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Make VBSyour fun and exciting destination in summer 2007.                                     Making ~I"acksfeatures Engin...
Making Tracks is a Christ-Light" vacation Bible school curriculum and a joint project of      the WELSBoard for Parish Ser...
Teachers Guide                                                                                                            ...
laadols                                                                                  Music  Malarials  Leaders CD-ROM ...
PFomotional Materials                                                                                                    U...
Helping Hands Necklace                      LBVBLS :5 TO IS    Crall Kits    for Vacation Bible School                    ...
Lend a Hand Bracelet                             MOST LIIYIILS                                       M~ House Puzzle 0Allo...
sVBSStudent Lesson     One~Day           ..                                                                               ...
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Print Scans: VBS Brochure Making Tracks


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Print Scans: VBS Brochure Making Tracks

  1. 1. Make VBSyour fun and exciting destination in summer 2007. Making ~I"acksfeatures Engineer Ed and his faithful dog, Loco, who encourage students to thank Jesus for putting them on the right track to heaven. This handy brochure is your trusted travel guide tilled with important details to help you engineer that perfect trip, so take a look inside and start Making ~I"ackstoward summer! Student Lesson CD-ROM :==)~ -_--.,with Unexpected increase in your VBS enrollment? Youre covered the new Student lesson CD-RaM-theres no need to call to order additional student lessons at the last minute! Enjoy the convenience of purchasing one CD and printing as many student lessons as you need. Includes: !!I Make reservations early! IfIII~~!If~=== . 25 student lessons- one for each day of each Jevel • 5 full-color Bible story teaching picturesJtreview Making Tracks. • 11" x 17" student poster for levels 3-5 . Order your sample kit today! • Full-color copy master of sticker sheet forSee page 3 for details. Call 1-800-662-6022 levels 1 and 2 (8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (T weekdays) SCI0N1520 ••••••••••••••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••• $49.95 or order online at {Full-color PDFdocuments can be printed on color printers and in gray-scale on monochrome printers.) Student lesson Sticker Sheets, needed for use with levels 1 and 2 of the above item, may be purchased separately. (45 asstd/sheet) $ .75 SC10N1521 ••••••••••••••••••••••••• (per sheet)
  2. 2. Making Tracks is a Christ-Light" vacation Bible school curriculum and a joint project of the WELSBoard for Parish Services and Northwestern Publishing House. Make tracks through these daily lessons-essential elements of each are listed below. All levels study the same lesson, using age-appropriate materials. Note: Levels 1 and 2 learn only the underlined portion of each passage..Jesu.s Helps .Jesu.s Visits The The Philip Man Who Maa-yand. Lost Sheep Good. and the Oannot Walk Mal"tha (and. Ooin) Samaritan BthiopianMatthew 9:1-8; Luke 10:38-42 Luke 10:25-37 Acts 8:4-8,12,26-40Mark 2:1-12;Luke 5:17-26The engine powers Trains often carry Cargo is precious Trains can carry In the past, trainthe train. What does food. People need to the railroad goods that help workers were takenJesus have the food to keep their company. How are people. What does safely home in thepower to do? bodies healthy. people precious to God want us to do caboose. God has What do people Jesus? for other people? the best home of all need to keep their planned for those faith in Jesus who believe in him. healthy? What does God want us to do so that others can live in his heavenly home?Jesus has the power People need Gods People are so God wants us to God wants us to tellto provide for all our Word to keep their precious to Jesus love and help others about thespiritual and faith in Jesus that he wants them others. Savior.physical needs. healthy. to trust in him and be saved.We trust Jesus to We read and learn We thank God that , We gladly look for We look for ways toprovide for all our Gods Word to stay we sinners are opportunities to share Jesus withneeds. strong in our faith. precious to him. help others. others. Let the word of God our Savior ... Serve one another Go into all the world Christ dwell Givel in wants all men in love. and preach the good you richly. [peoplel to be saved (Galatians 5:13) news to all creation. (Colossians 3:16) and to come to a (Mark 16:15) knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:3,4)
  3. 3. Teachers Guide Available for each of the five levels, each guide contains teaching options, copy masters, prayers, and a variety of activities. Paper cover. 48 pages. Levell (ages 3-4) SCION1504 ..........•.........•...•........... $8.00 Level 2 (entering grades K-l) _ __ _--- -,~----- - __ ....• - ... _u.. --"- -_ _ _--- ----_.- ...• 11_ ••__ .. ... ,.. •• __ .••..... _ . .•.. ..•. •••• _ SCION1505 •................................... Level 3 (entering grades 2-3) SCION1506 $8.00 $8.00 Level 4 (entering grades 4-5) SC10N1507 ....................•............... $8.00 LevelS (entering grades 6-8) SC10N1508 ••....•............................. $8.00 Adult/Teen Bible Study I:!.Student lessons L~L 3 (not pictured) IH~~~EDEach student lesson contains a ~ . IHe D 7 NEW! RTFand PDF now combined! ";7 alEBible story, a full-color teachingpicture, a memory treasure, and With this new Bible studylesson-reinforcing activities. written by Randy K. Hunter, adults andLevell (ages 3-4) teens can stay on track by studying the Includes sticker sheet. same portion of Gods Word covered inSC10N1499 $4.75 the childrens VBS lessons. Creates a congregation-wide focus on the sameLevel 2 (entering grades K-l) message. This Bible study is available Includes sticker sheet. as RTF/PDFfiles delivered as an e-rnailSC10N1500 $4.75 attachment. Call NPH Order ServicesLevel 3 (entering grades 2-3) for assistance. Includes 11" x 17" poster. SC10N1509 ............••...•....••.......... $19.99SC10N1501 $4.75 Adult/Teen Bible Study can also beLevel 4 (entering grades 4-5) downloaded at by Includes 11" x 17" poster. clicking on the "DownloadableSCION1502 $4.75 Products" link.LevelS (entering grades 6-8) Includes 11" x 17" poster. Sample KitSCION1503 $4.75 Want to preview Making Tracks materials before choo, choo, Look for choosing what to order? This nonreturnable kit includes samples this symbol of the student lesson and Teachers Guide for Level 3, one each of door hanger and postcard sheets, an adult/teen Bible study sample lesson, one souvenir CD, and a VBS order form.Student lesson CD-ROM SClON1522 $15.00See page 1 for product details. Preuiew Lesson J for Leuels 2 and 4 at ..................••.............. $49.95
  4. 4. laadols Music Malarials Leaders CD-ROM .. •. .- ..••, .....• :-- ~ IJ,UB!!I with vocals in MP3 format, ...visit the Making Tracks Web page at This CD-ROM covers everything from From there, click on the engine to caboose so you can "Songs, Logos and Graphics" coordinate every element of a quiCk link. ~ high-quality VBS program. Includes: • NEW! Advertising poster, Music Guide postcard, and door hanger images Hear that whistle blowin? Its music (TIFFand jPEG) time at VBS. Every Making Tracks ·Song lyrics in PDF song is featured in this handy guide. • PDFfile of Planning Your VBS Planning Your VBS Includes piano accompaniments for Engineer a successful VBS program 11 songs and the melody lines for the (see item at right) with this handy 56-page, paper cover memory treasures, plus a copy master ·Evaluation form (RTF/PDF) guide. Includes: of the lyrics. Paper cover. 24 pages. -Clip art and images (TIFFand jPEG) -Prograrn ideas SC10N1512 $9.99 of logos, promotional designs, and teaching aids • Newspaper/radio releases -Closing Service ideas, teaching • Registration form text materials, staff/student thank-you -Snack and game suggestions cards, invitation cards, planning ·Copy masters of skits, bulletin suggestions, preparation tips, inserts, logos, and theme-related art registration forms, and news/radio ·Closing Service ideas releases, all in RTFfor customizing ·Evaluation form SC10N1518 $15.95 -Bible story skits, complete with a preparation guide ·Evening or Sunday morning intergenerational program ideas for congregations wishing to combine all age levels, children to adults SC10N1519 $6.50 NOTE: Planning Your VBS is included on the Leaders CD-ROM as a PDFfile (see previous item). Music CD The 29 tracks include vocals with accompaniment and accompaniment- only recordings for 11 songs, plus VBS Return Policy- simple vocal tracks for each memory Thanks for your cooperation in 2006! treasure. Each song begins with an introduction followed by the complete We know how difficult it is to number of stanzas needed for the estimate the number of lessons you song. Lyrics for songs and memory will need for your VBS program, so treasures are included in PDF. . we want to make ordering as easy SC10N1513 $14.99 as possible. But large quantities of returned materials are costly and ~ may affect our future pricing. We Souvenir CD INet! DED appreciate your discretion when Give your students a determining the quantity of keepsake ofVBS 2007! materials to order. Please note that Craft Book Souvenir CD includes returned VBS materials and craft Contains directions, patterns, a list of 11 Making Tracks kits will not be accepted after needed materials, and illustrations for songs, complete September 15. 2007. 22 completed projects. Paper cover. with vocals and Remember, the new Student Lesson 32 pages. accompaniments. CD-ROM can help you avoid returns. SC10N1511 $6.50 SClON1514 1.. $2.99 See page 1for product details. See pages 6 and 7 for 2-9 2.75 (each) S & S® Craft Kits for VBS! 10+ 2.5.0 (each)~------------------------------------~ • r---------------------------------------
  5. 5. PFomotional Materials UBS accessoriesMake tracks in the community! Let everyone know of your upcomingMaking Tracks program with these promotional items. Advertising poster,postcard, and door hanger are included on the Leaders CD-ROM as TIFF andJPEGimages. • ~< .Offering Envelopes Size, 4/. x 21>".100 per package. 5C36-1237 .......•...••..•...•.....•...•....... 3.05 $ Size, 6/4" x 3/8.100 per package. 5C36-1379 .•.........•...•...•.•...............$3.57 Call to Teach Forms (not pictured) Extend the teaching call with these certificates that provide a listing of teachers duties, space for church information and signatures of superintendent and pastor, and detachable section for signature of acceptance. Size, 8;," x 11". Bible truths • Bible story skits • Train activities • Theme·relatedgpmes 100 per package. Lesson·relatedsnacks· C<afts. songs- Friends 5C21N1263 •.•...•...•..••..••.•..•••.••••••.•. $5.99 stickers Miniature Religious (216 stickers) 5C08-3301 ....••..•..........••.•....•..•...... 1.79 $ Miniature Red Hearts (216 stickers) 5C08-3338 ....•...•.......•..•..•.......•......$1.79 The Christ (54 stickers) 5C08-3902 .....•.•....••..••.....•.......•.•.•• $1.79 Embossed Foil Cross Miniatures (252 stickers)Door Hanger Postcard 5C08-5213 •......•.............•.......•...... $1.79Making Tracks logo on Making Tracks logo onfront. Large blank area on front. Blank back allows forback for customized message. customized message, information,Two hangers per each perforated or VBS schedule, or use it as part of a8/," x 11" sheet. Works with most VBS follow-up, thank-you mailing. Pullbackelectronic printers and photocopiers. Four 4/," x 5 /2" postcards per each LocomotiveSClON1515 $ .50 (per sheet) perforated 8;," x 11" sheet. Send younger students home with tiny Works with most electronic printers plastic locomotives that help themDoor Hanger Bags (not pictured) and photocopiers. remember the lessons they learned atSafeguard VBS materials against the 5ClON1516 ......•...•.•....$1.00 (per sheet) VBS 2007. Just pull back, release,elements. Just insert your promotional and watch the engine chug along.and outreach materials into these Advertising Poster 2 /2" long. 6 per package.6" x 12" bags, and slip the precut hole Includes space for dates, times, phone 5C10N1498 .......•.....................•...... $3.75over a doorknob. 100 per package. numbers, and the location ofyourVBS. All trademarks, registered trademarks, andS(38-2057 ..•..............•.•.....••.......•..$4.25 : Size, l1"x 17". Ships folded. logos are the property of their respective SC10N1517 .........••.•.•...•.....•...•.•.•••• $1.75 owners or holders.
  6. 6. Helping Hands Necklace LBVBLS :5 TO IS Crall Kits for Vacation Bible School (!)Allow 15 minutes Foam-and-bead necklace-fun to make, wear, and share! Perfect for Cross String Art (!JAllow 30-40 minutes from S&S® Worldwide Making Tracks Day 4. Prep suggestions: Create a rainbow web around the Each kit shows the average time Tie heart bead to hand before class. cross while weaving a multicolored Wrap tape around cord ends to make yarn through these prepunched cards. required to complete a particular beading easier. Print with permanent Supply religious stickers, markers, gel project: Some preparation time is marker, "SERVEJESUS"on one hand pens, and 3-D paints to decorate the necessary before beginning the crafts. and "SERVEOTHERS"on the other. cross interiors. Kit includes two Materials are included with kits; Size: 3" pendant, 36" cord. suggested stringing patterns. however, additional needed supplies SClON1529 $5.99/12 Size: 8 "/" x 11". may include: $ .SO/project SClON1531 $9.99/24 -paper to protect work surface $ .42/project -glue, tape Rainbow Bright Door Hangers -scissors, rulers (!)Allow 20 minutes Christian Sun Catchers - pencils, crayons Assortment of ready-to-decorate, (!)Allow 30 minutes or more -washable and permanent markers vibrantly colored, precut, tag door Just paint and hang these -acryllc paint, containers, paintbrushes hangers. Print with permanent marker, raised-plastic frames to let your light -water cups for paintbrushes "JesusLoves (childs name)" on one side shine. Each kit includes two each of six -gel pens, glitter glue, 3-D paints and "(childs name) LovesJesus" on the designs and nontoxic glass stain. -ribbon, floss, yarn reverse. Supply artists with washable Provide brushes, toothpicks for - religious stickers markers and religious stickers for painting small sections and popping -cloths or paper towels for cleanup decorating each side. Older students bubbles, plus suction cup hangers or could use glitter glue and 3-D paints. ribbon for hanging. Size: 4" x 3". Kits are available on a first-come, first- Size: 4 "/4 x 11". SClON1532 $9.49/12 served basis. Quantities are limited. SClON1530 $2.19/12 $ .79/project LBVBLS 1 to :5 $ . 18/project Choo Choo Frame (!JAllow 20 minutes Easy-to-assemble and colorful Super Foam" decorative frames. Add a Jesus sticker in place ofthe lion in the window, and insert the students photo from VBS.Size: 6" square, 2%" x 3"/," picture opening. Supply glue. SC10N1526 .........••................... $4.99/12 $ .42/project Have Faith Magnet (!JAllow 25 minutes Little fingers can easily build a rainbow with nine, brilliant, precut layers. Includes preprinted message on cloud, "Have Faith in the Lord." Prep suggestion: Cut and glue magnet pieces to the back of the purple rainbow section before class. Size: 5" x 5"/2. Supply glue. SC10N1527 $4.99/12 $ .42/project Boy- and Girl-Shaped Craft Sticks (!JAllow 20 minutes A great craft for Making TracksDay 3. Both sides are ready to personalize with crayons. Print with permanent marker, "(childsname) is precious to Jesus" on front of stick and "(chi/dsname) loves Jesus" on the reverse. Provide a cross All trademarks, sticker to put on the chest. Size: 4"/," registered trademarks,• stick. 18 boy-, 18 girl-shaped sticks per kit. and logos are the property of their SClON1528 $5.99/36 respective owners $ . 17/project or holders.
  7. 7. Lend a Hand Bracelet MOST LIIYIILS M~ House Puzzle 0Allow 15 minutes (!)Allow 20 minutesA great craft for Making Tracks Day 4. Foam Cross Necklace Artists create their own unique puzzles,The "LD"-embossed hand charm is our 0Allow 15 minutes adding details to the precut pieces andreminder of "Love Does." Each kit Crafters will love to wear-to-share their background with markers and religiousincludes two cords for each bracelet. own "Trinity" necklace crafted with stickers. Size: 7 "/4" square.Use a single cord or two side-by-side three-point beads and a foam cross SC10N1351 $11.99/24for extra strength, or tie them end to pendent. Size: 9" necklace, 2 "/," cross. $ .SO/projectend for large wrists. Start each bracelet Suggestion: Wrap tape around ends of cord for easier beading. Beaded Cross Necklacewith the hand charm, then string 0Allow 15 minutesbeads on either side, size the bracelet, SC10N1535 ................•............. $4.99/12 $ .42/project Ready-to-string necklaces includeand tie the ends. Includes metal assorted color "/4" beads andcharm, metallic-colored plastic beads,and elastic cord. IIZTBAS "JESUSLOVESME" preprinted cross. Order early! Quantities are limited. Size: 17/s" cross, 28" cord.SC10N1533 $5.99/10 SClON1461 ...................•.......... $4.99/12 $ .60/project Fiberboard Cones $ .42/projectPlastic Cross 0Allow 25 minutes Church Decorative Bags 0Allow 30 minutes Assorted heavy cardboard cones, 5" to 0Allow 15 minutesShaped plastic canvas 10" tall with 2";," to 3";," diameterfor creating colorful,woven crosses. Technique 1:Weave "/S" ribbon through"the holes on each cross ":.::~~;I fj~::~~~"")1£ ~:! ~" ~" base, 25-30 per pack. Craft idea: Teacher hot-glues an 18" piece of ya rn to the outside of the wide cone end. Students Precut, prestrung, brown paper shapes open to reveal a small bag tucked between. Decorate with markers, crayons, and stickers. Size: 45/s" x 6". 1- n c u string and tie a 1" bead to the end of SClON1425 $5.99/12beam, extending ends about :~~: the yarn and then try to swing the bead"12" past the end ofthe,nD $ .50/project into the cone. Decorate cones withcanvas. Technique 2: Weave one color paint, markers, glitter, and stickers. Mosaic Cross Necklaceof embroidery floss through the SC10N1389 $9.99/25-30 0Allow 25 minutesoutside holes as a border and a $ .34- .40/project Precut foam pieces make it easy tocomplementary color through the create beautiful cross pendants.holes of the inner section. Supply Includes nylon cord and instructions.weaving material. Size: 3". Size: 3";," cross, 26" cord. Supply glue,SC10N1534 $1.99/10 SClON1426 $8.99/12 $ .20/project $ . 75/project
  8. 8. sVBSStudent Lesson One~Day .. One-DayVBS Board the VBS train for a one-day trip. Resource Guide CD-ROM This adaptation of the Making Put your VBS on the right track with Tracks VBSprogram focuses on the resources for conducting a successfulI(~,.*n;nl story, "Jesus Helps a Man Who one-or two-day Making Tracks Cannot Walk." Both levels study the VBS. Includes: same lesson, with age-appropriate -Teaching guide materials. Each student lesson comes -Music with a Bible story, a full-color teaching - Devotional skit picture, and a page of lesson- ~riif~i~~r====;;;;;.J -Bible story skit reinforcing activities. -Prograrn ideas Nonr~aders (and beginning readers) -Garne and SClON1524 .....•.. ~..; $1.00 snack suggestions ~iii~ Readers -Craft instructions and patterns SC10N1525 $1.00 -Logo and theme-related art SC10N1523 $14.00 Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage ~ ~ Northwestern P A I D ~ 9 Publishing House Northwestern 1..f 1250 N. 113th St., Milwaukee, WI 53226-3284 Publishing House The train d.eparts a007! Punch your ticket by ordering VBS materials early! Call 1-800-662-6022 or visit