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Mcc ua cashiers contest


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Mcc ua cashiers contest

  1. 1. Best cashier 2011 Nadiya Lubnina Head of Corporate Communications December 15th, 2011Copyright © 2011 METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine Member of METRO Group
  2. 2. METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine 30 stores in 22 cities 7200 employees, 86% - in the regions Sales area – 280 000 sq meters 3rd largest among organized retailers in terms of sales areaMETRO Cash & Carry > Ukraine < Member of METRO Group
  3. 3. 20% of the company’s staff The highest churn out rate High level of service at check out - one of the key customer satisfaction factors according to MASMIMETRO Cash & Carry > Ukraine < Member of METRO Group
  4. 4. Being a cashier is important! 2 stage contest: 1 stage: selection of the best cashiers in each store (efficiency, accuracy, sales volume, friendliness + general test) 2 days final event in Kharkiv 1st day – training & leisure 2nd day – live competition at the desksMETRO Cash & Carry > Ukraine < Page 4 Member of METRO Group
  5. 5. Results 803 cashiers took part (apprx. 90%) The winner has been promoted one month after Better cashiers motivation for summer season Positive feedbacks of the cashiers, better attitude from other floor staffMETRO Cash & Carry > Ukraine < Page 5 Member of METRO Group
  6. 6. Please ask your questions!METRO Cash & Carry > Ukraine < Page 6 Member of METRO Group