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Extreme time management secrets for the information age


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Discover 5 radical methods to become super productive in business or whatever endeavor you are passionately pursuing. I learned these powerful strategies from Andrew Cass, a revolutionary productivity expert, business man and teacher. Apply them and you will begin to see immediate positive results.

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Extreme time management secrets for the information age

  1. 1. Presented by Colleen FosheeContent originally from Andrew Cass -
  2. 2. Expect to be exposed tosome radical but effectiveways to become in the scattered, high tech world of overwhelm.
  3. 3. Your success is determined by your daily agenda. ~ John Maxwell Hyper-productive individuals have a handle on how they manage their day.
  4. 4. No matter how great your businesspotential is, it won’t matter if you don’t get a handle on yourself.
  5. 5. Goal:Create better behavior so we canstack the deck in our favor andachieve maximum productivity.
  6. 6. (for business success)1. Breaking free from the time management myth.2. How to tackle overwhelm3. The number one vampire that sucks your time like no other4. The importance of your environment5. How to place a dollar value on your time
  7. 7. #1 24 hours no more and no less
  8. 8. 1.Address focus instead of tasks.2.Do not multi-task.
  9. 9. #1•Be the boss of your time.•Look at your focus to control on what you’re doing.•Stop multitasking.
  10. 10. #2
  11. 11. Schedule time to manage themassive amount of information Correspondence Training Reading Writing Calls Meals
  12. 12. Clearing to Neutral Trick Any time you finish your activity, you do a little routine where you set it up so that the next time you start there is no chaos and friction (Aggravating, messy stuff you have to deal with to get going again). In other words, you set your environment up for success.
  13. 13. Clearing to Neutral Trick Make CTN a mini habit for everything you repeatedly start and finish. Here’s a simple game plan: 1. Make a list of your tasks. 2. Add a clear to neutral action at the end of each. 3. Begin implementing one at a time.
  14. 14. Deliberately Disconnect
  15. 15. Journal what you are doing.
  16. 16. #3 Distractions
  17. 17. Example: First thing in the morning: NO phone NO email for THREE HOURS
  18. 18. Batching Trick
  19. 19. #4 High level achievers use their time differently in different environments.
  20. 20. Tip:You won’t have a million dollaridea with kids running around and the phone ringing.
  21. 21. It is hard to perform all theactivities you need to get donewithin the same environment.Find the right place that allows you tobe HIGHLY productive for that activity.
  22. 22. #5
  23. 23. Your Extreme Time Management Takeaways for 2013 •You can’t manage time – you can only manage yourself in time. •Schedule things with a start time and finish time. •Stop being emotionally about overwhelm. Manage it. It’s here to stay.
  24. 24. Your Extreme Time Management Takeaways for 2013 •Batch your activities. Have days that you do things - not do little things spaced out over 5 or 6 days. •Stop allowing distractions in - become an umpire for what’s in and out. •Create your ideal environment.
  25. 25. Your Extreme Time Management Takeaways for 2013 •Schedule and Journal to analyze how you’re doing. Tracking keeps you on the most direct course. •Calculate your hourly value for this coming year so you don’t look at your time the same way you did this year.
  26. 26. Take Action and Make It Your Best Year EVER! Presented by Colleen Foshee Content originally from Andrew Cass -