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Rapid Circle Attini - Social Suite for SharePoint


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Rapid Circle Attini - Social Suite for SharePoint

  1. 1. Created a Social Suite for SharePoint SharePoint is a solid foundation for collaboration. Enhance it with social networking and social features of Attini and you have a user friendly social platform AttiniProducts
  2. 2. Network of SharePoint specialists From Netherlands: - Members management team Attini - Consulting Internal social Media - SharePoint Consulting - SharePoint and Attini implementation - Distribution Attini EMEAEMEA - Product Management AttiniRapid Circle BV/ Zevenseas HollandAmsterdam, The NetherlandsAmerica’sZevenseas India Ltd.Pune, IndiaAsiaPacificZevenseas Australia Ltd.Melbourne, Australie
  3. 3. Management Team Attini
  4. 4. About Attini Attini Software delivers a range of SharePoint solutions designed for business, both on 2007 and 2010 We enhance SharePoints out of the box functionality by improving the user experience and its social capabilities. Our enhancements are complementary to SharePoints core platform and fit within an organisations broader IT strategy Several large enterprises have already enhanced their SharePoint intranet with Attini solutions
  5. 5. Our Vision for Attini Attini subscribes to the philosophy that SharePoint can, and must, become more social to support knowledge mgt and internal conversations Innovation no longer occurs inside the Enterprise, it happens on the outside, on the Consumer internet Peoples expectations have grown dramatically, companies need to provide internal alternatives to Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Wordpress, otherwise information leakage will happen SharePoint is Social, but not Social enough, can’t keep up with innovation happening between the 3 year release cycles
  6. 6. Our Approach with Attini SharePoint is a fantastic and rich platform We compliment, we don’t reinvent, SharePoint only needs to be a little bit better We bring Internet innovation to SharePoint in a targeted way, tuning it to the Enterprise We aggregate information into portals to make it more discoverable, to make the best bubble to the top and to unify the suite
  7. 7. Why Attini? Solution Native to Affordable, Complete Social framework to SharePoint, commoditi-zing Suite on help accelerate 2010, scalable Social SharePoint 2010 custom and upgradeable SharePoint 2010 templates “Attini costs a quarter of the price of competitors, has most of the features, and covers 90% of your requirements” Daniel McPherson, Chief architect, Attini Software
  8. 8. USP’s Attini Social SuiteNot just Microblogging. Makes collaboration and workplace moreproductive, social and knowledgeable Share | Comment | LikeThe best and most relevant bubbles to top, from anywhere, to anywhere Share | Comment | LikeImproving MySite, while making corporate home social and personallyrelevant and team sites more productive Share | Comment | LikeNews that’s sticky goes viral and everyone can reach large audience Share | Comment | LikeThe only really SharePoint native product as far as we know. Based on SPlists, SP content types and SP search Share | Comment | LikeMakes use of SP’s governance, security, updates, backups Share | Comment | LikeRuns on SP Foundation Standard, Enterprise, Office 365, FAST Share | Comment | Like
  9. 9. Attini Product Makes SharePoint Better: More Social, More Friendly Brings the best ideas of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Foursquare into your company platform
  10. 10. Attiniproducts
  11. 11. Attini Talk Attini Talk provides a way to bring Facebook and Twitter to your intranet. Keeping tweets within the company and more easily finding out what’s on peoples minds. Gain important insight in your organisation by applying social analytics on your internal networks Available on mobile devices - Browse your Timeline everywhere on your mobile device and integration with Rich Clients such as Seesmic
  12. 12. Attini Talk Features 140 characters (configurable) status updates integrated with the My Site status update Allows for popular Twitter features such as @mentions, #tags, retweets, replies and followers Keeps your finger on the companies pulse through aggregate capabilities like trending topics Enables users to search the company Timeline on interesting or relevant topics Have instant access to your Timeline, latest updates and mentions and replies. Prebuilt aggregation webparts that can be placed anywhere in your farm, such as most followed colleagues, most retweeted updates and trending topics.
  13. 13. Unskinned installation with little functionality
  14. 14. Microblogging
  15. 15. Ideas and challenges
  16. 16. Attini Blog  A company wide portal made of configurable web parts that make the best posts more discoverable  Support for different views that make the best content bubble to the top  Number of targeted extensions to the blog template  Centralised blog directory containing information on all the blogs in your environment
  17. 17. Blog Features Summary views, quick access to most recent/popular posts Information panel, quick access to information about the blog Tag cloud, filters and drill into the content within the blog Real time view tracking, instant feedback and keeps people engaged Related posts, related content, uses tags to help you find relevant information Enhanced search box, results in a format that makes sense One-click e-mail subscription, don’t miss a post
  18. 18. Attini News News is the cornerstone of message delivery for any organisation Always one of the first Intranet solutions, but SharePoint doesn’t really have an out of box experience. Attini News brings a news solution to SharePoint. Makes it Social, makes it two way, makes it personalised.
  19. 19. News Template Features A social panel, with real time view tracking and statistics Decentralised authoring combined with centralised viewing Comments, people can react to news articles online Rich Articles with by-lines, attachments and thumbnails The ability to embargo publishing or publish news in the future Filtering based on profile (country, business, department) Customisable UI, including carousels Weighted views, that use tag clouds to drill into the articles you are looking for Web parts can be reused across entire SharePoint farm Enhanced news search - provides results in a format that makes sense
  20. 20. Attini Video With Attini Video you can create YouTube for your business. Delivering key messages visually and putting your colleagues in the limelight. Attini Video allows people to upload videos to the site and for others to comment on that video. These videos can be shared, liked, aggregated with other media and used for a whole variety of other good stuff.
  21. 21. Player Page
  22. 22. Mobile
  23. 23. Default Badges Proactively organises information on the interest by Taxonomist Tagging content.Everything about the badgescan be customised. The Writes on peoples walls in order to provide them Notifierpictures, title and the and their colleagues, information.description. Blogger Contributed knowledge though their blog.Each badge corresponds to a Rater Rates content based on the value derived from it.type of activity, and points canbe assigned. For example Connects to colleague using Networking feature Networkertagging an item might give 10 built into SharePoint.points, while updating your Has updated their profile to keep people up to date Autobiographerprofile can be 15 points. with their information. Signs up and participates in discussion groups inPoints can then be Participant order to share knowldege and help others.accumulated giving people an Rates content based on how useful they find it tooverall score, in addition to Judge be.simply achieving the badge. Keeps their status up to date, regularly informing Town Crier others about what they are doing.
  24. 24. LeaderboardThe Leaderboard is constructedbased on the informationstored in the “Reward ActivitiesList” which is a part of eachusers “My Site”.This information is aggregatedusing the Attini (AggregationEngine) to provide views likethe one shown to the right.The Engine uses SharePointsearch to ensure performanceand scalability.
  25. 25. Social search and social recommendation
  26. 26. Site Provisioning Site Directory Analytics Discover ShareAggregation Contribute Best Bubbled To The Top Enhance Sites Site Collections Web Applications SharePoint Farm
  27. 27. Attini Social ExtensionsEnhanced Like Real time Enhanced One-Click Related Statistics View Tracking Comments Subscribe Items Site Better Easy Information Advanced Statistics Search Attachments Panel Tag CloudsVideo Blogs News Talk Images Apps Attini Social Attini Engine Attini Sites Extensions SharePoint Search Social Platform
  28. 28. Pricing & Plans