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Presentazione Martina Casani - CowoCamp13


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Presentazione di Martina Casani
CowoCamp 2013
Milano, Camplus Living, 29 giugno 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentazione Martina Casani - CowoCamp13

  1. 1. LOGIN How StartupsAre Changing the Way We Work. Martina Casani | Matteo Roversi | Stefano Garavaglia @CoworkingLogin LOGIN
  2. 2. LOGIN Martina Casani | @martinacasani From Enter to Coworking Login.
  3. 3. 00 Tensione Evolutiva. LOGIN From sharing infrastructure to sharing... desks, chairs, wifi, kitchen, lounge area, printers, scanner, cloud server.
  4. 4. LOGIN Startup lessons for coworking spaces. Matteo Roversi | @matteoroversi
  5. 5. LOGIN 01 Solve Problems. Spend your time to find needs, analyze problems and then offer solutions.
  6. 6. 02 Stay Lean. LOGIN Build, measure, learn. Don’t waste your time in meetings. Keep focused.
  7. 7. LOGINLOGIN 03 Give Back. Share what you’ve learned with the community.
  8. 8. LOGIN 04 Hack. Love technology, be smart and think creatively: it can really take you to amazing heights.
  9. 9. LOGINLOGIN 05 Have Fun! Do what you love and play ping pong :)
  10. 10. LOGIN Stefano Garavaglia | @enter_the_cloud How Login: • solves problems • stays lean • gives back • hacks • has fun
  11. 11. LOGIN Thank you! Martina Casani | Matteo Roversi | Stefano Garavaglia @coworkinglogin