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TRACK C: PDN (Power Delivery Network)/ Ronen Stilkol


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TRACK C: PDN (Power Delivery Network)/ Ronen Stilkol

  1. 1. May 1, 2013PDN (Power Delivery Network)verification flowPower, Noise, and Reliability Analyses forAdvanced Electronic SystemsRonen
  2. 2. May 1, 2013PDN verification requirements5/25/2013, 2 High design failure coverageEarly detection of design faults and weaknessesEarly prototyping and grid planningFailure root cause analysis to improve productivityFull integration of Board, Package and Die effects©2009 Apache Design Solutions, Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. May 1, 2013 Missing vias Un-connected devices & wires Instance PDN hook up qualityShortsDesign weaknesscheck Check that metal density can supplythe design estimated average currentCheck pad’s and power gates count and locationStaticSimulation Checking the design in maximum peak stress testScanRTL VCD  VCD simulation with low effort in preparing the VCD,state propagation is done by RedHawkWorst power cycle selection Gate Level VCD with true timing for maximum realcase simulation and silicon correlationGL VCD High coverage in detecting design weaknesses: High frequencySimultaneous switchingPoor power grid connectivityMulti cycle vectorless simulationSimulating Package and Decaps effectGuidedVectorlessDynamIcRequirespackagedataCoverage Library check Missing and un-complete inputs check simulation setting:Required Frequency for getting a good captureof the design powerDesign inputscheckCoverageCoverageCoverageCoverageCoverageCoverageEarlyAnalysisEarly power grid prototyping using Excel2IRPA RPM interface to RedHawk for early RTL level power estimationCoverage