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Spring 2013 - Fitness Busters


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Spring 2013 - Fitness Busters

  2. 2. Fiction! Strength training is-as new studies have shown-superior tosteady-state cardio in caloric burn It also boosts your metabolism after your workout-and buildmuscle that will further increase your fat-burning potential inthe long run When you do strength work, you’ll continue to burn caloriesfor up to 36 hoursCARDIO BURNS MORE CALORIES THANSTRENGTH TRAINING
  3. 3. Fact! Cellulite is fat, so calorie-blasting activities and the rightnutrition can make your skin look smoother Women lose about five pounds of muscle per decade, and theylose most of it when they don’t use their muscles: where theysit. Strength training can play a major role to tone that muscleand get the firm foundation backYOU CAN REDUCE CELLULITE THROUGHEXERCISE
  4. 4. Fiction! Most women initiate crunches with their hip flexors withoutengaging much of their core This may get the surface muscles in your abs, but it ignoresthe ones underneath, which are also essential to a flatstomach Also, crunches mimic the sitting posture we use for much ofthe day, so they are repeating a similar movement pattern Focus on moves like the plank and side plank that often workneglected areas of your coreCRUNCHES ARE ONE OF THE BEST MOVESTO TARGET YOUR ABS
  5. 5. Fact! In a study at the University of Muenster in Germany,participants who ran sprints learned new words 20 percentfaster than those who did nothing Physical activity has one other major perk too: It increasesproduction of the stem cells that develop new brain cellsEXERCISE IMMEDIATELY IMPROVES YOURABILITY TO LEARN
  6. 6. Fiction! The late afternoon would be your ideal workout window.Muscle strength and body temperature both peak somewherebetween 4 and 6 p.m., allowing you to work out hard with lesseffort Also, you’ve eaten breakfast and lunch, meaning you’ll havemuch more fuel in your tankTHE MORNING IS THE BEST TIME OF THEDAY TO EXERCISE
  7. 7. Fact! Marathons do cause short-term injury to the heart, but they donot seem to cause lasting damage In a study that tracked 14 athletes, all showed cardiac stressimmediately after the race After a week of rest, however, the runners’ hearts showed nolong-term effectsRUNNING A MARATHON INCREASES YOURRISK OF A HEART ATTACK
  8. 8. Fiction When you blaze through each move, you often use momentuminstead of your muscles, and you also increase your risk ofinjury Do the same reps more slowly and you’ll get more burnLIFT WEIGHTS QUICKLY TO INCREASE THEBURN
  9. 9. Fact! Do five to ten minutes of a slow jog before increasing speedto a normal training pace. After a run, do static stretches held for 30 seconds to aminute It is advised to do a comfortable stretch that’s not overlyaggressiveSTRETCH BEFORE YOU RUN
  10. 10. Fiction! The key to good health is not just your weight Some doctors believe it’s the invisible fat around your organsthat could cause the most trouble This fat is prevalent in people who don’t exerciseSKINNY PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS HEALTHIERTHAN OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE