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a short presentation of our town

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  1. 1. Galatz,the city of Danube
  2. 2. The geographic framewok…• After it crosses the Europe, a little bit tired for road ,the Danube calms her waters, shakes her shoulders on the soil and find out our city ,Galatz, as a gift of her millennial existance. Located on the north shore of the Danube ,situated in the south-est of Romania, in the extreme southern part of the Moldavian plateau, Galatz lies at the intersection of three Romanian historical provinces: Moldavia, Tara Romaneasca and Dobrogea. It’s location at the cross of many old roads and waters made Galatz, since the past times ,a city of navigators and fishers and therewith , a commercial centre, making time, the main river port of our country!
  3. 3. Relief • The form of the city is almost triangular,having the Danube in the south ,at sunrise the Brates Lake and the Prut River and at the sunset the Siret River. In Galatz we can find two big forms of relief of the country, Moldovian Plateau and the Romanian Plain which offers you a view with small hights!• The most important physico-geographical unit is still de Danube Meadow, which crosses de Meadow of Siret and Prut!
  4. 4. Climate• In terms of climate, this is a temperate-continental one ,showing big differences of temperature between winter and summer .In plain ,the temperature is higher than in the hilly area. In the two meadows, Siret and Prut ,temperatures register with 1-2 degrees more ,and the direction of the wind is oriented along that valley. Annual average temperature is 10.3 degrees Celsius. The absolute maximum has been reached in august,1904(39 degrees Celsius) ,and the absolute minimum has been reached in february,1927(-28.6 degrees Celsius). Between the winds which blow in our province, the most important is the Crivat one. It blows from north-est and brings, in winter, arid frost and snowstorms ,and in the summer rare rains and hot and sticky weather.
  5. 5. The vegetation and faunaThe vegetation is the result of interference of area ofinfluence East-European, southern and atlanticalThe forest steppe vegetation is dominating in the About thenorth of the province being composed of grassland fish, Prut andand small forests made up of oaks and lindens. In the Siret areslop area and in the meadows and we meet a rich populated byhydrofoil flora, in addition an aquatic vegetation, carps, zandersdiverse and interesting, attractive by some beauties and rarely thewhich are hidden by it and soft grass meadows and catfish!foxtail.Fauna belongs the steppe and the forest steppe steppewhich characterizes the south of Moldavia, as wellas of the meadows biotope and slops .In the north ofthe province we can meet the boar and the deer ,onthe Frost Valley we can se the bustard and in thearea from city we have forest steppe faunacharacterized by rodents, like ground squirrel,hamster. Among the birds, you can find out thequail, the partridge ,the skylark and at last de waterbirds(ducks, storks)
  6. 6. The coat of arms of the municipality and province Galati The coat of arms of the city Galati is a shielddivided by a waft girdle made of silver; to the top, on ablue background, is a black ship with two masts havingthe blades and the banners made of silver surfing on awater;Lower field, cleated: at right, on the red background, twofish made of silver, lifted the ends of their heads towardsthe flanks of the shield; in the second quarter, on goldbackground, a black Caduceus. The shield is postaged bya mural crown made of silver, format which consists insever towers .The ship from the top reminds us of the factthat this city is an important port on the Danube; Thefish nightlight the role of this port in the development ofthe fishing ;the Caduceus is the attribute of the Mercurygod, who is the God of the commerce!
  7. 7. Account people of Galatz• In this category we can put the writer and the politic man Costache Negri; playwriter, music criticist, pianist and composer Grigore Ventura; publisher Ioan Nadejde; the writer with a pointed spirit of criticise Raicu Ionescu-Rion; the teacher,the roman historian and writer Vasile Alexandrescu Urechia (the founder of the library that bears his name),the Boxer Lucian Bute(the champion of the world, in prezent), the composer and the musicologist Dimitrie Cuclin; the master of skydiving Angela Nastase; the gymnast Gabi Gheorghiu; the weight lifter Nicu Vlad; Anghel Saligny the the founder of the Romanian engineering; Paul Bujor the creator of the Romanian school of the animal physiology.• The personalities who had been claimed by their activity is much longer, but even we can’t mention all of them they will remain in our hearts for ever!
  8. 8. Ways to acces• Railway path• Cruise route• The path of the road-230km to our capital, Bucharest.The duration of your trip it is on average,3 hours. One of the routes that you can reach the capital is este: Galati-Braila-Buzau-Afumati- Voluntari-Bucuresti.
  9. 9. Galatz…• The port area…
  10. 10. Musical Theatre ‘’Nae Leonard’’
  11. 11. The University’’Dunarea de jos’’
  12. 12. The Orthodox Cathedral
  13. 13. The Botanical Garden
  14. 14. Galatz,location on the Romania’s map
  15. 15. We are very proud that we are romanians!• Traditional moldovian music.
  16. 16. Dear friends,You are ever welcome in Galatz ,the city of the Danube,which every time it will greet the guests with open arms!