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Local Search Marketing using Foursquare


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My Presentation on Local Search Marketing using Foursquare - given at SESNY Local Search Summit 2010

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  • Generally speaking, the connection between foursquare and Google local business center makes sense, although I've not see the 'shout outs' on many 10 spots in the Google searches I've done, which makes me think, I need to drill down more on this one.

    I'm curious to find out how effective it would be to connect 4S to Google LBC listing to .Mobi site with a gamer coupon offer to amp up the chatter on my client's web properties.
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  • Full write up here:
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Local Search Marketing using Foursquare

  1. 1. Location + Gaming = Free Marketing and Promotion for your biz
  2. 2. Encourages Exploring Encourages exploration of new locations and businesses Receive badges & ego Rinse & Repeat
  3. 3. Mayorships Mayor = Person who checks in the most Mayorship = bragging rights = competition = more people = your biz being talked about
  4. 4. Free Promotions Mayorships posted to twitter Public Shouts! Biz Name Friends there too Profile Link
  5. 5. 1 600,000+ Active Users 16M Checkins 1.4M Venues yr ... only 1200 with offers?
  6. 6. SEO Benefits Google Local Maps indexing foursquare biz profiles Shouts used as citations
  7. 7. SEO Benefits Profile pages rank
  8. 8. Get Involved
  9. 9. Start your Promo
  10. 10. New School Loyalty Rewards OLD NEW tweet 20x about our venue bring in 10 or more friends invite 65% of your friends
  11. 11. Already Adopting Vegas!
  12. 12. .com/ChuckReynolds