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Designing For CX (The UX of Social Media)


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Short presentation of key concepts: the User Experience community focuses on design for the individual. Community Experience (CX) focuses on design for the group.

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Designing For CX (The UX of Social Media)

  1. Designing for Community eXperience (CX) The User Experience (UX) of Social Media May 2009
  2. A Brief History of Time A.J. Kim “Community Building on the Web”: Individual “clouds” Social Media: Interconnected clouds Same principles apply, plus more
  3. Kim: “Social Scaffolding” “Nine Timeless Design Strategies” 1. Purpose 6. Etiquette 2. Places 7. Events 3. Profiles 8. Rituals 4. Roles 9. Sub-groups 5. Leadership Allow for growth/change Implement feedback loops Empower users
  4. Sounds like Social Media? Sort of.
  5. Web 1.0: Content (Media) “Social” was limited to closed spaces, non real time & manual info flow
  6. Web 1.5: Blogs Blogs are “podium content”, and do not naturally promote community Blog post comment on 0.01% comment comment 99.99% comment comment
  7. Web 2.0: Interacting (Social) “Social” is now interconnected spaces
  8. it’s all about interaction.
  9. CX is People, not Technology • Personalities communicating electronically • Openly as individuals and/or groups • Whenever and wherever they want, saying whatever they want • As peers (perceived, real, or neither) CX = the community personality, and the individual’s experience with it.
  10. Conceptual: Community eXperience
  11. CX Implementation
  12. Things To Remember 1. Design for personality 2. Technology can enable/emphasize the good, the bad, and the ugly 3. Your audience is no longer captive 4. Leadership is crucial 5. Measure, adjust, adapt
  13. there remains much to discuss… -bast-
  14. Conversation