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Variance InfoTech


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Variance Infotech have industry proven experience in managing client Database server in secure and safe environment

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Variance InfoTech

  1. 1. _________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Introducing Variance Infotech_____________________________________________________ COMPANY • Established in 2009 • HQ in Ahmedabad, India • Offices In USA & UK • Talented IT professionals • World class infrastructure • Mature Offshore IT Delivery Model EXPERTISE • Software application development for web, device, mobile and desktop • Offshore Development • Software Testing • IT support • Business Process Outsourcing CUSTOMERS • 20 countries in 5 continents • USA, Canada, Mexico • UK, Italy, USA, • Australia • South Africa • India, Bulgaria, Middle East
  3. 3. Variance has quickly established strong footholds in fields of Offshore Dedicated Development Center, Application Development & Maintenance, Software as a Service, Enterprise Solutions, Product Development & Support, Testing Services and Search Engine Optimization. Expertise in Quality & Project Management has helped us achieve high standards for our clients. Variance has achieved proficiency in offshore software development while improving reliability and speed of delivering solution for our customers. Introducing Variance Infotech_____________________________________________________ Vision : Variance Infotech mission is to alter the dynamics of software industry by trusted and quality software development services to clients that view our partnership as a strategic driver for their success. When we take your project, we take the stewardship of the project with you in the director seat. As stewards of your project, we consider ourselves successful not when we deliver your final product but when the product meets your business objectives and that is our vision. We believe that this vision can be reached through the following principles: √ Integrity √ Service √ Kindness √ Competence √ Growth Mission: Variance Infotech was founded with the vision of innovative and affordable solutions to explore and develop space through practical and profitable steps. To realize this vision, we deliver the best possible reliable software solutions to help our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability.
  4. 4. Our Credo_____________________________________________________ • We make every effort to understand the requirements and deliver a solution that helps to achieve the client’s business goals Client Satisfaction • We ensure that our development work conforms to international standards of Quality, Reliability and Security High Standards • We intend to surprise our clients with accurate status reports, fair estimations and a personal touch Close Engagement • We deliver what we commit and commit only what we can deliver Commitment
  5. 5. Introducing Variance Infotech_____________________________________________________ • Variance assists Independent Software Vendors to reduce time to market and cut development costs by providing access to technology expertise and skilled professionals. • We assist software companies who are facing stringent time and cost deadlines to complete their projects without compromising quality and control
  6. 6. Technical Expertise_____________________________________________________ MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE TESTING
  7. 7. Service Offerings_____________________________________________________ Software Development Integration, Implementation, Migration Testing, Verification & Validation Business Process Outsourcing IT Support and Maintenance • Custom application development for desktops, web, mobile and devices • Business Workflow Implementations • Business Intelligence applications • Integration of functionality from disparate systems Our Microsoft certified and Sun certified professionals can be relied upon to offer world class software development services on the Microsoft and Java platform.
  8. 8. Service Offerings_____________________________________________________ Software Development Integration, Implementation, Migration Testing, Verification & Validation Business Process Outsourcing IT Support and Maintenance We provide end-to-end implementation, customization, and third party application integration services for • Microsoft SharePoint • Dynamics CRM We also have experience in re- engineering legacy applications, developing new web interfaces, data and application migration and SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud implementations.
  9. 9. Service Offerings_____________________________________________________ Software Development Integration, Implementation, Migration Testing, Verification & Validation Business Process Outsourcing IT Support and Maintenance Our comprehensive testing experience, customer centric innovative approach, certified professionals, effective testing methodology and testing tool expertise results in accelerated testing and reduced costs for our clients Our expertise is in • Functional testing, • Performance testing, • Automated testing and • Security testing
  10. 10. Service Offerings_____________________________________________________ Software Development Integration, Implementation, Migration Testing, Verification & Validation Business Process Outsourcing IT Support and Maintenance Our BPO services include • Data entry tasks (company reports, manuals, dictionaries), • Publishing content on website / intranet / portal, • Digitizing of content, • Conducting online or phone based surveys for market research, • Web research for contact names or information for your portal, • Performing data validation, de- duplication, aggregation, cleansing, enrichment, • Developing mailing list through web search and directory search
  11. 11. Service Offerings_____________________________________________________ Software Development Integration, Implementation, Migration Testing, Verification & Validation Business Process Outsourcing IT Support and Maintenance We have over a decade of experience in providing technology and infrastructure support. Our services range from “Break-Fix” IT support to Managed IT support. Engagement model can be on time and resource basis or fixed cost. We provide 24 x 7 support including remote desktop, server, and network management, diagnostics, system configurations and virus protection monitored via a Service Level Agreement.
  12. 12. Our Services_____________________________________________________ Custom Software Development Application Development Web, Desktop, Mobile, Devices Software Testing IT Support Business Process Outsourcing Resource Augmentation IT Training Search Engine Optimization Web Graphics Designing
  14. 14. Variance’s Value Proposition_____________________________________________________ SPEED UP YOUR DEVELOPMENT Hire resources as required. Hire just one resource or hire a complete team for your project INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS Take up more projects from your clients because you can deliver more with Variance’s resources SAVE ON DEVELOPMENT COSTS Save significantly on development expenses with Variance’s competitive resource rates
  15. 15. Choice of Skills and Experience_____________________________________________________ CHOICE OF FUNCTIONAL SKILLS CHOICE OF EXPERIENCE Programmer Tester Analyst Graphics Designer Database Expert Senior Developer 3-5 years’ experience Junior Developer 1-3 years’ experience Project Lead/Manager 5-8+ years’ experience
  16. 16. A Typical Scenario_____________________________________________________ • New module / application development • Estimated to take 5000 hours • Target deadline 6 months 5000 hours 160 man-hours per month = 31.25 man-months 31.25 man-months 6 months = 5.2 resources
  17. 17. The Challenge____________________________________________________ • You need 5-6 developers for this project • But what if you have only 2-3 resources available? • Will you hire additional staff just for 6 months? • What about additional testing, analysis and project management resources? • Cost of project will be approx. $400,000 • What if your budget is only $300,000? • Will you ask for more budget from management? • Have you factored in scope creep? $80/hr * 5000 hrs
  18. 18. How Variance Can Assist____________________________________________________ Your Project Variance’s Project Coordinator Coordinator • By sharing part of the job with Variance Infotech, you stand to save • You finish the project faster with a 24 hour development cycle and also within budget constraints. $70-$80/hour onsite $20-$30/hour offshore
  19. 19. Variance’s Commitment_____________________________________________________ • Variance is committed to your business goals, not just to providing technology expertise and people resources • We invest in project management expertise and senior solution architect expertise to supplement client’s resources • We have the ability to add or reduce the resources for a project on a short notice • We can also provide a thin team for maintenance post delivery • Even if you have the resources and the budget, it makes sense to complete the project faster and cut costs!
  20. 20. Engagement Models_____________________________________________________ Requirements Design Coding Testing Maintenance Implementation Integration Customization Migration Engage Variance’s Developers Use Variance’s Testers Sign a Support SLA Select specific Skill-sets, Expertise, Technical Knowledge or Experience from Variance’s Resource Pool Set up an Offshore Development or Testing Team
  21. 21. Engagement Models_____________________________________________________ • Engage one or more technical resources for onsite work for development, implementation or customization • Work is done on negotiated hourly charges • Increase or decrease resources as required • Best when client wants extra throughput on the project without hiring regular staff Resource Augmentation • Hire a small or large offshore team for development, testing or maintenance • Fixed Price model when requirements are clearly defined • Time and materials model when duration cannot be estimated in advance. • A Hybrid model is also possible • Works best when client aims for faster product releases while keeping development costs under control Extended Back Office Team
  22. 22. Typical Employee Profiles and Roles_____________________________________________________ • Profiles – Graduate in Computer Engineering or Post Graduate in Computer Science – Junior Developers with 0-3 years experience – Senior Developers with 3-4 years experience with Variance – Project Leads with 5+ years experience • Roles – Business Analyst – Systems Analyst – Project Lead – Project Coordinator – Web Designer – Graphics Designer – Database Expert – Developer – Tester / QA – Deployment Expert
  23. 23. Flexibility in Payment_____________________________________________________ FIXED TIME / COST ESTIMATES HOURLY RATE CONTRACTS • Preferred model when requirements are well defined • Annual maintenance contract after warranty period • Milestone driven payments • Preferred approach for long term on-going work • Rates depend on the functional skills, technical skills and experience of the resource • Contracts are renewable
  24. 24. Methodology and Approach_____________________________________________________ C L I E N T Requirements / RFP V A R I A N C E Proposal with Resource Profiles, Technical Expertise Estimation of time and cost for the Project Selection of Team – Project Manager, Developers, Testers Mutual Agreement on Team Size, Communication, Reporting & Billing Coding Testing Progress Reports, Mock ups, Reviews Task / Resource / Project Management
  25. 25. Typical Work Methods with Clients_____________________________________________________ • Project Coordinator – Single point of contact unless client wishes to communicate with the team • Project Lead handles – Code review – Testing review – Documentation review – Team management • Business Analyst – Documentation of requirements/functiona lity • We work 9 hours/day and 5 days/week – Business timings overlap adjusted depending on time zone • Communication – Skype / GoToMeeting • Monthly invoices • Code Security – NDA with employees – Provisions for remote access – IP rights protection – Usage of bug tracking systems – Mantis, VSS, etc
  26. 26. Typical Software Development Life Cycle_____________________________________________________
  27. 27. Agile Development_____________________________________________________ Agile methods attempt to minimize risk and maximize productivity by developing software in short iterations and by deemphasizing work on interim work artifacts.
  28. 28. Benefits Of Agile Development_____________________________________________________ Google uses it. Microsoft uses it. It’s considered the best methodology for web 2.0 tools like Twitter and Facebook. 1. Faster ROI The trick to achieving faster ROI is simple. Build a functional product across iterations, get it out to market early with limited features, continue adding features and then launch the fully functional version. • Development starts early • A functional ‘ready to market’ product after few iterations 2. Lower Risk Agile ranks very highly on risk mitigation scale. Since iterations are short, the market risk is reduced. A beta version released early in an agile project is a great way to tap the potential market for a product. Feedback from prospect customers can help evolve the product and lowers risk of the product failing to match client expectations. • Client gets early access to product during the life cycle • Greater flexibility for accommodating Change Requests • Early Cancellations hurt less
  29. 29. Benefits Of Agile Development_____________________________________________________ 3. Lower Defect Density Since the testing is frequent and starts early in the project, most bugs are caught during the test iterations. Agile’s “test driven development” approach ensures a high quality product with minimal bugs. • Showstopper/ Critical bugs are caught early in the project • Stories are considered incomplete till they have critical zero defects • Test Automation gets higher productivity for testing team 4. More Transparency & Better Visibility Agile manta promotes greater transparency amongst stakeholders in the interest of the project. Each stakeholder has a better visibility even when the product is shaping up. • Agile imparts better visibility and a greater sense of ownership to all stakeholders • Encourages Close coordination and build mutual trust amongst stakeholders • Brings all stakeholders on the ‘same page’ in terms of project progress and expectations.
  30. 30. Case Study: ASP.NET (HealthCare - Recordlinc)___________________________________________ • Client wanted to create a secure and easy to use platform for dentists to connect to each other and share their patients for referrals. CASE HIGHLIGHTS • Client has vision to provide secure, easy to use & HIPAA compliance online platform for dentists to serve best service possible, grow their practice, and minimize time spent performing back office functions. PROJECT BACKGROUND • Variance InfoTech developed the platform using ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server technology. We implemented features like, • Easy communication between dentists. • Sharing patients among dentists. • Messaging system between patients and dentist. • Patients can see their X-rays and dental records online. • Patient can fill dentist form online and use same form next time while visiting dentist. VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  31. 31. Case Study: ASP.NET (Ecommerce - • Client was looking for online portal to sell tickets of events and shows organized in local region. Eventually he also wants to promote events organized in city and generate revenue from marketing. CASE HIGHLIGHTS • Clint was looking for an online platform which allows him to promote various events and shows in local region. There was no other platform which was selling online tickets for events and shows. Client required a unique QR on to be printed on each ticket to manage inventory. PROJECT BACKGROUND • Variance Infotech proposed a portal which allows client to manage events and track sold/unsold tickets for each events. • Variance suggested Mailchimp integration to promote events using email marketing and sending reminder about events to buyers who purchased tickets. • Advertise Management module is added to client’s requirement which allows client to generate revenue from advertisement of events/shows on banner as well as side panels. VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  32. 32. Case Study: PHP ( ____________________________________________ • Online Selling any unwanted gold, platinum and palladium jewellery, earrings, rings, necklaces, chains, ingots, £2 and £5 gold coins, odd gold earrings, rings with and without stones, broken gold necklaces. CASE HIGHLIGHTS • We specially designed multi level category management in public side, so customer easily finds related items also. PROJECT BACKGROUND • Cash for gold is website to use for online selling of Precious metal like gold, silver and palladium. Customer can sell his gold and get the best reward. There is affiliation facility in website to attract more customers to the site. VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  33. 33. Case Study: Classic ASP (LeadMaster)__________________________________ • LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to sales, marketing and call center teams through its web-based LeadMaster solutions. CASE HIGHLIGHTS • LeadMaster provides web-based lead and campaign management as well as powerful tools for data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement. PROJECT BACKGROUND • With offshore development team, Variance used Classic Asp to develop the Working with LeadMaster through Designed specifically with the needs of sales and marketing professionals in mind with a web-based solution. VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  34. 34. Case Study: Mobile – Phonegap (LeadMaster)__________________________________________ • Leadmaster application contains login page, after authentication directed to database and workgroup selection and at last to dash board. CASE HIGHLIGHTS • LeadMaster provides mobile based application give Dashboard containing New Leads, Accounts, Contacts, My Searches, Recent items, Add New, Quick Lookup, Advanced Search, Change Password, Change Worked Group and Logout modules. PROJECT BACKGROUND • Variance gives many images and buttons direction users to different destinations. Auto login facility. If any new leads are added, notification fire. VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  35. 35. Case Study: vTiger (wicesystem)______________________________________ • WICE (Worldwide International Culture Exchange) CASE HIGHLIGHTS • WICE is one of the leading firms of the education, which provide education for the countries all over the world. • The main purpose of WICE is International Culture Exchange between countries all over the world. • WICE is the great platform to exchange culture as well as get the quality education from the well known organization. PROJECT BACKGROUND • Variance gives Our client wants Email customization in such a way that they will get the maximum business with the use of email only. VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  36. 36. Case Study: vTiger (Savlite)______________________________________ • SAV-LITE is LED Light and screen Supplier Company. Company has branches in U.S.A and India. CASE HIGHLIGHTS • Company involve in LED and billboard advertisement across the country. • Manage giant billboard and LED screen depends on time management. PROJECT BACKGROUND • Variance gives our client company manage reports like screens report, slot report, payment report, trouble tickets etc… VARIANCE’S APPROACH
  37. 37. Contact Us_____________________________________________________ Variance is located at center of Ahmedabad, heart of the state of Gujarat. Development Center - INDIA A/307 Shivalik Yash, Naranpura, Ahmedabad – 380 052, Gujarat Phone : + 91 – 79 – 2791 – 0332 Inquiry : USA Phone : + 1 – 630 – 861 – 8263 Email : AUSTRALIA Phone : +61 – 449153839 Email : BULGARIA Phone : +359 888 005607 Email :