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What can higher ed learn from Barack Obama?


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CASE District II, Baltimore
March 2009

The country just experienced what some would say was a transformational election. What can higher education learn from the way Barack Obama communicated in both a traditional print and web medium but also how he used social media and web 2.0 tools to carry his message and engage supporters? In an era where budgets are being tightened and organizations are being
asked to be more efficient, how can your institution use some of these tools to accomplish your goals and communicate your messages?

presented by
Paul Redfern, Director of Web Communications & Electronic Media,
Gettysburg College

Liz Rotter, Principal & Creative Director, studio-e

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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What can higher ed learn from Barack Obama?

  1. 1. What can higher ed learn from Barack Obama? presented by Paul Redfern, Director of Web Communications & Electronic Media, Gettysburg College Liz Rotter, Principal & Creative Director, studio-e CASE District II, Baltimore March 2009
  2. 2. “Politics after all, is about marketing — about projecting and selling an image (brand), stoking aspirations, moving people to identify, evangelize, and to consume. — Wired Magazine, fall 2008
  3. 3. What can we learn? Effective marketing through the seamless integration of brand, the internet and new media. Done with skill, attention to detail, and a singular focus.
  4. 4. What can we learn? A lesson in viral marketing. Success driving the message from one to the many. Done with skill, attention to detail, and a singular focus.
  5. 5. First African American President .5 Billion raised in 21 Months now that is marketing!
  6. 6. .5 Billion in 21 months By Jose Antonioi Vargas
  7. 7. How? Simplicity, Singular Focus, Ease of Action Online • First time visitors asked to “join” • Primary Action “Donate Now” always prominent and in red • Excellent Information Architecture • Blog to communicate, with quick links • Social networks used to the max • Mobile marketing by Alex Cleanthous July 23rd, 2008 6-lessons-we-can-learn-from-barack-obamas-online-marketing-strategy/
  8. 8. Triple O AR2008081903186_2.html?sid=ST2008081903613&s_pos=
  9. 9. The brand: Obama Different. Distinctive. Consistent. Relevant. (new)
  10. 10. The Logo Different. Distinctive. Consistent. “O”: Obama, the rising sun, a new era, a change Red stripes: American flag, rolling plains, farmland, moving forward Colors: Red, white and blue with a slightly different blue,com_myblog/show, Why-Obamas-logo-helped-him-kick-John-Mccains-butt.html/Itemid,61/
  11. 11.,com_myblog/show, Why-Obamas-logo-helped-him-kick-John-Mccains-butt.html/Itemid,61/
  12. 12. The Font Different. Distinctive. Consistent. Font: Gotham
  13. 13. The Message Relevant. Distinctive. Consistent.
  14. 14. Easy to use. (grassroots; individual users) Logos, brochure templates, email templates could (and still can) be downloaded from the Obama site.
  15. 15. “Playful flexibility”
  16. 16. Technology The internet was the heart of the campaign. Obama was everywhere: Internet, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, text messaging, website, email
  17. 17. Social Networking (socnets) studio-e communications for education
  18. 18. User Generated Media
  19. 19. iPhone Applications Call Friends: A great volunteering tool that lets you make a difference any time you want by talking to people you already know. Your contacts are prioritized by key battleground states, and you can make calls and organize results all in one place. Call Stats: See nationwide Obama ‘08 Call Friends totals and find out how your call totals compare to leading callers. Get Involved: Do more. Find and contact your local Obama for America HQ. Receive Updates: Receive the latest news and announcements via text messages or email. News: Browse complete coverage of national and local campaign news. Local Events: Find local events, share by email and get maps and directions. Media: Browse videos and photos from the campaign Issues: Get clear facts about Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s plan for essential issues facing Americans.
  20. 20. : Can higher ed use these concepts?
  21. 21. studio-e communications for education
  22. 22. : Rolling out a new president at Gettysburg College. · Planning (be strategic, befocused, be everywhere) · Timing · Collaboration · Trust
  23. 23. Social media’s role as a part of your overall web strategy
  24. 24. Planning: Strategic and Tactical
  25. 25. : Text Message Campaign · Fall 2008: Start Planning · Jan 15, 2009 Advertise Alumni Magazine · Feb 1, 2009 Advertise Alumni and Parent E-newsletter
  26. 26. : e-communication
  27. 27. :
  28. 28. :
  29. 29. :
  30. 30. :
  31. 31. :
  32. 32. :
  33. 33. :
  34. 34. Tips Taken Developing, Communicating, and Evolving a brand takes focus, attention, and daily (hourly) commitment.
  35. 35. Tips Taken Deliver your message through every medium that touches your audiences.
  36. 36. Be Consistent Be Creative Be Courageous (have fun!)