Thomas Jefferson


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Thomas Jefferson

  1. 1. • Elected as 3rd President in 1800 and again in 1804 • Vice Presidents were Aaron Burr and George Clinton • In 1800, control of the central gov’t shifted from the Federalists to the Republicans. • This proved that a change in power in the government could happen without war and bloodshed!! It was a Bloodless Revolution!!
  2. 2. Marbury vs. Madison • “Midnight Judge”  John Adams appoints William Marbury as Justice of the Peace on his last night as president. • James Madison(new Sec of State) refused to give him his commission(official papers)
  3. 3. Marbury vs. Madison • Marbury tries to get the Supreme Court to force Madison to give him the appointment because of the Judiciary Act.
  4. 4. • John Marshall (Chief Justice) reviewed the law and ruled that part of the Judiciary Act was unconstitutional. • Judicial Review The Supreme Court has authority to – Interpret the Constitution and decide what it means – Stop the executive and legislative branch from doing things that go against the Constitution
  5. 5. Domestic Policy: Louisiana Purchase 1803 • American farmers worried that Napoleon might close off the port at New Orleans leaving them with no way to get their crops to market • Jefferson sent James Monroe to France to make an offer to buy New Orleans for $7.5 million • Instead Napoleon offered to sell ALL of Louisiana for $15 million! Super Great Deal! • Jefferson doesn’t know if the President has the power to buy land. He decides that it is a “treaty” and buys Louisiana Territory for $15 million
  6. 6. Domestic Policy: Louisiana Purchase 1803 • He uses the National Bank and gets criticized (Alexander Hamilton) • After much debate, the Senate finally voted to approve the Louisiana Purchase treaty – Nearly DOUBLED the size of the United States – More land to be developed by American Settlers
  7. 7. Lewis & Clark Expedition • Jefferson sends Lewis & Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase • They travel on the Missouri River & go west • Sacagawea & husband go as translators • They reach Pacific Ocean • They bring back new plants, animals, food, & information.
  8. 8. Thomas Jefferson as President: Foreign Relations • Great Britain and France are both attacking American ships , stealing goods and capturing American sailors (IMPRESSMENT). • 1807 Jefferson signed the Embargo Act 1807 which stopped all trade with Great Britain and France to make them stop the attacks • The embargo only hurt American businesses and it was repealed in 1809.