5 Ps Learning Targets


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5 Ps Learning Targets

  1. 1. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.21 I can distinguish between contact forces and non-contact forces.
  2. 2. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05. 22 I can demonstrate how contact and non-contact forces can change the motion of an object.
  3. 3. Learning Target 5PS P.FM.05.31 I can describe what happens when two forces act on an object in the same or opposing directions.
  4. 4. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.32 I can describe how constant motion is the result of balanced (zero net) forces.
  5. 5. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.33 I can describe how changes in motion of objects are caused by non-zero net (unbalanced) forces.
  6. 6. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.34 I can relate the size of change in motion to the strength of unbalanced forces and the mass of the object.
  7. 7. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.41 I can explain the motion of an object relative to its point of reference.
  8. 8. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.42 I can describe the motion of an object in terms of distance, time, and direction, as the object moves, and in relationship to other objects.
  9. 9. Learning Target 5 PS P.FM.05.43 I can demonstrate how motion can be measured and represented on a graph.