as WHSmith or smaller newsagents, which is why the magazine would be stocked in places that sell related equipment or in education establishments where film and media students could buy the magazine to help with their learning.
  8. 8. How my magazine represents peopleOn the front of my magazine is my model, Mike. Mike is a music teacher at Priestley College, Ithink he is a good representation of someone who works professionally in the music industry,and his funky glasses and cool hair are representative of the sort of independent film makers themagazine is aimed at, mikes pose also represents something about the type of people who work inthe creative industries, he’s looking at what he’s doing working hard. This idea is also evident in theother images of people in my magazine, no one’s just standing around they’re all at work, I thinkthis helps set them up as positive role models to the readers, and can be a sort of inspiration thatthey too can do this sort of thing if they put the effort in and learn.Out of the four people shown in my magazine 3 are male, one female, and it might be a goodidea to add another female to the magazine however this is indicative of the industry which doesseem more male dominated. Another thing I might want to look at should future issues be madewould be to include people from other ethnicities or disabled people, as all 4 people shown in themagazine are white, however I think it’s important not to necessarily actively think about this. Asreally it shouldn’t make much different, it’s just nice for all types of people to be represented in mymagazine.
  9. 9. Click to play the photo story.
  10. 10. My audience is mostly younger people, between the ages of 16 and 30, both male and femaleThe magazine is for creative people, who enjoy film making, usually on a small budget and with their friends, having only a small amount of experience in the making of sound and music for films because of this the magazine aims at being informative and useful to learning but not in a lecturing teacher way, it aims to be more like a helpful friend with tips you should knowThe people my magazine is aimed at tend to have a particular flare or style, often described as trendy
  11. 11. To try and attract my target audience, I have used Mike my cover model, Mikefits in with the target age range of my market and seems to represent them quitewell and his funky glasses and cool hair are representative of the sort ofindependent film makers the magazine is aimed at The mast head of my magazine is big and bold, this helps to attract the attentionof the potential reader, and the gradient helps attract their attentionlower, through shades of white to the cover lines of the magazine.These cover lines use words like exclusive, to make the magazine appear morespecial, they are also written with a relatively informal tone, this fits in with theearlier idea that the magazine is more like a helpful friend than a teacher, helpingthem trust the magazine more, and consequently making them more likely to buyit.
  12. 12. Click to start the short film
  13. 13. Here is some work I havemade in Photoshop, thefirst is my magazine, theother is a poster for thecolleges storytellingevening that I made aftermaking my magazine, Ithink it is a good exampleof how I have learned touse the program and haveput that learning intopractice. before making themagazine, I had only abasic understanding of theprogram and it confusedme but now I have learnthow to use it properly and I feel quite confident in using Quark, after learning how to use it toalso learned many new easily sort text into columns and to use the wrap around feature so thattechniques, letting me the words fit perfectly around my images, however I also feel that theremake the images I want. I is some room for improvement, as I find it hard to keep the layerhave also learnt how to use ordering simple and I don’t really like how the program limits the size ofQuark Xpress, after no your images as this can sometimes lead to photos being the right sizeprevious experience but not show enough of the image.
  14. 14. One technique I used on Photoshop is creating a colour overlay, with this technique you can easily change a persons hair colour, you first create an extra layer, on which you draw around the object you want to re colour in the newcolour and fill this shape In, you then use the layers blendingoptions, changing it to overlay or multiply depending on which works best.
  15. 15. You can also use Photoshop to add lighting effectsthat arent real, in this demonstration I’m addinglight from the candles to the boy, to do this I’ve firstcut out the cake and candles, this is so the lightdoesn’t go on them as I only want it on the boy, Ithen use a large soft edged paintbrush with theblending settings set to add soft light colour, I thenpaint this onto the boy and place the cake back inits original position, making it look like light iscoming from the candles
  16. 16. You can easily add extra images to your Photoshop image, in this example I’m adding a hat to the boy, first I need to cut the background out around the hat, to do this I can use the magic eraser tool, this can get rid of the background in one go as it is all one colour,Any extra trimming can be done with the lasso tool by hand, when this is doneyou can use the transform controls to move, resize and reposition the hat sothat it looks like it is on the boys head. I then tend to use the blur tool to helpmix the newly added object into the scene as its edges can often appear to betoo sharp to look real.