••                                                                                    ••                                  ...
---                .SE,. SAIL! through these daily lessons! The essential elements of each lesson are listedbelow. All lev...
Student Lessons                                                                        Sample Kit   Each student lesson   ...
-------------------- ------Craft Book  Includes directions, patterns, a list of needed  materials, and illustrations for 2...
PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS-----------~------------- SPREAD ,.HE WORD! Let the community    know of your upcoming SE,. SAIL! pro...
ClWiKITS--------~----~----------               tfor Vacation Bible School from S                  S* WorldwideKits are ava...
Additional Crafts                        .....                              ~                           i.:~              ...
,OB&DAYYBSOne-Day VBS Student Lesson This one-day program focuses on Mark 4:35-41  and uses a life jacket to teach childre...
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Print Scans: VBS Brochure Set Sail


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Print Scans: VBS Brochure Set Sail

  1. 1. •• •• •• •• •• •• · SElf SAIIa! a new vacation Bible school curriculum from Northwestern Publishing House, encourages Christ-centered summer fun and learning for everyone involved while also attracting . potential members. Just look inside for details about ordering this quality program founded on biblical truths.SE7 SAII.! FEA7URESo Devotional and Bible story skitso ~=.u.r Leaders CD-ROMwith promotional clip art, Planning Your vasleaders guide, text files of song lyrics, Preview I planning suggestions, a preparation guide, and moreo Music CD with fun, upbeat songs and SCl today aurSAM ) PDFsof memory treasure lyrics Or der Y (See ra<je 3.o Music Guide with complete piano accompaniments, 66S-60SS plus a copy master of the song lyrics CA••••t-.O~- CI weeKdays) (BOO AN to Lt:3 W •c A student souvenir song CD . rd onIne atoo A theme-related adult/teen Bible study One-Day VBS (See page 8.) """ ...•... oro er 11£. . To order, call 1-800-662-6022 or visit www.nph.net.
  2. 2. --- .SE,. SAIL! through these daily lessons! The essential elements of each lesson are listedbelow. All levels study the same lesson, using age-appropriate materials. Note: Levels 1 and 2learn only the underlined portion of each passage. Dagl Story: Jesus Saves (Mark 4:35-41) Sailing Concept: A sailing crew has life jackets in case of disaster. Scriptural Truth: Jesus saves Gods crew members from their sins. Application: Only Jesus is the Savior of the world.Memory Treasure: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. (1 Timothy 1:15) Sailing Visual: Life jacket Dag! Story: Gods Will Guides Joseph (Genesis 39) Sailing Concept: A sailing crew guides a boat with a rudder. Scriptural Truth: God guides his crew members with his Word. Application: Use Gods Word to guide your life and your decisions.Memory Treasure: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. (Psalm 119:105) Sailing Visual: Rudder Dag3 Story: Many People Build Gods House (Based on Exodus 35-40) Sailing Concept: A sailing crew makes different sails work together to move the boat. Scriptural Truth: Gods crew members use their different talents as they work together to serve God and others. Application: Use whatever abilities you have to serve God and people.Memory Treasure: We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. (Romans 12:6) Sailing Visual: Sails Dag4 Story: Peter and Tabitha (Acts 9:32-42) Sailing Concept: A sailing crew uses sounds and flags to send messages to others. Scriptural Truth: Gods crew members send messages to others through their words and actions. Application: Use your words and actions to glorify God and share his good news.Memory Treasure: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) Sailing Visuals: Ships horn and signal flags DagS Story: A Captain Shows His Faith (Matthew 8:5-13; Luke 7:1-10) Sailing Concept: A sailing crew trusts that the anchor will hold the boat in place. Scriptural Truth: Gods crew members show their faith by trusting Jesus for everything. Application: Trust Jesus for all your needs and concerns.Memory Treasure: I trust in Gods unfailing love forever and ever. (Psalm 52:8) Sailing Visual: AnchorSet Soi!! is a Christ-Liqhtv vacation Bible school curriculum and a joint project of the WELS Board for Parish Servicesand Northwestern Publishing House. Toorder, call1-800-662-6022
  3. 3. Student Lessons Sample Kit Each student lesson Preview SEI SAn.! materials with this contains a Bible story, a nonreturnable kit that includes samples of full-color teaching picture, the student lessons and Teachers Guide for and lesson-reinforcing Level 3, one sheet of door hangers, one sheet activities. of postcards, an adult/teen Bible study sample Level 1 (ages 3-4). . lesson, one souvenir CD, and a VBS order form. Includes sticker sheet. SC10N1486, $15.00 SC10N1465, $4.75 Level 2 (entering grades K-1). ..-..-s~---:dLeaders CD-ROM I Resources provided on this CD-ROM include: Includes sticker sheet. SC10N1466, $4.75 ! • Song lyrics in PDFformat Level 3 (entering grades I • PDFof Planning Your VBS (see next item) Includes 11" x 17" poster. I • Adaptable text (RTF):Closing Service ideas, staff/student thank-you cards, SC10N1467, $4.75 invitation cards, planning suggestions, Level 4 (entering grades preparation tips, registration forms, and Includes 11" x 17" poster. news/radio releases SC10N1468, $4.75 • Evaluation form (RTF/PDF) Level 5 (entering grades • Clip art (TIFFand JPEG)of logos and Includes 11" x 17" poster. promotional designs SC10N1469, $4.75 SC1ON1484, $15.95 NOTE: PDFscan be opened in Adobe® Acrobat" Teachers Guide Reader but cannot be adapted or changed. RTFscan be opened, adjusted, and saved in most standard Available for each of the five word-processing programs. levels, each guide contains All trademarks, registered trademarks, and logos are teaching options, activities, the property of their respective owners or holders. copy masters, and prayers. Planning Your vas Paper cover. 48 pages. Plan, promote, and conduct a successful Level 1 (ages 3-4). VBS program at your congregation with this SC10N1470, $8.00 handy 56-page, paper cover guide. Includes: Level 2 (entering grades K-l). • Program ideas SC10N1471, $8.00 • Newspaper/radio releases Level 3 (entering grades 2-3). • Registration form text SC10N1472, $8.00 • Snack and game suggestions • Copy masters of skits, bulletin inserts, Level 4 (entering grades 4-5). logos, and theme-related art SC10N1473, $8.00 .• Closing Service ideas Level 5 (entering grades 6-8). • Evaluation form SC10N1474, $8.00 • Bible story skits, complete with a preparation guide Adult/Teen Bible study • Evening or Sunday morning (not pictu red) intergenerational program ideas for Coordinate your adult or teen congregations wishing to combine all Bible study sessions with the chil- age levels, children to adults drens VBS lessons so that all ages Planning Your VBS is included on the can study the same portion of Leaders CD-ROM as a PDF(see previous item). Gods Word. This greatly enhances SC1ON1485, $6.50 discussion at home about the daily lessons. These new, theme- related Bible studies written by Randy K. Hunter are available as vas Return Policy an RTFor PDFdelivered as an Thank you for your cooperation in 2.0051 e-mail attachment. Call NPH We know how difficult it is to estimate the number of lessons you will need for your Order Services for assistance. , VBS program, so we want to make ordering as easy as possible. But large quantities of returned materials are costly and may affect our future pricing. We appreciate your RTF,SC10N1475, $19.99 discretion when determining the quantity of materials to order. Please note that PDF, SC10N1476, $19.99 returned VBS materials and craft kits will not be accepted after September 15. 2006.or visit www.nph.net.
  4. 4. -------------------- ------Craft Book Includes directions, patterns, a list of needed materials, and illustrations for 25 completed projects. 40 pages. Paper cover.SC10N1477, $6.50 MOSIeMusic Guide Your guide for every SEI SAIL! song. Includes piano accompaniments for 11 songs and the melody line for 10 memory treasure lyrics, plus a copy master of the lyrics. 24 pages. Paper cover.SC10N1478, $9.99Music CD Thirty-two tracks include vocals with accompaniment and accompaniment- only recordings for 11 songs, plus simple vocal tracks for both levels of each Souvenir CD memory treasure. Each song begins with Send your students home with an introduction followed by the 11 SEI SAIL! songs, complete complete number of stanzas needed for with vocals and accompaniments. the song. Lyrics for songs and memory SC1ON1480 1, $2.99 treasures are in PDFformat. 2-9, 2.75 (each)SC10N1479, $14.99 10+, 2.50 (each) VBS ACCESSORIES-----~---------------------Offering Envelopes ~ Miracle Sponge Sheets Size, 4 /. x 2 /2". ~ Compressed sponge material that 100 per package. can be easily cut into any shapeSC36-1237, $2.63 with scissors. Expands when Size, 6/. x 3/8. placed in water. Size, 514 x 9/.. 100 per package. Available while supplies last.SC36-1379, $3.57 SC10N1327 (persheeij, $ .55Call to Teach Forms (not pictured) Stickers Extend the teaching call with these certificates that Miniature Religious provide a listing of teachers duties, space for Sca8-3301 (216 stickers), $1.79 church information and signatures of superintend- Miniature Red Hearts ent and pastor, and detachable section for signature SC08-3338 (216 stickers), $1.79 of acceptance. Size, 8/2" x 11". 100 per package. The ChristSC21 N 1263, $5.99 SC08-3902 (54 stickers), $1.79 Embossed Foil Cross Miniatures SC08-5213 (252 stickers), $1.79 Toorder. call1-800-662-6022
  5. 5. PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS-----------~------------- SPREAD ,.HE WORD! Let the community know of your upcoming SE,. SAIL! program with these helpful promotional items. Door Hanger SE,. SAIL! logo on front. Large blank area on back for customized message. Two hangers per each perforated 8 Jz" x 11" sheet. Works with most electronic printers and photocopiers. SC10N1481 (per sheet), $ .50 Door.Hanger Bags (not pictured) 0 Sai~ktmtios Protect against the weather. Just insert your promotional and out- ~wM ~c..... . Bi&leStory, reach materials into these 6" x 12" .O~~~ bags, and slip the precut hole over ----...,.;.;,.,;.~, a doorknob. 100 per package. ."!I!IIlI!I"""!-!flI!!Il.II!J!II-PIII!!I!I,,,.--!Ilt-_LiJ SC38-2057, $4.25 Postcard $£" SAIL! logo on front. Blank back allows for customized message, information, or VBS schedule, or use it as part of a VBS follow-up, thank-you mailing. Four 4 /2 x 5 /2 postcards per each perforated 8 /2" x 11" sheet. Works with most electronic printers and photocopiers. SC10N1482. $1.00 Poster Includes space for dates, times, phone numbers, and the location of you r VBS. Size, 11" x 17". Ships folded. SC10N1483. $1.75or visit www.nph.net.
  6. 6. ClWiKITS--------~----~---------- tfor Vacation Bible School from S S* WorldwideKits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Quantities are limited...... /(9 The shaded area of the clock indicates the average time required to complete a particular project. Levels 1-3 Levels 3-5..»/ ..... ..../..... $ .30/project $ .92/projectFoam Cross Kit Cross Window Art Includes 30 foam crosses in two styles and These crosses look like the beautiful assorted colors, three glitter glue pens, and stained-glass windows found in many lots of self-adhesive Christian foam shapes churches. Simply tape or glue the translucent for decorating fun. Suggestion: Have children paper to the back of the precut crosses and set decorations on crosses, then peel and hang in a window for a glorious display! stick. Punch a hole at the cross top, and Teacher supplies tape or glue. add yarn to make a necklace, or add a SC10N1495, $10.99/12 self-adhesive magnet on the back for sticking to a refrigerator. Cross size, 4" x 5 /2.SC1ON1490, $8.99/30 .... ft!) $I.oo/project "Love God" Beaded Key Chain An easy craft to help children remember... /(!) $ .50/prqject Moses message in Deuteronomy 6:5, as well"God Is Love" Cross as to let others know of Gods love. Use as a This colorful cross is a wonderful reminder key chain, backpack decoration, or zipper pull. that the God who loved us before we were Suggested for use on Day 2: Joseph chose to born will love us forever, for he is love. love and obey God rather than to sin. Teacher supplies glue. SC10N1497, $11.99/12SC10N1492, $5.99/12 $1.25/project........ / $ .83/project Tiny Tile CoastersFoam Church Tic-Tac-Toe Game :I"."",,--~- ..----:--, Design unique coasters by simply gluing tiles A fun way for kids to share their faith with into place. Each student should choose seven friends. Suggested for use on Day 3: The tiles to make a cross on the coaster and use wandering Israelites had a tent church called the rest of the tiles to fill in the remaining the tabernacle, which could be set up and areas. Note: Plan where the tiles will go taken down as they traveled. We worship before gluing. Teacher supplies wood stain, God in permanent buildings called churches. cloths, and glue. Teacher supplies glue. SC10N 1491, $14.99/12SC10N1493, $9.99/12 2 sessions: ".... each $1.00/prqject....f···· $ .42/project Sailboat"Let Your Light Shine" Magnet A great complement to the SE,. SAI•• Bright, smiling sun encourages kids not to let theme. Kit includes dowels, craftsticks, and outside influences keep their faith from patterns for the sail. Teacher provides paints, shining. Goes well with Day 4. permanent markers, and glue. Students can Teacher supplies glue. Size, 5 I, diameter. design a Christian message for the sail. IdealSC1ON1494, $4.99/12 for two sessions-one for painting and the other for gluing, making the sail, and assem- bling. Size, 6" x 7" x 2". SClON1496, $11.99/12 To order, call 1-800-662-6022
  7. 7. Additional Crafts ..... ~ i.:~ $ 9L.f/prqject Shell Cross Necklace Includes a variety of shells, gold cord, plywood crosses, nontoxic glue, and instructions to make these one-of-a-kind crosses. Size, 2 /4 x 3". SC10N1424, $14.99/16 /(9 .,» $ .I2/prqject Doodle Delights Doorknob Hangers Precut doorknob hangers can be decorated with teacher-supplied fluorescent paints and gel and glitter pens. Size, 8 /2" x 3". SC10N1391, $1.29/12 .... /(1) $ .58/prqject Puzzle Piece Frames Kids use the included, nontoxic, washable markers to color 28 puzzle pieces and then glue them to the cardboard frame in a creative pattern. Frame size, 5 Iz" square; photo opening, 2/4 x 3/4. SC1ON1430, $6.99/12 ..... /(9 $ .I0/prqject Chipboard Crosses Decorate these crosses with teacher-supplied markers, religious stickers, buttons and beads, and cord or plastic lacing to make doorknob hangers or book bag decorations. Size, 3" x 2/4. SC1ON1460, $2.29/24 /(9 each 2 sessions: ..... $ .71/prqject Metal Foil Cards Create invitation cards for church or your VBS Closing Service with this great project. Includes foil. cards, envelopes, tracing dowels, and sheer stain. Size, 5/2" x 7/2". SC10N1463, $8.49/12or visit www.nph.net.
  8. 8. ,OB&DAYYBSOne-Day VBS Student Lesson This one-day program focuses on Mark 4:35-41 and uses a life jacket to teach children a truth central to their faith-Jesus saves them from their sins. Both levels study the same lesson, with age-appropriate materials. Each student lesson comes with a Bible story, a full-color teaching picture, and a page of lesson-reinforcing activities.Nonreaders (and beginning readers)SC10N1488, $1.00ReadersSC10N1489, $1.00One-Day VBS Resource Guide Your guide to planning, promoting, and conducting a successful one- or two-day SE,. SAIL! VBS. CD-ROM. Includes: • Teaching guide • Program ideas • Music • Game and snack suggestions • Devotional skit • Craft instructions and patterns • Bible story skit • Logo and theme-related artSC10N1487, $14.00DON9",WAI,. 711.1.SUMMER!e~de~~BS,ma~erials early!Call1..,.800~662-6022 or visit www.nph.net. ,...-----,1 Nonprofit Organization ~ 0. Northwestern U.S. Postage PA"I D 19·9 Publishing House Northwestern ··U .1250 N. 113th St., Milwaukee, WI 53226-3284 PubHshing House I.