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Time management and self development

  1. Teacher Deema Anabosi. Time Management and Self Development.
  2. •Time management – how to be a successful person. •Self development – A change for the better. (2 minutes technique) •How to fight laziness – simple tips to help get through the day. Objectives…
  3. Time
  4. What is it that you want to accomplish? The first step you should take to become a successful person, is to set goals. Goals should be clear and of important value to yourself. Goals
  5. 3 Types of Goals: • Personal (family) goals. • Business, career or financial goals. • Self-development goals. After setting your goals, make sure to write them down. Successful people have clear, written goals.
  6. Your goals should be:
  7. Plans of Action Put it in writing! What is a plan of action? A plan of action is writing down all the steps you will do to accomplish your goals.
  8. Analysis Make a list. It is advised to make a list for the week the Saturday before, And the list for a day the night before. this is to allow your subconscious to solve all the problems and help you follow your list.
  9. Set Priorities What is relevant and what is irrelevant. What is the most valuable use of my time now? Setting your priorities allows you to focus on finishing the important task that will guarantee you reach your goal instead of wasting your time on less important tasks.
  10. Concentration Learn how! Starting a task and finishing it without getting distracted, or starting a new task, ensures that you will be able to finish more work and efficiently. It also increases your productivity.
  11. Deadlines and Rewards Positive Logical Consequences. A successful person sticks to a deadline or sets that themselves. Maybe after you have finished the task you had, you can reward yourself with either a sip of coffee , a piece of candy ,or a phone call.
  12. Watch out for the grim reaper everyone! Deadlines also strike a feeling of urgency to finish the task on time.
  13. Where is all your time going? Always keep track of where your time is going. You can write the time of starting for the task and the finishing time after you’re done with it. That way, you can know how much time you took performing that task. Time Log
  14. Positive or Negative. To overcome procrastination you can make a feeling of urgency. Repeating “Do it now, do it now, do it now” may help you perform that task at the proper time. This is a form of fighting laziness. Procrastination
  15. Delegate Delegate everything you can! Delegation is distributing some work given to you, to others so that the large amount of work given will be done in a shorter time. Think of it as a form of teamwork.
  16. Interruptions Telephones and Walk-in Visitors. These are the worst kind of distractions. How do we deal with them? For phone calls, switch off your cell phone, or unplug your telephone. As for walk- in visitors, stand up and tell them you were
  17. Simple tips to help you through the day. Fighting Laziness
  18. While encountering a task, make sure to perform the important, or most difficult, part first. That way, if you run out of motivation or energy, you can feel satisfaction of finishing the first part of your mission. This can also boost your confidence and you maybe able to finish the whole task too. Fighting Laziness
  19. • Finish the worst part first • Make a new start to the day • Split your huge task into a set of smaller tasks • Involve an audience • Focus and concentrate on one task at a time
  20. A simple and helpful way to get tasks done. Two-minutes technique
  21. I hope you have all enjoyed this. Thank you for watching!