Print Scans: NPH This We Believe Bulletin Copy Master & Letter


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Print Scans: NPH This We Believe Bulletin Copy Master & Letter

  1. 1. For lifes • armonize creation an . volution 7 Since huma . esnons ... opyists did make istakes, how can we be ure that what we have is youll havethe Word of God 7 Ho oes Islam differ fro • swers. hristianity 7 • Since there re so many religions a ifferent gods in eac eligion, how can we be This We Believe: onfident that our God is Questions and Answersthe true God 7 Do we by Richard L. Gurgel • eally live in the las 280 pages. Paper cover. ys 7 Will Jesus come BU15N0726, $15.99* RlcMrdLGufJd • nly once more at the e This We Believe: Questions and Answers explores the nine f the earth 7 Is there any key biblical doctrines confessed by WELSin the widely used • ay for someone to be This We Believe (NPH 1999). In a question and answer aved who is no format, this quaLity, handy reference examines religious aptized 7 For wha queries and quandaries that Lutherans may face • sometime in life. Author Richard Gurgel, a quaLified easons can a marriage be Lutheran theologian, wrote 333 easy-to-understand issolved in divorce • 7 Is explanations devoid of theological jargon in order to bortion ever the bes quicken a Lutherans response in times of personal doubt ption 7• If I can rejec or confrontation with quizzicaL friends. Whether you are esus, dont I have the on a quest to review your Lutheran beliefs or are new to Lutheranism, This We Believe: Questions and Answers can ower to accept him • 7 strengthen your position and beliefs . snt my faith the smal Also available: This We Believe, 36 pages. Paper cover. BU15N0627, $2.00. ontribution Imake to my wn salvation • 7 Does the To order, call 1..800.. 62..6022 6 ible claim that Jesus die or visit ven for people who wi! Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to shipping and handling fees and sales tax where applicable. ever believe in him • 7 • A quantity discount here does Scripture is available until October 31, 2006. ~ ~ Northwestern ndicate to us precisely ~ 9 Publishing House ow old the earth is 7 • II 1250 North 113th Street Milwaukee, WI 53226-3284
  2. 2. Northwestern Publishing House p~ ~u S~ v~ ~ v~ PSALM962 August 2006 Dear church leader, You are probably familiar with the popular booklet This We Believe: A Statement of Belief of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Many congregations havefound the booklet to be of great value to their ministry because of its many uses. A new book, This We Believe: Questions and Answers by Richard L. Gurgel (333 questions with brief, yet concise answers, written in easy-to-understand language), helps explain some of the complicated terminology and doctrinal issues from the original booklet. A subject index is included along with portions of the original booklet for quick reference. This handy tool will sharpen the readers response in times of confrontation by others and strengthen understanding when personal doubts arise. Just like the original booklet that you have come to appreciate, This We Believe: Questions and Answers is an invaluable resource for your congregation. Consider the following applications: • Method for veteran members to review Lutheran beliefs • Gift in new member packets • Discussion material for Bible information class • Guide for small-group Bible study on comparative theology or WELS Lutheranism • Reference for evangelism committee • Complementary reading to This We Believe-- ----B€cause of this. books ministry value.-NPlii.Loff.eringAO<zILOEF orders of ten~mQ.~~I1Ow J.h!Q,!g.h_Qctober31, 2006. This is your opportunity to purchase in bulk for future use. Share the news about this new book with the members of your congregation, and let them take advantage of our special limited-time offer. Use the enclosed copy master or the brief alternative text at the bottom of this letter. Then post a sign-up sheet for members to save on one bulk order. With your help, many will be encouraged in their Lutheran beliefs. In Christ, &f~ Clif Koeller NPH Marketing Coordinator PS: If you want the convenience of receiving copy masters electronically, please e-mail Specify if you prefer a PDF or TIF attachment. Enclosure Alternative copy for use in bulletins or newsletters: For lifes questions, youll have the answers! When doubts arise or in times of confrontation about your Lutheran beliefs, the new This We Believe: Questions and Answers, by Richard L. Gurgel (BU15N0726, $15.99), is your trusted reference. This reliable resource contains 333 questions with easy-to-understand answers to help explain the sometimes complicated terminology and doctrinal issues associated with Lutheranism. Whether youre new to Lutheranism or simply reacquainting yourself with what you believe, have this new book on hand for quick answers. A subject index is included. To order, call Northwestern Publishing House at 1,800,662,6022 or visit PHONE 1250 North 113th Street www.nph.net414/475-7684 FAX Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226-3284