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Report international conference

  1. 1. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION DOLJ COUNTY SCHOOL INSPECTORATE REGIONAL CENTRE FOR TEACHERS` PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Share knowledge and good practices regarding the use of IT/e-Learning in VET guidance INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE REPORT April 24th, 2014 Craiova, Romania
  2. 2. International Conference "Share knowledge and good practices regarding the use of IT / e-Learning in VET guidance" is organized by the “Liceul Teoretic Tudor Arghezi” and “Liceul tehnologic de Transporturi Auto” Craiova in the European project Leonardo da Vinci partnership, called Development of guidance and counselling instruments in vocational education.   By carrying out this work we perform an exchange of views, experiences and best practices on the educational process among the countries participating in the project representing by the partners: o Seyhan ilçe milli eğitim müdürlüğü, Adana, Turkey o Avanos kiz teknik ve meslek lisesi, Avanso-Turkey o Professional high school of electronics and electrical engineering “Marie Curie", Sliven- Bulgaria o Profesionalas izglitibas kompetences centrs “liepajas valsts tehnikums” , latvia o Kadis,Ljubliana-Slovenia o Liceul tehnologic de transporturi auto-Craiova- Romania o Liceul teoretic „Tudor arghezi”-Craiova- Romania We will learn about laws, regulations, guidelines specific partner countries, as well as methods, activities, studies, documents will be implemented on a multilingual eLearning platform.
  3. 3. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE CONFERENCE  Promoting good practices through the exchange of experience between participating countries;  Promoting of modern teaching methods focused on student  Increasing students' motivation in the development of self-awareness and identify the training needs;  Implementation of proper career planning techniques to facilitate social and professional integration;  Promotion of intercultural dialogue.
  4. 4. SECTIONS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  Section 1 - E-Learning, Educational Software used in the educational  process and in the counseling and career guidance-63 ARTICLES  Section 2 - Counseling and vocational guidance- 80 ARTICLES  Section 3 - Lifelong learning in the knowledge society. Dissemination  of L.L.P. courses and projects- 34 ARTICLES  Section 4 - Creativity and innovation in the educational process -74  ARTICLES
  5. 5. GUESTS FROM EUROPEAN UNION Bulgaria: Pepa Golemanova Lyudmila Georgieva Mariyana Angelova Dian Dimitrov Gabriela Petkova Georgi Vasilev Denis Mitev Dimitar Zhelev Ivan Stoev Kiril Vasilev Martin Marinchev Nikola Kyupchukov Radostin Radev Stoyan Kovachev Latvia: Agris Ruperts Daina Vanaga Ligita Reimane Iveta Lace - Lacekle Svetlana Priede Slovenia: Maruša Goršak Turkey: Semra Köroğlu ESMA Aydın Hayriye Gunes Yalçin Yavuz Bellikli Kazim Baran Gülbin Gök Fatma Tülüce Mustafa Banri Cumali Canibek
  6. 6. CONFERENCE WORKPLAN  16.00-16.10  Opening speech- presentation of the sympozium, Mrs. Radu Laura, Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, Craiova  16.10-16.20  Mrs. Manafu Georgeta – prezentation of the project Development of Guidance and Conseilling Instruments in Vocational Education  16.20-16.30 VET guidance in Bulgaria  Mrs. Pepa Golemanova – „My competences ”, Professional High School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering „Marie Curie” - Bulgaria  16.30-16.40 VET guidance in Romania – „Counseilling programme- Steps to a susccesfull career”. Mrs. Nicoleta Adriana Florea, Mrs. Florenta Avram, County Center of Resources and Educational Asistances  16.40-16.55 VET guidance in Slovenia – Marusa Gorsak – KADIS – Slovenia  17.00-17.10 “Romanian folk dance”- Hora Dance Team, Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, Craiova  17.10-17.20 VET guidance in Turkey – Mr. Yalçin Yavuz Bellikli  17.20-17.30 Ways of accessing EU funds for schools – Radu Daniela Laura – Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto Craiova  17.30 – 17.40 – VET guidance in Letonia – Agris Ruperts – Profesionalas Iyglitibas Kompetences Centrs „Liepajas Valsts Tehnikums”, Letonia  17.40-17.50 VET guidance in Romania – exemple of good practice, Education and Career guidance- Let’s help thechoose a right career!, Mrs. Diana Bratucu  17.50-18.00 “Oltenian Suit of dances”, Hora Dance Team, Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, Craiova
  7. 7. The articles received will be organized in Online magazine in 3 numbers with ISSN, posted on the blog of the project and CD with ISBN 978-606-635-142-3 which will include all articles. At the conference participated around 250 teachers from Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia
  8. 8. How well we communicate is determined not by how well talk, but how well we are understood. " ANDY GROVE