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Nawsheen Hosenally – Presentation of the blog Nawsheen’s World


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Nawsheen Hosenally – Presentation of the blog Nawsheen’s World

  1. 1. Nawsheen’s World By: Nawsheen Hosenally ARDYIS Consultative Workshop“Using ICTs to strengthen youth opportunities in agriculture and rural areas” 22nd May 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa
  2. 2. Introduction “Nawsheen’s World” was created in 2008 Active since 2010, mainly to share my thoughts In 2011, I attended a training on Web 2.0 by CTA in the framework of the ARDYIS project and my blog started to focus more on Agriculture Since the YoBloCo, blog posts are solely on Youth, Agriculture and ICTs
  3. 3. Objectives To share information on Agriculture, Youth and ICTs Showcase best-practices in Agriculture from Mauritius and the region Share success stories of youth and successful entrepreneurs in Agriculture Share my own experience as a youth in Agriculture (bring forward opportunities/challenges faced by youth)
  4. 4. Blog DesignAccessible at:
  5. 5. Nature of Blog Posts Blog posts focused on different issues:  Conference/Workshop proceedings  Use of ICTs in Agriculture  Agricultural Policies  Sustainable Agriculture  Food Quality and Safety  Application of Web 2.0 and Social Media  Promoting Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship  Highlighting new technologies in Agriculture (Tissue culture/mass propagation, hydroponics, use of GPS, mobile applications)  Crop and animal production  Challenges and opportunities in Agriculture
  6. 6. Popular posts
  7. 7. Traffic Sources
  8. 8. Audience
  9. 9. All time page views
  10. 10. Motivation for updating blog Interest in Web 2.0 and Agriculture YoBloCo was a motivation to improve blog’s quality and frequency Passion for making a change by sharing information and raising awareness on Agriculture and youth-related issues With time, blogging became a hobby
  11. 11. My perspective as a Blogger Share opinions and ideas Information benefit and Way of impact other documenting people Blogging Improve skills and Tracking gain activities knowledge Can be Creating used for your advocacy identity
  12. 12. Challenges faced No major challenges faced However, blogging is a time-consuming activity Lots of ideas, but lack of time to write on them  Some Blog posts remain drafts - unpublished Internet connectivity  Blogging completely dependent on it
  13. 13. Impact of blog on my Agricultural activities Indirect job and other opportunities Have an identity in the Agricultural sector Increased Networking Better understanding of different issues related to agriculture (policies, challenges, opportunities, initiatives, etc.) Improved writing skills
  14. 14. Feedback from Audience Comments received on blog posts that they have been informative and useful to some people Encouragement from experienced professionals in Agriculture to keep on writing Emails from blog followers, requesting for more information (especially hydroponics, facilitation, and other resources) Other requests received from: Youth in agriculture to create their blog, regarding assignments, partnerships, consultancy opportunities etc.
  15. 15. Conclusion Blogging is an opportunity for youth to have their own space and be visible in this competitive world There is no limit on where a blog post may reach or to whom it may be useful Having a blog is free and it may have various objectives and functions I highly encourage people to have a blog for it has more advantages than disadvantages!