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Piesa presentation

  1. 1. Snejana: - Hello friends. My name is Snejana. I am 28 years old and live in Burgas. I study Social pedagogy at the Asen Zlatarov University. During this year I started working in the Art Workshop for people with disabilities, which is part of the “Social Centre Burgas (SCB)” Organization. The people in this organization want to be useful and contributing towards the preservation of the world around them. That is why the new project of the SCB is “Technology of the recycling and environmental education” or shortly: “Tree”
  2. 2. Snejana: - Hello friends! How are you today? What would you say about our new project? Do you think that we can contribute to the better preservation of our environment?
  3. 3. Niki Mirchev: - The love towards the environment is not a feeling which can be brought out as an obligation – it is something, which we must be raised with. In order for someone to participate in the preservation of the environment, they must realize the importance of the matter. The way the modern human relates to the surrounding environment is the way he relates to his own future.
  4. 4. Alex: - Enough with the small talk guys! I brought you an empty bottle from the party I was at last night. I suggest we turn it into a beautiful vase, instead of throwing it away.
  5. 5. Ani Kr.: - We also brought some polished, from the sea waves, stones and glasses, which have been thrown away on the coast. They can make great souvenirs.
  6. 6. Krasi: - The world around is magic. Every single object can live a second live…. End of Part One
  7. 7. Krasi: - Just another typical evening after work and school. The whole family has gathered around the table for dinner and is discussing typical for the occasion topics.
  8. 8. Snejana: - Come on, eat before it gets cold. How was your day at the Art Workshop Kirila? Did you do something new today?
  9. 9. Kirila: - Today we started working on a new project. It’s called Technology of the recycling and environmental education”
  10. 10. Niki Mirchev: - That’s a long name and I have no idea what it means…
  11. 11. Alex: - So, what is this project about?
  12. 12. Kirila: - Actually, we do it ever since the first day of establishment of the Art Workshop. We created and still create so many souvenirs from old newspapers. We will also explore the preservation of the surrounding environment around other places in the country. We will choose the best ways for collecting garbage and then make an exhibition of objects made from that garbage.
  13. 13. Snejana: - Okay, lets do it right here right now. Guys, put away the food, throw the rubbish and show me those ways.
  14. 14. Krasi:
  15. 15. Kirila: - This is how it has been done by far.
  16. 16. Krasi:
  17. 17. Kirila: - And this is how it should be, in order to preserve the environment.
  18. 18. Krasi: - The environment is all around us and we live in it. Our health and way of living depends on it. People should take care of the surrounding environment and not pollute it, because that could have fatal consequences on our kind. We must be tolerant towards each other and towards the environment we live in.