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Social Media Engagement 2012


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It's 2012, and we are five years into the social media revolution. Is it the best thing since slice bread or a complete waste of time?

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Social Media Engagement 2012

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAENGAGEMENT 2012 Morriss Partee
  2. 2. WORLD 2.0: I can get• ANY information about • ANYthing, ANY place,ANY one, or ANY business at ANY TIME. (oh, and I can’t get lost, either)
  3. 3. Where are we at?
  4. 4. Most complete waste of time EVAH
  5. 5. Most amazing thing EVAH
  6. 6. Social media is a waste of timefor most banks & credit unions –The Financial Brand of-time-for-financial-institutions/
  7. 7. Brent Dixon’s response to the Financial Brand’s article — The Cooperative Trust most-banks-credit-unions/
  8. 8. POINTSocial Media has been around for five years. If it was so great, we’d see FIs using it successfully everywhere.
  9. 9. COUNTERPOINT While social media may be old, FIs and other brands using it asa marketing medium is still in itsinfancy (and only now has it gone mainstream for the public)
  10. 10. POINT You’re Boring
  11. 11. COUNTERPOINTYou’re more than boring, you’re socially awkward – you talkabout yourself and boring things
  12. 12. POINTBanking is boring
  13. 13. COUNTERPOINTBanking is boring...having money is not
  14. 14. New FI campaigns in social media Bank of Ann Arbor Non-local banks think_____ Facebook-in-ad-campaign-1049428-1.html
  15. 15. Bank Transfer Day much-impact-did-it-have
  16. 16. B of A’s twitter response team twitter/
  17. 17. Dell Financial sells $6.5million per year via twitter twitter-2009-12
  18. 18. What should I do now?
  19. 19. There’s no such thing as asocial media strategy - only a business strategy -Ron Shevlin
  20. 20. How can social media support or amplify (or even drive) your current marketing campaigns?
  22. 22. Pick/invent 1 productBrand/positioning statementMarketing campaign/creative direction Social Media component
  23. 23. Ballroom dancers Travelers Upper incomeService/community oriented, volunteer
  24. 24. Computer savvy Artistic Music Spontaneous
  25. 25. Administrative professional Family oriented Part time chauffeur Pressed for time, always
  26. 26. Tech-savvy Love animals Couch potatoesShort-attention span
  29. 29. NET PROMOTER SCORE Criticisms: Not predictive Not actionable Intent ≠ Action Referral ≠ PurchaseVery broad (company? product?)
  31. 31. How much effort did youpersonally have to put forth to handle your request? (rate 1[low effort] to 5 [high effort])
  32. 32. How much effort does a newperson have to put forth to open an account online?
  33. 33. How much effort does a customer/member have to put forth to find yourbranch hours and locations?
  34. 34. How much effort does yourcustomer/member have to put forth to apply for a loan online?
  35. 35. TIME TOJUMP IN!
  36. 36. Social Media/Networking Morriss Partee Chief Experience Officer 413·535·0621 http://everythingcu.wordpress.comFriend me on EverythingCU, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Today’s slides are on