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V.A. Urechia Library


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Published in: Education
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V.A. Urechia Library

  1. 1. V.A.Urechia Library
  2. 2.  Library has 9 reading rooms and offers: - References - bibliography - Copying, scanning, copying documents - Home loan documents; - Consultation documents reading rooms; - Individual or collective hearing and watching audio-visual documents and electronic collections reading rooms; - General information; - Preparation of bibliographies on request; - Conducting reviews, summaries and abstracts; - Own computer consulting catalogs; - Consult the Internet resources available on the library website; - Internet access; - Access to the database Romanian legislation; - Access to bibliographic databases and full text; - Access to the catalogs of the great libraries; - Information and referrals by phone, e-mail, messenger; - Specialized assistance in information retrieval; - Book of records; - Access to the collections of other libraries through interlibrary loan; - Restoring and linking of publications
  3. 3. ByFilip Bianca Adriana