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Print Scans: Lenten Resources Brochure

  1. 1. Lenten Resources FROM NORTHWESTERN PUBLISHING HOUSE CROSS EXAMINATION The theme of the Lenten series for 2004 is "Cross Examination: During Lent, a series Of questions highlights the Passion History . of our Lord Jesus Christ to help us prepare ourselves for the celebration of his suffering, death, and resurrection, The Lenten Resources Kit includes • Sermon helps, including complete texts of the nine sermons • Resources for the nine services that include the following: Notes and suggestions for using the orders of service Sermon themes and texts Hymn suggestions Psalm and Psalm Prayer suggestions Scripture reading suggestions • Copy master for a midweek order of service • CD With electronic files of the resources • Sample bulletin available from Northwestern Publishing House Note: Suggestions are given for congregations using anyone of these four hymnals: Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal (CWl. Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (ELH), Lutheran Worship (LW), and The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH). .Sermon and Service Themes Cross Examination Lenten Resources Kit Includes a CD-ROM for IBM/MAC computers. Ash Wednesday/Midweek 1: LE15N0714 ,$32.99 Do You Understand What I Have Done for You? Cross Examination 2004 Lenten Bulletins John 13:11 A dark silhouette of Jesus body on the cross at Calvary is displayed on a violet background. Order in multiples of 50. Size 8W x t l ". Midweek 2: LE13N0365 Will You ReaUy lay Down Your Life for Me? Quantities of 50 to 450 $8.25/100 John 13:38 500 to 950 7.43/100 1,000 or more 6.60/100 Midweek 3: Are You Betraying the Son of Man with a Kiss? Luke ~2:48 Cross Examination Sermon Helps MidWeek 4: , Includes complete texts of the nine sermons. What is Truth? LE15N0715 •...........................$9.99 John 18:38 2004 Easter Bulletins Midweek 5: This full-color cover complements the Easter Sunday service theme-"Why Do You Look for the Living among the Dead?"What Shall I Do. Then. with Jesus? Order in multiples of 50 .. Matthew 27:22 With readings LE13N0363, Size 8,, x 11" . Midweek 6: . Without readings LE13N0361, Size 8" x 11" Shall I Not Drink the Cup . Quantities of 50 to 450 $8.25/100 the Father Has Given Me? 500 to 950 7.43/100 .John 18:11 1,000 or more 6.60/100 .Maundy Thursday: With readings LE13N0364, Size 812" x 14" Surely Not I. Lord? Without readings LE13N0362, SizeBs x 14" Matthew 26:21-28 Quantities of 50 to 450 $9.50/Hio Good Friday: 500 to 950 8.55/100 My (3od. My God. 1,000 or more 7.60/100 Why Have You Forsaken Me? Matthew 27:46 Easter Sunday: . Why 00 You LOOk.for the Living among the Dead? . Luke 24:5
  2. 2. Call 1-800-662-6022 (Milwaukee area 414-475-6600 ext. 5800)8:00Lenten and Easter Worship Resources for 2004LtAOU.: PASSION _N~w the Ica.<liflJnl(>nltl1e<f Bread READING w.,~ approac;ung. 1 and the chief Responsive Passion . Readings ht;===ll f] The SlIfferings and Qeath of Our lord Jesus Christpt"~$t~ anc lne le-adn"s..,f 1ft""",,, wm,< Inklng roe-some slv "Y t"".reg! Ieeusand kill him, Theys.ud;. - .. COKGREGATI~N "DUll(>/ Quring tho> ((>3S1o(lhepevV[" "myriui-: The Passion History, compi.led from by John C. Lawfenz tF.ADER- j(>!:lI"SJlirifoh;riiscplesc!~;;~~(r,~~~ i$IWOd~y$awly-Mj i::~~~;i::;;:~I(>r the Son of Ma:t ",III the four gospels, is fotmatted and Contains harmonized passion lessons. compiledLE,AOSR: TI",n Jud ••, !scarl"I, ,,"" <1fHw Twelw._ went to the chi~f priests t; divided into seVen responsive read- from the.NewTestament NIVand is patternedbetfay to them. Th~y we", ut>ighlt...Jmoney. So theyoo,..ntedoul fo!" !umlhirlfsiJwatchedfor~nQPf<lrtu;nitytoh~r.dhimover. to Il thl~ .•·", ~~,in" ~nd pwmis«! ro gtve him Fn,,,., rllln ,in In,b,, ings. Order in multiples 9f 50. qfter the Passion History./lsprintedintheJ •.•• u~!lml ~~kNl, . lE1SN0311, O! the fifStda) of tf>.: Feast of Une8" ••ned Bre~.d, . . . the d,scipl.,.; ~ame to Lutheran Lectionary of the former EvangelicalCONGREGA:nO.1;eat Ill" P~~QW?~ ~W!""" Reading 1.: ,$4.50/100 <.!uYOIl "·.)nl u< Ul m;,k< J""iP<I",tiOM for you to lutberarr.Svnodical Conference. 32 pages.LEADER:InlJnwhlm ~Co into the city, ilnd a :1.l~nciTTri:lg~ $.1Y to lheQwn",rojthe jar of wal",r,:""m m""l_~"u lE18N0312, hOjJwhe en{ers,.TheTea.:her <151<.0;; 1.l~rc Papercover, . .i~mYZ1.l(<t mom, wb.en:! :na} eat the Passover ·....-ith my ;:Iisciples1 I!e w,lI~~:~ 100 a IJfgIt:p]>£T room, furnished Reading 2 IInd r••.•dy. M~ke pre~raliQl>S 4.50/100 (or-Il~ ~ .....•.•. ~....,......--:-,lE15N0456 $2.00. _<.:i~""I-( !he,m~~~:.. 50 II.e diS,ip:esdiJ lE1SN0313, ~~ J~~llild ,md P"1P"rrd:tJ-o:lFAflER: When~r. .••• t<;lhem, ~i<i eveni:1.g Clime, je"", Reildihg3 and his aposlles :.~ 4.50/100. reclined at ;he laNe. And Easler. Matins·~1.IiN; -j hdW "~1I:~r)yde~ired ~(1 mt this las .. sever withy<>u befor •• I suffer LElSN0314,tel! you-I w:llloo!~t it a!;~",,,,,W it fin<..b tulfiHmcntin For [ thl kint!flilm Of God ., This Easter sunrise seryice followsthe generaltEADER: Anc while they were NI;n&< he s~ld, Rel~ing4 ~. 4.50/1,00 pattern ofiMorning Praise. The papercoverguideMEV: "I tell yOll the "nth, One of yo" ,,~It betray me ., ;,contains the. printed service in .its entirety-NIVLEAJJUt:COKGREGA iTION: 5to<e. n(lll eo lE1SN0315, . Tll~> " ••,, ~ry ,~~d ami "><,",&,11 <;.~}-10 I~;mone !..<J;ur· ~fter th.e otne~, lessons,sev.eral Easter hymns, a harmony of the >Reading S,~"~i!Rs.;~T:~:~I~ ~~i:.}:~:I~~,;~~~~~,:~;~·~~i~~:,:~u~~;~~-:;· ~:~ ~~~~~l7~ ~ 4.50/100 Easier storY from the Scriptures, and a responsivewho l",=lraystle S-,:>n iMan Q It would ~},(,tter far him i(l< e not ~nbum" lEl8N0316; prayer. Size 81>"x 51/2". 12 p~ges. ~VOM~N: "ll,ell, uw~ing~h. pi."";<:ft,,-l)d, hr !;J"~it to )UdM ]car;"t,.wn ofMEN, "}Illat you ar e ~boul to do, doq~iddYi Heaqing 6................ 4:50/100SI:IIO!. A~ soon a.~)cnJas took tI,. bf~",j, s1t.1n .nIMc>d on" him .. ~H1St{.d, lE18N0361 .•..•.... ~75 $LEADER:, but no one a; th~ meal undesocd lE18N03)7/ . . . whr lesu. said tlli5 to him. Sine •.jooos had ~horg •• o(the mvney, 5Om~ thought juus IVal N-Iling hi"" lu Imy ~"1"1 g,,:e.W3~ n,ldl:(; f~ tt-e Peest. or 10 "oS ;,orr,ethingto Reading 7 6 •• J><<>:". SO?n a5 judlls 4.50/100New Resources from NPH Out of the Depths series WHEN JESUS This new devotional series, written by Richard LLauersdorf, addresses a variety .of losses that Christians may face and . Is THERE brings comfort to the sorrowful through application of Gods Word. Each of the four books contains 25 devotions complete with comforting Scripture text, easy-to-read messages, and helpful prayers. Books we available for individual purchase, .asa set of four books, or as text on CD~ROM .. G.ods Children NeverOie is written especially for people walkingthe last few miles of lifes journey, when ;thero;:jd signs indicate that death-is neat5iie 51/2" X 8W; Papereover, 53 pages. .." . . i . lE06N0727 ..,.............•.......•... $4.99 CD.,.ROM version contains.all the devotions in the four books, Help Me, Lord is directed tov.:ardttios~ who must find thei~ plus fi,ve additional ijevoti.ons for of the four categories, way through a flood of questions and emotit:ins as a.loved The devotions are in PDF formafsothey can be.easilv incorporated one nears .death, Size 5W:x 812". Papercover. 53 pages. into a personalized pamphletor booklet. . lE06N0728: .......•.............. :$4.99 :.... . . lE06N0732 :.........•. $59.95 .wmi .re~rs in OurEyes 15 written for those who mourn because a loved.onenas died. Size 5/2 x8J,". Papercover. 53 pages .. The tord Bless You .. E06N0729 ......•........ l : $4.99 . This new gift book from NPH is an especially WhenJesusfsThi!fl~ is a[med at<;omforting Christians who qoodidea for the newly confirmed but can have experienced loss for a variety of reasons. Size 5h" x 81h". also serve as a presentfor tne new graduate Papercover. 53 pages. . or newlywed couple. Use it again and again in all stages of life. Size 4" x 6:. 72 pages. lE06N073U :;..• ;.:.., :...•$4.99 lE06N0726 .....:....$7.99 .. Set of four books Quantity discounts are .. vailable. a lEOQN0731 ....•.... , , ,$15.9~ Contact NPH Order Services for assistance. NEW CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE FROM NPH
  3. 3. ·M to 4:30 P.M. CLweekdays. Or order online anytime at -. NPH Choral Music 11It-===~~~ ~::.~?.;::-; Extol thet;~mb! Extol the Lamb! lJy JohnA. Behrike Awake. My Heart, with Gladness ~ROOK""Ul SATB;.R~yb(jard . Arranged by Richar.d Hillert Jobo".ll<hot(A.SCAPl Twosolidtexfs, One for Easter ~nd 5MB, congregation, brass the other for trye minor fe.stivalof quartet"tilnpani, organ Saint Michael andAli Angels, are . This powerful arrangement gives new ysed in combinatIon ""ith a powerful life to a favorite Easter hymn. Optional new tune. Fresh but accessible.choral brass quartet and timpani parts make and keyboard" parts make this an . this a memorable addition to an Easter exciting choice for the average morring service, (NOTE:The choir music church choir. 7 pages. . js available in a printed octivo. The full lE;28N6076 $1.65 score and instrumental parts are avail- .able as PDF files that will be sent to you asan e-mail attachment. See the NPFI Web site,, for more details, or call Order Services for assistance.] . Choral octavo, 12 pages . LE28N6064 .•.......................... 1.60 $ Fullscore and instrumental parts, 24 pages (e-mail POt:) o Dearest Jesus o Dearest Jesus lE2~N6065 ; $12.50· SAtlIond~...,;,.,:r· Arranged by Harold R. Vetter !dwml_.151.-J""1,. Tt,Qobcri""W,"""""W_73." SATB,keyboard . Deep Were His Wounds The three stanzas of the classic" Text by William Johnson . Lenten hvmn "0 Dearest Jesus" Tune by Leland Soteren. are set In a traditional Baroque style that appeals to singers and Arwngedby Ron Besemer Jisteners alike;*The flowing piano SAB or SM~.optrof)al instrument accQITIPilniment and elegant SATB in C,orga,n . . choral writing maKe tliisan excel- Introduce a newer Lenten hymn, lent piece for use during Lent Christian Worship hymn 107, to . and Holy Week. 8 pages. the congregation usinqthis acces- lE28N6078 ~..$1.65 sible and interesting arrangement. Included are both $ABand SATB settinqs for an added stanza. 11 pages. lE28N6038~ ...~ ....,.$1 ~25 NPH Organ and Keyboard Music The Creati.veHymnodist The Arri:mged by Kenneth Kosche. Each collection in tl:ris series has 20 easy settings for familiar hymn tunes designed. to be played on. . C~ organ, piano, or electronic keyboard. EacH simple but creative alternative includes a brief introducti.on, Hymnodist two varied settings, and instrumental melody and descant partsJor both e anQ B:.flat instruments. The keyboard and instrumental parts are simple enough for beginning players and ,provide skillful players with settings that require litt,le preparation. . , Lent andEaster, 45 pages lE2 7 NOO 16•...:, ,.......•. $16.00 ~ Easter, Ascensi.on, and Pentecost, 47 pages tE27N0037:.: .................•...;$18.00IN 2004 CERTIFICATES WILL HIGHLIGHT 20-25 DIFFERENT PASSAGESFROM THE NIV.
  4. 4. Christian Worship Resources ." ~ . - ". Ch~lstiariVVorship: New Servi~e Settings This set of liturgi~s contains new musical settings of The Com- mon Service and Morning Praise, services i.n Christian Worship: A Lutheran ffymria(. In addition, two versions of -a new evening. service, Prayer at the Close of Day (Compline), are induded: Varied settings for organ, piano, and o,ption~1 instruments can add new variety to worship services. . " Pew Edition . . This.sott".cover booklet,contains the four new service settings wlth-all the text and melodies necessary forcongrega~ions to participate. Size 6" x9". 96 pages. lE03N3024 :: $S:OO· ACcompaniment Edition Electronic Edition·.Jhespiral-bounoilccompaniment edition contains the keyboard This CD-ROM includes Mlplfiles for accompanying the congre- accompanill1ents for the four settings. Ibe.fulkscores and instru- gation on computer using HymnSoft or a standard MIDI player. mental parts for some of-the songs of the liturgy areincluded o~ .Congregations wishing to. printout the services in their bulletins .a CD-ROM in PDFformats· for prlntinq outona computer, Extra can use the graphic and text files on the CD. (Permission to reprint bonos: The CD has recordings of the.musical pertionsof the serVice. ~he services requires a separate yearly licensing agreement with settings, ""hich can- be used for ifJtroducing the music to choirs 61Aand NPH based on congregation size.) Contact NPH Order and con!ltegations. Size 12" x 9", with CO. 96 pages. . Services.for details. .. lE03N3Q25 $49.99. lE03N392EL ..•...............•.... 24.99 $ HymnSoft is a registered trademark of Northwestern Publishing House. asnojq 5ul4SlQnd UJ8:S8M4:JON 01 1I d 85e:SOd sn uoqeZlue5JO l!,10JdUON