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Outcomes of the 3rd Workshop 'Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition'


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This document outlines some of the key action points discussed at the workshop held in February 2017. More information about the workshop: More information about the impact of open data for agriculture and nutrition:

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Outcomes of the 3rd Workshop 'Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition'

  1. 1. Action Agenda 3rd Creating Impacts workshop 13-15 February 2017, New Babylon Meeting Centre
  2. 2. Open Data Ag Package (only for government) GODAN Action Program on impact evaluation GODAN Data Ecosystem Paper GODAN Action on capacity building and working group GODAN Success stories and documentaries
  3. 3. Overall • Frameworks for benefit sharing across data value chain to the least favoured – Balancing sector innovation vs. responsible data use • Activate to potential of open data as a vehicle for collaboration – Building partnerships across communities – Bring open data principles to other communities
  4. 4. Overall (2) • Assessment of the impact of open data on organizations in agriculture & nutrition – Organization models, business models – Round tables, supply chains as networks
  5. 5. Big Wins • Nutrition: – User assessment: find out what information/data sources professionals at Ministries are currently using in targeting their interventions – Explore new sources of data for estimating nutrition status and health, for example number of KFC’s, import/export statistics, detailed crop maps with remote sensing
  6. 6. Big Wins: weather • Stakeholders and networks (e.g. IGAD, GODAN, ****) develop a tailored approach for localized and regional applications in use of open data. • GODAN Action initiative, which focusses on weather data in 2017, These include: – need to include the financial sector – need to convince policy departments of the urgency of opening up weather data – need to share best practices
  7. 7. Big Wins: biodiversity for agriculture • Develop a reference lamp post to allow stakeholders to find relevant open biodiversity (data) – Cross linking and visualise various databases • Design mechanisms to work data on sub-national level, also to support CBD, using innovative data approaches (crowd sourcing, volunteer networks)
  8. 8. Business innovation • Document stories of data sharing, shifting revenue models, benefits and risks in the private sector • Develop thought provoking materials on supply chain change & industry collaboration through (open) data/digitization • Cross sector focus group on private sector opening up data • Further disseminate business models with open data to service producing firms
  9. 9. Societal goals • Develop a paper on the mechanisms with which open data can help to reach the SDGs • Build partnerships for transforming agriculture towards SDG2 with open data • Develop innovative show cases of private sector, project and program contribution towards SDG 2 with new data sources
  10. 10. Capacity development • Make best practices on API’s, licenses and clear guidelines for consuming/publishing open data available • Develop an end user driven approach to capacity building
  11. 11. What do we want as a result? • Rolling action agenda • Pledges from participants
  12. 12. #GODAN #Impact