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Print Scans: NPH Latest & Greatest Brochure

  1. 1. (JJ NPH~ WINTER 2007 I I I I---::: GIFT IDEAS Meditations on The lord BlessYou Favorite Scriptures by [ohn A. Braun Devotions for a Year Author John Braun uses Edited by Curtis A.Jahn Numbers 6:24-26 to address the many stages and transitions Commemorates 50 years of people experience in life, such the personal devotional booklet as confirmation, graduation, or Meditations. The 366 daily devotions marriage. The book concludes with a section of focus on well-known Bible verses that Christians personal prayers and includes a presentation page regard as favorites. Each devotion, from a past for gift giving. 72 pages. Soft cover. volume of Meditations) uses NIV text and GS06N0726 $7.99* contemporary English, begins with a Bible verse, and concludes with a short prayer. *A quantity discount is available. Includes a Scripture index. 375 pages. GS06N0736 $19.99 NEW FROMNPH Dearest Mandy Miserable Joy Letters from a Chronic Pain in Grieving Mother the Christian Life by Caro/Albrecht by Jason M. Nelson Tells the fictional story of a The authors real-life account of young mother struggling to dealing with chronic, debilitating cope with family tragedy. Told in the form of back pain and its impact on his life. Shows how a secret journal addressed from the mother to he learned to rely fully on God for the strength her newborn daughter. 156 pages. Paper cover. to endure and to find joy. 80 pages. Paper cover. GS12N2027 $13.99 GS12N2028 $10.99 The History of Pietism by Heinrich Schmid) translated by James L. Langebartels ~l Written from a confessional Lutheran standpoint, this book acquaints pastors and teachers with 17th- century Germany at the time of the Pietistic controversy; gives a thorough treatment of Pietism; offers a fair appraisal of its founders, Philip Spener and August Francke; and outlines the Orthodox churchsTHE response. 412 pages. Hardcover. GS15N0743 $38.50"Proclaim his salvation day after day ..."
  2. 2. DEVOTIONALS FROM NPHADVENT DEVOTIONS LENT DEVOTIONS Are You Ready? Triumph at the Cross Devotions for Advent and Christmas Lenten Devotions for Edited by Lyle Albrecht Repentance and Renewal by Harold L. Senkbeil The counseling message of John the Baptist guides these seasonal devotions. Each devotion, A collection of 40 daily Lenten devotions, one for every day of the Advent and Christmas interspersed with 6 Sunday passion narrativeschurch seasons, includes a Bible text, a practical life application, and a closing Easter Sunday meditation. 170 pages. Paper cover.and a short prayer. 134 pages. Paper cover. GS06N0713 $13.99GS06N0719 $12.99 AII.""I •• l~ ••• I_~ ~..,d.SoPf< Gods Gift to You Be Near Me, lord Jesus A Devotional Book Devotions for the Advent on the Lords Supper and Christmas Seasons fioni q/ff to YoH by Gaylin R. Schmeling by Richard E. Lauersdoif - 10;-<_ A book of devotions and prayers to help Christians prepare for Holy Communion, reflect Contains 37 devotions for the Advent and Christmas church seasons, one for each day on Gods gift in the Lords Supper, and ponder their need for afrom December 1 to January 6. Each devotion contains a Savior and for the reassurance of the salvation offered throughScripture selection, a personal reflection with a useful the sacramental meal. Great for Maundy Thursday preparation.application, and a prayer. 152 pages. Paper cover. 139 pages. Paper cover.GS06N0725 $12.99 GS06N0720 $12.99 (Quantities are limited.) DAILY DEVOTIONS FAMILY DEVOTIONS Beside Quiet Waters Jesus, Our Family Guest Daily Devotions for a Year 100 Devotions for Families of All Ages by Richard E. Lauersdoif by Joslyn Moldstad These 366 one-page devotions with short Follows the fictional Bailey family through lifes prayers encourage readers to take their cares issues and stages, demonstrating the importance to Jesus every day of the year and to joyfully of incorporating Jesus into every situation.anticipate the eternal day when every tear will be gone Everyone from small children to parents will understand andforever. 370 pages. Paper cover. appreciate the devotions messages. Each devotion includes aGS06N0735 $16.99 Scripture text and a prayer. 312 pages. Paper cover. GS06N0737 $16.99 Together with Jesus At Home with the Psalms Daily Devotions for a Year 100 Family Devotions by Richard E. Lauersdoif Edited by Kenneth Kremer Each uplifting, one-page devotion consists of This family devotional features more than 60 a Scripture text, a commentary related to the psalms as the texts for 100 devotions. Each text, and a short prayer. Together with Jesus, devotion contains the psalm text, a discussioneach day can be met with strength, encouragement, and question, and a closing prayer. Especially suited for familiescomfort. 370 pages. Paper cover. with school-age children. 110 pages. Paper cover.GS06N0733 $16.99 GS06N0718 $12.99 (Quantities are limited.)
  3. 3. DEVOTIONALS FROM NPH continued TOPICAL BEVOTIONS listen! God Is Speaking to You Prayers for People under Pressure Large-Print Devotions by Donald Diffner by Henry E. Paustian These prayers were written to address the . Addresses a variety of circumstances that affect ongoing, day-to-day stresses that Christians face, people at various times in life, especially as they regardless of their callings in life. Prayers offer DG".ld l. O~/f""t spiritual comfort to endure and to find strength. become elderly. Gospel comfort is applied to topics such as aging, living alone, failing health, and feeling 120 pages. Paper cover..helpless. Revised. 210 pages. Paper cover. GS06N0692 $12.99 (Quantities are limited.)GS06N0694 $14.99 As luther Taught the Word of Truth Where in the World Is God? Devotions on the by Harold L Senkbeil Small Catechism by Richard E. Lauersdoif These 70 devotional readings uplift the soul touched by adversity, discouragement, and All 58 devotions penetrate a concept or phrase fear of bearing silent burdens of guilt and found in one of the five chief parts of Martin helplessness. 148 pages. Paper cover. Luthers Small Catechism. 198 pages. Paper cover.GS06N0712 $12.99 GS06N0722 $13.99PEOPLES BIBEE TEACHIN6S-SERlts----Great for personal or group Bible study, each volume in this popular series addresses a majordoctrinal teaching from Scripture and applies it with practical insight to faith and life. The seriesis available by subscription or as individual volumes. Christ lords Supper • ChrlJt lOfdsSupper He Is My Lord The Lambs High Feast by Harlyn J Kuschel J Koelpin by Arnold H~I<Myt",d Details Christs person, humiliation and Discusses the Lords Supper as a life-giving @! exaltation, threefold office, and work. @! meal prepared by Jesus for his followers, the"------- 165 pages. Paper cover. L-- - blessings offered in and the proper spiritualGS15N0622 $13.99 preparation for Holy Communion, and the Christians response to the gift of this sacramental meal. 144 pages. Paper cover. HeavenandHeU Heaven and Hell GS15N0621 $12.99 Eternal Lift, Eternal Punishment by Brian R. Keller Searches Scripture to show what God has revealed about death, judgment, and the only @! two possible destinations after death-heaven Peo~les Visit www.nph.netjbooks/pbt BIBLEL_ -and hell. 218 pages. Paper cover. for more information aboutGS15N0620 $14.99 Teachings the series and individual titles.
  4. 4. THE PEOPLES BIBLE SERIESThis 41-volume commentary series covers the entire Bible. Easy-to-read commentaries includeexplanations of the Scripture text(s) being studied, historical background, maps, illustrations,and archaeological information. Great for personal or group study! Luke NEW! The Peoples Bible _ by Victor H. Prange Complete Set CD-ROM Provides an in-depth look at the gospel Logos Library System Bible software can account of Luke, which contains the F~""---=- - make your Bible study easier and morewell-known Christmas story and emphasizes that Jesus .•":I?,~ rewarding! It consists of a free softwareis the Savior of all people. 266 pages. Paper cover. Ie." : - engine called the Libronix DigitalGS15N0658 $15.99 i~-.- Library System™, add-in modules that provide specialized functionality, and collections of electronic books targeted to yourThe Peoples Bible Gospels Set needs. The Complete Set features the entire Old and NewIncludes four paper cover commentaries-Matthew (15N0656), Testament collections in The Peoples Bible series. ThatMark (15N0657), Luke (15N0658), and John (15N0659). totals 41 volumes on one CD! Text appears onscreen in aGS15N0706 $58.49 format similar to the printed series. GS35N0208 $219.99The Peoples Bible Complete Set Trademarks, registered trademarks, and logos are the property of theirIncludes all 41 paper cover volumes in this reliable respective owners or holders.commentary series. Visit for more information aboutGS15N0710 $553.99 the series, subscribing, cost-saving sets, and individual titles.NPH FAVORITESPrepared to Answer/More Prepared to Answer Connecting Sinai to CalvaryTelling the Greatest Story Ever Told A Guide to the Old Testamentby Mark A. Paustian by John C.JeskeTwo paper cover books cover a variety of topics and are Demonstrates how God used the culture,packed with Scripture-based answers in response to common language, geography, and day-to-day livesobjections to and questions about Christianity. of the Israelites to reveal his plan of salvation. Also connectsPrepared to Answer, 221 pages. the dots between the giving of the Law on Mount SinaiGS12N2021 $14.99 and Jesus death on Calvary. 208 pages. Paper cover.More Prepared to Answer, 254 pages. GS15N2007 $19.99GS12N2022 $14.99Prepared to Answer Set (Includes both titles.) FREE Discussion Guide is available online atGS12N2025 $23.98****No other discounts apply. This We Believe: To order, call 1-800-662-6022, visit This We Believe Ouestions and Answers or visit our retail store. ... by Richard L. Gurgel ~ ~ Northwestern Presents 333 questions with answers in easy- ~ 8 Publishing House to-understand language to explain the doctrinal II 1250 N.113th St., Milwaukee, WI 53226-3284 statements of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.: 9 A.M. - 8 P.M•• Wed.: 9 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.Synod as found in This JiVt> Believe: A Statement of Belief of the Sat.: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M•• Sun.: ClosedWELS (GS15N0627). Includes a subject index. 280 pages. Prices are subject to change without notice. Products are available only whilePaper cover. supplies last. All phone and Internet orders are subject to shipping and handlingGS15N0726 $15.99 fees. Sales tax, where applicable, is not included in the advertised prices.