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Blog World Presentation Top 10 Blogosphere Trends

  1. Top 10 Blogosphere Trends <br />A data-driven study of blogger and blogger audience trends<br />
  2. Hi, I’m Greg and I’m a blogger.<br /><ul><li>I’m Lijit’s product weenie
  3. I’m a blogger
  4. I’m a periodic author
  5. I’m a daddy
  6. I’m a husband
  7. I’m a bike racer
  8. @mudandcowbells
  9. Tell me about you!</li></ul>Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />
  10. Data: The Lijit Secret Sauce<br />Let’s talk data and how it attributed to our report….<br /><ul><li>11,000 installed publishers (100+ per day)
  11. 2,700,000 blog-rolled publishers crawled
  12. 30,000,000 uniques (monthly)
  13. 350,000,000 page views (monthly)
  14. ~6 on-line content sources per publisher
  15. 20082009 y/y analysis
  16. What did we find out?
  17. How can it help you be a better blogger?</li></ul>Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />
  18. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />68%<br />Percent INCREASE of blogs that have installed ad tags between y.t.d.2008-2009.<br />1<br />Bloggers are getting wise & the long tail is speaking loudly. <br />Brands are seeking community voice. <br />What is your ad (and ad tag) strategy?<br />Is contextually relevant creative displayed?<br />
  19. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />47%<br />DECREASE from 68% in 2008 of publishers using Google Ad Sense to monetize their sites. <br />2<br />Increase in ad network options for bloggers is evident. <br />Bloggers are experimenting beyond Google Ads.<br />Ad networks aggregating readers to entice large brands and agencies.<br />Display more attractive than text to bloggers. <br />
  20. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />6<br />The number of social media tools used by bloggers in addition to their blog. <br />3<br />What social media tools are you using? Why?<br />Are external tools used for driving blog traffic?<br />Is visual media a priority? <br />‘Visual Parsing’ easier for searchers to impulse and click on your link. <br />
  21. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />3.14%<br />Percentage of page views referred to by Twitter for blogs with &gt;100 page views a day.<br />4<br />How are you leveraging the tool? (and it is a tool IMHO)<br />How are you building followers?<br />Are micro-blogs favorable? Trend is to move away from what’s ‘hard’ to micro-blogs (Posterous, FaceBook). <br />
  22. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />47<br />Average number of members within a blog roll.<br />5<br />This is about INFLUENCE. Blogroll adoption is a measure of this.<br />Exposure is key to driving traffic (no duh).<br />What are you doing to reach out to other bloggers? <br />Their SEO is your SEO and vice versa.<br />
  23. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />72%<br />Percent INCREASE in blogs installing tools designed to reduce bounce rate.<br />6<br />How are youmeasuring time on site?<br />How are you measuring its importance?<br />What are you doing to ‘cause pause’?<br />Search, stay-on-site tools increasing in popularity.<br />Apture, Wibiya to be looked at. <br />
  24. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />27%<br />Percentage of page views attributed to global search engine referrals (Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN and Ask)<br />7<br /><ul><li>The major % are ‘direct’ hits indicating people in your sphere of influence having you bookmarked.
  25. How are you getting beyond that network?
  26. Influence, blogroll inclusion and social networking (e.g. commenting) are key.</li></li></ul><li>Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />50%<br />The percentage of Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN search queries which contain 3 or more terms..<br />8<br />As query strings get longer, more referrals pass to smaller publications.<br />Why is this relevant? Specificity! <br />Super positive trend for mid/long tail blogger exposure. <br />Be an expert!<br />
  27. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />25%<br />Total percentage of blogs WITHOUT search functionality!!<br />9<br />#FAIL (we can use this as Lijit powers)<br />Readers are at a disservice if they can’t get to your old content (old to you/new to them!). <br />Search result ad shots on goal are non-existent!<br />Content mining allows increased page views! <br />
  28. Lijit Networks, Inc.<br />3-5%<br />The average increase in page views due to searches performed on a site. <br />10<br />Increased page views means increased shots on goal for advertisers. <br />How are you categorizing/tagging your posts?<br />How are you exposing (meta) key words so advertisers can take advantage? <br />