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Pincaso (Top Up Demo)

  1. 1. Pincaso Topup Feature Demo
  2. 2. TopUp Plus Features  Allows you to sellTopUp directly from stores, online or with hard cards  IVR processing also available  Text Message and email confirmations.  Online Signup and processing  ACH, Credit Card or Cash Payment methods for Distributors/Agents/Stores.  Auto Recharge available  MultiTiered  Master Distributor  Distributor(s)  Agent(s)  Store  End User  CommissionTracking from the selling point back up through the entire chain  This ensures everyone gets paid on a continual basis regardless of how an account is recharged after the initial sale  Full reporting module  Program done under your name/logo  Multiple product portfolio  Ability to keep stores private so Agents do not need to disclose their locations  International MoneyTransfer and Payment Center functionality coming soon.
  3. 3. Why You Should Buy It  Stores will have the ability to activate TopUp via IVR (phone), text message and computer terminal  Has the ability to hide end users from distributors.  Stores/websites can pay agents or distributors in cash  The Pincaso system supports multiple providers.  The system will LCR the cheapest TopUp  All-IN-ONE Solution  Pinless  Auto Dial/Direct Dial/Hot Dial  International & Domestic Mobile Top-up  Bill Payment (2nd Half 2013)  Pinless Hard Cards  Prepaid SoftPhone Clients  International Money Transfer (Coming Q1 2013)
  4. 4. Home Page The Pincaso website has the ability to sell:  Pinless Products  Pinless Hard Cards  Auto-Dial Products  International and Domestic Top-Ups  Prepaid Soft Phone Services The next generation of this website will include online bill pay and international money transfer.
  5. 5. Home Page All aspects of the homepage are customizable. We will set up your company banner, logo and colors.
  6. 6. Purchase Options The Pincaso system was designed for flexibility. Customers have two different purchase options. Option 1: E-Commerce Customer have the ability to purchase products on your website or through text message Option 2: Retail Store or Kiosk Customers can visit a store or kiosk and purchase products from sales clerks. The sales clerk can use our web portal to process the purchase.The Pincaso website has been integrated with a complimentary IVR system for stores that do not have internet access.
  7. 7. Buying From a Retail Store The next segment of this presentation will focus on the store interface.
  8. 8. Login Screen Every user level logs into the Pincaso site from the same screen.
  9. 9. Store Interface This is the main menu for stores.
  10. 10. Store Interface Stores can sell multiple products. The three examples here are TopUp, Pinless andAuto Dial.
  11. 11. Store Interface This is the purchaseTopUp product screen. Stores have the ability to look up different mobile carriers around the world. In addition the system will automatically lookup mobile carriers based on the ANI (Phone Number). This image displays US Mobile Carriers
  12. 12. Store Interface This example displays InternationalTopUp Carriers for Mexico.
  13. 13. Store Interface After the system has determined the carrier.The store clerk will select a TopUp denomination
  14. 14. Store Interface TopUp purchases are non refundable.
  15. 15. Store Interface The store clerk has the option of printing a receipt.
  16. 16. Store Interface Pincaso automatically sends a text message to the parties involved in theTopUp transaction. The message can be customized.
  17. 17. Store Interface By clicking on advanced options store managers can view reports, add employees, make payments and perform other operations.
  18. 18. Store Interface Store owners can edit information from this screen.
  19. 19. Store Interface Detailed reporting allows store owners to view profits
  20. 20. Management of the System The rest of the presentation will display how to set-up and manage the Pincaso website.
  21. 21. Master Distributor Setup All users including the master distributor login from the same home page.
  22. 22. Master Distributor Profile The master distributor sets up their profile information on this page.
  23. 23. Master Distributor Users The master distributor can have multiple accounts in order for different employees to maintain the Pincaso website.
  24. 24. Distributor Setup This is the first step to creating a multi-tiered distribution system. The Master distributor will add a distributor on this screen.
  25. 25. My Distributor Setup The Master distributor has complete control over how much commission is given to distributors. The commission can be determined per distributor/agent/store or per product. The system allows exceptions as well. The Pincaso site also allows for split commissions on recharges. For instance Customer A purchases a product at Store B. Customer A then recharges at store C. Store B can receive part of the commission on the sale from Store C because Store B made the original sale. The master distributor can enable or disable this function and set the split commission structure.
  26. 26. My Distributor Setup These screens show how a product is initially set up by the master distributor
  27. 27. My Distributor Setup These screen show how a master distributor receives and records cash payments. Credit Card & ACH payments are automatically entered into the system via APIs.
  28. 28. Thank You for viewing our brief overview of the Pincaso website. We invite you to contact our sales department to view a full live demonstration of our system. About NACT: NACT is the world’s leading provider of prepaid application solutions, having sold and installed more than 650 switching platforms – in 26 countries – that control more than 12 billion minutes of traffic annually. NACT’s prepaid solutions represent the industry standard for highly reliable and cost effective Class 4/5 hardware and software solutions. NACT’s Vinci, and Vinci Softswitch Solutions insure that service providers can deliver the latest in VoIP and Next Generation network services, while maximizing profits using real-time billing, routing and rating. For more information please contact: Eric Goodstein Office: 801-802-1306 Mobile: 516-322-8936