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Work agenda

  1. 1. LDV PARTNERSHIP PROJECT MEETING IN ADANA/TURKEY 15-21 OCTOBER 2012 15 OCTOBER 2012Arrival of the participants from Bulgaria and Romania (23.35-15.40)Airport transfer to the hotel by taxis and check in at the Hotel. 16 OCTOBER 201211.00 Meeting at the hotel (ERTEN Hotel Lobby)12.00-13.30 Visit to High School Sehit Idari Bora Ozel Motor Mestek Lisesi13.30-14.30 Lunch14.30-16.30 Workshop regarding tehncal system in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria16.30-17.30 Visit the primary school Turhan Cemal Beriker Ilkogretim Okulu17.30-18.00 Workshop regarding Primary Education system19.30 Dinner at Sera restaurant (Participants from Romenia,Bulgaria,Slovenia)Arrival of the participants from Spain and Slovenia (21.55-17.45)Airport transfer to the hotel by taxis and check in at the Hotel. 17 OCTOBER 201206.15 Meeting at the lobby of Erten Hotel to depart Avanos Girls’ technical and vocational highschool12.30 Lunch provided by the school director (Free)13.30-15.30 Visit the Avanos High School16.00-17.00 Workshop regarding Vocational Education system17.00-20.00 Documentation cultural visit in Cappodocia region20.00-23.30 Transfer to the Seyhan organization in AdanaArrival of the participants from Italy and Poland (19.25-?)
  2. 2. 18 OCTOBER 201209.00-Meeting at the lobby of ERTEN HOTEL, departure to the National education directorate’sbuilding.09.15-11.00 Meeting-Presentation of partners about their country, city,organization, educational system, VET guidance.- What are the difficulties and shortcomings in counseling and Professional orientation in your country or region-How will we make tests and quizzes at European level to identify / evaluate: personality, skills and interests?Who is doing what?( Moodle platform, guidance and vocational counselling which will contain short videos with activities to be developed in different place of work according with the specializations provided by the involved schools, informations regarding different crafts, methods for counselling, best practises) 11.15-11.30-Coffee break11.30-11.50-Meeting with the director of National education12.00-12.20-Meeting with the district governor of Seyhan12.30-13.30- Lunch provided by the director at the directorate canteen (FREE)13.30-15.30-Meeting- Who is doing the LOGO, Leaflet and WEB?-Italy will develop ICT Tool for communication and will develop the on-line platform-Slovenia will lead the partners to develop good VET guidance instruments-Spain will present us the example of good practice, because in their country a program in all schools is implemented regarding vocational guidance-UK is in partnership with numerous companies and will provide informations on how to the theme it is developed??????Who will do this??-Poland will make research studies on labour market-TR- The Directorate of Education will implement the platform in all vocational schools in their region so it will be an example of good practice of implementing this platform-Schools from countries such as TR, BG, RO, LV will help to make the materials for the platform and implement the guidance instruments and professional career plan to the students involved in the project;-All partners will make short videos, tests, questionnaires, study visits, shadow days regarding crafts.-Ict tools for communication15.30-15.45-Coffee break16.00-Free time20.30-Dinner at BEBEK NISANTASI RESTAURANT
  3. 3. 19 OCTOBER 2012 08.45-Meeting at the lobby of ERTEN HOTEL,departure to the National education directorate’sbuilding.09.00-11.00 Meeting-Panel of the project in each organization.(Presentations about this activityin each organization, Team project, website in each organization. Blog of the Project,ICT tools forcommunication.11.00-11.15-Coffee break11.15-12.15-Meeting- Plan of the work of the Project for the next coming months and the datesfor the rest transnational meetings.12.30-13.30-Lunch at KUKLA DONER13.45-14.45-Visit to a vocational high school14.50-15.20-Visit to the counselling department of Seyhan district15.30-18.00-Visit to the biggest mosque in the middle east and park.20.00-Dinner at KEYIF RESTAURANT (Traditional Turkish Music) and Cerification 20 OCTOBER 201210.00 Meeting at the lobby of ERTEN HOTEL10.15-12.45 Final documents. Minute.12.45-13.45 Lunch at the city center14.00- Visit to the old cityDeparture of Romanian group at 15.30 by taxis to the airport20.00-Dinner with the participants from Spain,Bulgaria,Italy,Poland,SLovenia at MimozaRestaurant 21 OCTOBER 2012Departure of Spain at 07.00 by taxis to the airportDeparture of Slovenia at 11.00 by taxis to the airportDeparture of Italy at 11.00 by taxis to the airportDeparture of Bulgaria at 15.00 by taxis to the airportDeparture of Poland at ? by taxis to the airport