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Visit Romania

  1. 1. Visit Sighisoara by Balan Alexandra Peles Castle by George Cimpeanu Balan Bogdan Rasnov City by Enache Bianca Victoria Palace by Serbanescu AdrianVoroneț Monastery by Stavar Relu-MarianNational Arena Stadium by Anghele Florin
  2. 2. The fortress is among the most spectacular and mysterious medieval citadels in Transylvaniaand it is a true historic monument. Visitors are thrilled when discovering this place, andencountering a world of the past. This is actually a Saxon settlement which was firstmentioned papers in 1289, but was actually founded sometime in the 12th century. Thefortress is made up of 9 towers, the most representative being The Clock Tower. It got itsname because of the figurine clock, at the 4th floor, unique in Romania.
  3. 3. It is also worth visiting the HillChurch, a valuable architecturalmonument of the fortress, thecovered stair built in 1662, tofacilitate the childrens access to theup hill school. Initially it had 300stairs, protected by a roof, but afterthe modifications in 1849 only 175stairs remained.Sighisoara is a true phenomenon ofmodern times. Older than themajority of the European capitals, itseems to be insensitive to time andchanges, keeping its quiet medievaltown aura, refusing to accept therealities of the 21st century.
  4. 4. Peleș CastlePeles Castle, the summerresidence of the kings ofRomania, was built in thetime of King Carol I ofRomania and became oneof the most importantmonuments of 19th centuryin Europe.A towering statue of KingCarol I overlooks the mainentrance.Peleş Castle has a 3,200-square-metre (34,000 sq ft)floor plan with over 170rooms, many withdedicated themes fromworld cultures.Peles was first castleelectrified in Europe.
  5. 5. Peleș CastleThe establishment hosts one of the finestcollections of art in Eastern and CentralEurope, consisting ofstatues, paintings, furniture, arms andarmor, gold, silver, ivory, finechina, tapestries.
  6. 6. Rasnov CityIs an old peasant fortress,located at about 15 kmfrom the city of Brasov.Rasnov was built aroundthe year 1215 by theTeutonic Knights and bypeasants Rasnovinhabitants.Material were used asstone and brick. Wallheight is approximately 5. The towers werecovered with tile toprevent fires caused byinvaders.
  7. 7. Rasnov City The complex includes two city Rasnov peasant courts: one outside, in front of eastern wall, bordered by a fortified wall and has a square tower called old tower, one inner city surrounded by walls and towers.
  8. 8. Victoria PalaceVictoria Palace is a point ofinterest InBucharest, Romania.Was built in 1937 and it isthe headquarters of thePrime Minister of Romaniaand his cabinet.It can be visited between 9am and 1 pm.This is a nice place, you canenjoy the architecture andthe furniture from thepalace.There you can also meetimportant people likePrime Minister andcongressmen.
  9. 9. Voroneț MonasteryVoroneț is one of thefamous painted monasteriesfrom Moldavia Country. Between May andSeptember 1488, Stephen IIIof Moldavia (known as"Stephen the Great“) builtthe Voroneț Monastery tocommemorate the victoryat battle of Vaslui.The frescoes at Voronețfeature an intense shade ofblue known in Romania as"Voroneț blue".The exterior walls includinga representation of the LastJudgment on the west wallwere painted in 1547.
  10. 10. National Arena StadiumNational Arena Stadium isthe place where Romania’sfootball national teamdispute the internationalmatches.The stadium is placed inBucharest, the capital ofRomania.This stadium has a totalcapacity of 55600 places.National Arena is largestfootball stadium in Romania. It hosted on May 9 2012 theUEFA Europe League Finalbetween Atletico Madrid vs.Atletic Bilbao, assistingalmost 53 000 spectators.I invite you to attend afootball match on NationalArena Stadium