Designing a course role play


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A course design and development case study.

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  • Students seeking a career in multi-lateral development agencies (MDAs), government planning authorities (GPAs), non-government organisations (NGOs) What is it? About conceptualising and integrating gender considerations into policy making, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation Two core units using the same model
  • diversity in skill sets, languages and cultural backgrounds, on-campus and distance
  • Theory quite heavy, tacit knowledgeConsultations with key industry stakeholders (MDAs, GPAs, NGOs and advocacy groups) which identified theoretical concepts and skills considered vital for research or employment.
  • praxis is more than just "doing": drawing on theoretical and conceptual knowledge to come up with creative solutionsExample team task writing a white paper to inform gender mainstreaming policy, or completing a call for gender mainstreaming proposals, or undertaking a gender analysis project
  • Used to conduct team meetings and collaborate on documents – agendas and minutesTeam presentations
  • Designing a course role play

    1. 1. School of International Studies Graduate Certificate in GenderMainstreaming Policy and Analysis A course development case study
    2. 2. The Challenge• Leverage diversity of student body as a learning aid rather than barrier.• Design an active learning model that enables students to: – Gain understanding of underpinning theories – Apply knowledge to real world scenarios – Collaborate effectively in teams – Become work-ready graduates• Grow enrolments
    3. 3. A Creative Solution • Integrate student cohorts • Scaffolded learning pathway • Critical reflectionsRole Play • Discussion & debate • Collaborative team-based tasks • Authentic assessment • Scalable re-useable model
    4. 4. Blackboard / Virtual Learning Environment IDO portal Communications Instruction. guidance and support A Learning Praxis Core taskTheory Team activities Group proposalBriefing Packs Readings FLO Live Discussions Collaborative writing Meetings Reflective learning activities Documentation Presentation
    5. 5. Brainstorming a Role Play concept…
    6. 6. …Ta Da!
    7. 7. An organisational frameworkcreates an immersive role playexperience. Project information assists in the completion of tasks.
    8. 8. An organisational frameworkcreates an immersive role playexperience. Organisational imparted information. Project information assists in the completion of tasks.
    9. 9. An organisational framework creates an immersive role play experience.Memos from the CEOoutline the core project taskand sets the IDO staff(students) on their way. Organisational imparted information. Project information assists in the completion of tasks.
    10. 10. An organisational framework creates an immersive role play experience. Memos from the CEO outline the core project task and sets the IDO staff (students) on their way. Organisational imparted information. Project information assists in the completion of tasks.Online tools for communicationand authoring are available toencourage collaboration betweenteam members.
    11. 11. Team-based discussion
    12. 12. Team Wikis
    13. 13. Synchronous team meetings and presentations
    14. 14. Being a part of the IDO was fantastic as we were able to participate inlearning as though we were part of an organisation. Often there is adisconnect between university learning and the real life application oflearning that you need in a job. Anonymous student evaluationI’ve already started applying what I have learnt to my work, which is alwaysexciting! Last week I met with the NSW Office for Women to give themfeedback about their draft NSW Women’s Plan. I was able to use my newfound knowledge to talk to them about their plans (or lack of as the casewas!) to undertake gender mainstreaming as part of their Women’s Plan. Edwina MacDonald, Graduate & Law Reform and Policy Coordinator Womens Legal Services NSWThe power of the learning within this course is the ongoing reflection of whatissues like inequity and discrimination mean for my daughter andconsequently for me as a father, in addition to being a male who, regardlessof having a daughter, son or neither, should seek equity and equality. …Their [The teaching team’s] genuine commitment to a mutual respectfulpartnership to gender equity, was inspiring. So much so I became a WhiteRibbon Ambassador to further demonstrate my commitment to goodPractice. Mel Dunn, Graduate & General Manager International Development UniQuest and Conjoint Associate Professor, University of Queensland
    15. 15. • 2011 Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning• 2009 Flinders University, Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching• 2007 Flinders University Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant