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Separating klout from clout


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Separating klout from clout

  1. 1. 1Fresh GroundSeparating the Klout from the Clout
  2. 2. 2The Big ProblemMaking sense of the massive data feed whenwe only need some of it.
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  5. 5. How do we match up?5‣ Mayor of a city of85,000‣ Worked for Sec. ofState John F. Kerry‣ Gets phone callsfrom Pres. Obama‣ Lives in a city of85,000‣ Voted for Pres.Obama‣ Runs a small PRfirm
  6. 6. However….6Dig a layer deeper
  7. 7. 7What is influence?The power to sway opinion, drive decisions andcreate action.
  8. 8. The 4 Rs‣ Reach• Traffic numbers, Alexa Rank, Followers, etc.‣ Relevance• Categories, Activity, Semantics‣ Reputation• Engagement, Linkbacks, Google Author Rank, Kloutscore, Ratings‣ Receptivity• The big question8How to Size Up an “Infuencer”
  9. 9. 9“Many of the personal influencemeasurement tools are not verytransparent about theirmodel…”Tonia Ries, The Realtime Report
  10. 10. What matters?10No one really knows
  11. 11. Where are you going?11We all use the roadsPhoto by Jason Hollinger
  12. 12. Three Approaches‣ Know Nothing• Need a general roadmap‣ Viral• Long haul trucking‣ Hyperfocused• Know exactly where to go, just need directions12Grab a map
  13. 13. 13Stir the grass to startle the snakes
  14. 14. Stir the grass to startle the snakes14‣ Facebook: 6765‣ Twitter: 124‣ Google +1: 46‣ LinkedIn: 50‣ Delicious: 3‣ StumbleUpon: 0Big Media Hit Examining Shares
  15. 15. Stir the grass to startle the snakes15‣ Facebook: 36‣ Twitter: 319‣ Google +1: 15‣ LinkedIn: 47‣ Delicious: 2‣ StumbleUpon: 500Big Media Hit Examining Shares
  16. 16. ‹#›
  17. 17. Know Nothing17Starting with CRM
  18. 18. Viral1847% Video
  19. 19. Viral19Long path to overnight successMay June July August SeptemberVideo Goes LiveMay 17: VideoRecordedMay 30: First clipsappearCampaign StartsJune 10: Commentson HuffPo to promoteitPushed to Daily Kos,Pastebin and othersOutreachContinuesProuty gets oustedfrom Daily Kos;providence suspectedRachel Maddow alsoposts & then deniesBig BangHuffington Post andMother Jones postand promoteViral takes overGetting warmerProuty targets JamesCarter and David Cornbecause he respectstheir workPure media relationsEvent sent to Romney
  20. 20. Hyperfocus‣ Challenge• Client wanted TechCrunch• Traditional Media Relations tactics failed‣ Plan• Target Alex Williams’ influencers• Create our own Influencer20Using Influence to Gain Media
  21. 21. Hyperfocus‣ Strategy• Identify and target key influencers• Launch Evangelist blog• Utilize paid panel at a key cloud event• Focus on other key tech media21Using Influence to Gain Media
  22. 22. Hyperfocus22‣ Reporter attendedpanel discussion‣ Major piece inTechCrunch‣ Included quotefrom Ben Kepes‣ Follow upcoverage in othercloud storiesUsing Influence to Gain Media
  23. 23. Hyperfocus23Using Influence to Gain Media
  24. 24. The Future‣ Identify Influencers relevant to a topic‣ Monitor topics over time‣ Manage relationships‣ See real-time information24Contextual Influence
  25. 25. The Future‣ Measuring Influence only within topics andcontext• Relevance and Reputation‣ Tools based on Search‣ Some Overlap with monitoring tools• Radian6, Sysomos and Cision25Contextual Influence
  26. 26. Four Contextual Influence Tools26Reviewed by Realtime ReportPros: Fast, easy to pullreports & dataCons: Lacks somemanagement toolsCost: $1000/ yrPros: Flexible reports forcampaigns and lists; VerymatureCons: Slow, expensiveCost: $499/ month;Limited access $95/ yrPros: Semantic enginetracks shape of opinions& conversationsCons: Power isn’t cheapCost: $1500/ monthPros: Focus onconversations; MakesrecommendationsCons: Power also isn’tcheapCost: $2000/ month andup based on data
  27. 27. Context means everything27How do we match up now?
  28. 28. Chuck TanowitzPrincipal, Fresh Ground, Inc.Contact Usctanowitz@itsfreshground.com617.575.9643Twitter: @ctanowitzGoogle Talk: tanowitzSkype: