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  1. 1. Japan lnstitute of Flant fu'!aintenanee ffiMffi 0n+ fapltai *ity Fiaza, $uite 1 t7fl #ffiffiffi 335* F,eachtree ll$*C, Atlanta S,4 3$325 T*L : 4tl4-365-61{}0 FAX : 4C4,:}S5-S1fli Septernber 9, 1999 Mr. Clifford Se5rmour Manufacturing/TPM Engineer Fairchild S emiconductor 333 Western Ave. South Portland, Maine 04106 Dear Mr. Seymour: On behalf of the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you, John Bye, and Alice Jenkins for your superb presentation that was delivered at our TPM Kaizen Conference held on August 26-27, 1999, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. We were very pleased to have received your gracious letter commending the conference. We appreciate very much the time and effort exuded for such a fine presentation as yours. Your presentation was well received by all in attendance. Sharing your kaizen ideas and experience in focused improvement directly contributed to the value and overall success of this conference. Once again, thank you for your cooperation. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help support your TPM implementation. We hope your plant strives to continue its kaizen efforts for world-class manufacturing status. Best regards, (<?,d__ Karyn HydF' chiio Watanabe Conference Coordinator/Asst. Mgr. Training eneral Manager
  2. 2. The upcoming QS 9OOO Things to remember QS 9000 is off and running with all of schedule is: the 20 elements assigned to individuals Fairchild's quality policy is found in across the lnterface & Logic Group. Quality Manual (FSC-QM000l) which Decem ber Current activities are focused contains Fairchild's Mission Statement Fill in the gaps & get prepared on reviewing ISO 9000, QS 9000 stan- and Strategic lmperatives. South January Portland-specific clarifications are avail- dards, and creating a gap analysis with with external Penang pre-audit able in the manual's Maine Addendum. corrective actions. Once this is complet- assessor ed, both the QS Core Team and internal Fe b r ua?y This Addendum also provides site-spe- cific references to standards compli- auditors will review compliance to the Portland pre-audit with external ance and may hold the answers to any QS 9000 standard. assessor March of your questions. Since South Portland is the headquarters for the lnterface & Logic Penang final audit What you can do to help May Group, many documents originate here. Support the QS 9000 team:Get familiar South Portland final audit Because of this, the CoreTeam has withFSC's Quality Manual and Maine June spent a significant amount of time align- Addendum. lnterface & Logic Group is QS 9000 ing with the lnterface & Logic Group's certified The QS 9000 process helps the assembly site in Penang. lnterface & Logic Group make better products on time, using documented processes at all stages, from concept and design to manufacturing and delivery. Glassl continued of 100 reclaimed wafers per period (at average $ l5 each)-a 90 percent reduction in costs! The team then focused on training operators on all shifts to use the new procedure. A new standard operating procedure (SOP) and Spec was written and on-line trainers were instructed in use of the new method. An opera- tor on each shift was designated to read the par- ticle wafers for acceptability after completion of the cleaning process.This helped maintain the team's momentum. According to Carolyn Chapman, Particle WaferTeam leader, organization was l<ey to the team's success. quot;We had to ensure that the effort was organized and its implementation easy,quot; she notes. quot;For example, by simply placing a rack in a centralized area where the particle wafer boxes could be stored,we were able to streamline the job of keeping the particle wafers in order while making the job easier for operatorsl' Other organization tasl<s include clearly labeling wafer boxes, staging wafers properly, and writingTestWafer SOPs for each process. Many people contributed to the team's In late August, Alice Jenkins, John Bye and Cliff Seymour from Fairchild success, some on their own initiative and time, traveled to a national JIPM conference in Atlanta, Georgia to present a attending regular meetings designed to improve paper on Predictive Maintenance using data acquisition. Their presentation their work area. A number of individuals in Thin Films and Etch have also played an integral role in focused on the Sputter workcell group and the development of an automated recleaning test wafers. system with operator reaction paths that pre- The Particle Wafer Team's effort, with FAIFICHILtr' dict and prevent product scrap on the Varian substantial support site-wide, has proven once again that teamworl< is the key to success as 3180. The trio received an award for their S= M ICONDLJ CTC]R* Fairchild maintains its focus on cost-effective man- outstanding contribution to the conference. ufacturing to help maintain a competitive edge.
  3. 3. h q) .hl .ha .s ($ ?)S Fot E e€s eSA i.] z EAr, js L) t-/ 5> H HY, H N,V-H 6 4s -r-J7 d A Lt)t tV H A N J rl*4r F* J TH M3 JL & <-trl ^ i- ;^ t- 9 4 Er A e3 /4Urr a r) < z i'j rr. l*/ o f r nfr r- LIJ < K.T ft E r'!rv r- u) f-'{ FJ F: tJ{ A Fq tJ. lJr kirllZ-J trquot; e Fl-r . F-i /, r F r-T J tr Fl-U -l li; F-{ g, t- Yt+< JU tV fr< ir] .! F-t l-l t-a d- Z F-,r ir A tr* J J t-r'l lrl NnF-r L iJ] F H ue7Et< Zn- l-{ v1 z l-{
  4. 4. o U E Ss h (€ sS o ! o o ts U) quot;., () F c (.) a o ' l) U *) LI d ! t+ € !_) ) o .. $-{ C) o >.6F .l) U L ir- .=O€ 5 LJ o o a () ! A ==E t) v) =r< (- 4 O )-{ s -oa k o s uO63 o.=> r' a C) ($ h lr ( ]- f )'- ;_qE r .hl grJ /Lr q *r ) I) Hv)c '!$ ) FJ r -:-= OO -)gO t c +$ :=a P U Ix) q; .X ) l.- t= ) A iPC) a< .= cg o pJ ($ h fzc F () r$ ) .;5 w) o .9 -c2 o ! l,r) J q hr) I bl U s-. O ? -r o OFr{? 4l quot;l E <-il J fYF csG & (-) t-l'l ; .i t-{ .to; t-{ r Fr) 1- laE v c T$ ) E€ JI Jl --: b *s{ {quot;'Xt---F S . I Ts{
  5. 5. t- o Q Sg bs t rl k.a , i - it: t; o { )a t*! ,rtr rn !l t ii t *-X --tj 3i a { it tll a i r (lr. b, ,l..' ? $ I is{ L I I I lt ti t f{t U s iql r{ ts+ Ts{ +qr JL J r+l t--) I