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Demo Presentation by IBBT on their MyIBBT project collaboration platform targeted at researchers - Amplexor Workshop - 27 April 2010

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Project Collaboration with Alfresco Share

  1. 1. Collaboration using MyBBTMatthias PriemIBBT
  2. 2. MyBBT – answer 2 needs at IBBT Extranet - one stop shop for  Templates, Logo database  User manuals, howto’s  Reporting documents  ‘Internal’ news  Home for the IBBT community Project collaboration tool  Replacement of the current project sites & mailing lists  Integrated system with wiki, blog, discussions, document library  One account for all projects 2
  3. 3. MyBBT – Demo Accounts are centrally stored in LDAP/AD (if you have an email address, you already have an account) Account is manually approved or denied by IBBT. Allow one working day to process 3
  4. 4. Project activities in MyBBTUpcoming calendar - Demo the last X days items Track project Customizable to your activities using RSS! needs After Login: Every user has a personal dashboard - Quick Links to all your Aggregates content over all projects projects Documents I havechecked out (see further) Requests (join projects or approve documents) Shows any RSS feed. 4
  5. 5. Easily customized - Add multiple web views, feeds, or other dashlets that you see fit… - Play around.Merlin Integration (project planner) in test Using Web View Dashlet. 5
  6. 6. Personal Profile - Please edit!!! 6
  7. 7. Please update your profile as detailed as possibleOh, and.. Change your profile picture, or we - will do it for you, using The Hoff! Let your co-workers find you Email is required for mailing lists! Use one of the predefined companies, or have one added by us
  8. 8. Tools per project Upcoming calendar items Recent Project activity (also via RSS) Every project has a dashboard Profile for the project Collaboration tools for each project - Aggregates content for this project only! Your project Recently modified colleagues documents Index of the project WIKI 8
  9. 9. Tools per project Again: This dashboard is configurable, but not by anyone! - The project webmaster is responsible for this. Profile page has to be configured by project webmaster as well 9
  10. 10. Tools per project Project wiki • Read/Write permissions for everybody in the project. • Rich text editorGood Practice:• Think about structure and implement that before you startcreating pages ‘randomly’• Wiki effectiveness is very dependant of someone organizingthe whole thing  Project webmaster should keep an eye on this 10
  11. 11. Trackable via RSS Client should support http(s) authentication! Project BLOG • Read/Write permissions for everybody in the project. • Rich text editorLinking to an external blog is possible• Currently Wordpress and Typepad are supported• Need more? Talk to 11
  12. 12. Many view and filter options • Tag based, metadata based Document •Library Good practice: use tags • Read permissions for metadata is auto-imported! • MS Office everybody in the project. • Write permissions for • Project Level • WP Level you belong toCreating a folder structure •Every WP and SteerCo has a top level folder •Rest is up to you (or webmaster)
  13. 13. Result:Version history, and possibility to revert if necessary Good practice: Use Versioning! 1.Click the create new version button 2.Download the working Copy Document is now locked Will appear in dashlet as being edited by you 3.When done editing the working copy, upload it again.
  14. 14. WorkflowDocument Details• Online (flash) preview• Metadata Every object has a unique URL
  15. 15. Example of a document review email • Send document for review to one WP, SteerCo or individual users  recipients can approve or reject document. • ….Or simply send a notification email to users or WP’s
  16. 16. To de updated in future version (after summer 2010) Calendar functionality • Day – Week – Month views • Read/write access for everyoneCalendar - Good Practice• Read/ Write access for everyone• Webmaster should be responsible to • make sure all data is there • make sure all data is accurate.
  17. 17. Discussion board = mailing list• Every new topic is being sent to either • Entire project • One of the work packages • Users get links to reply in email• Mailing lists as we know it will not be usedanymore.• Example
  18. 18. Creating a new discussion topic Choose who should see the topic Example of the email
  19. 19. Member pageAll members WP membershipWP overview Project rights: • manager = webmaster • collaborator = read/write • consumer = read access 19
  20. 20. IBBT extranet Feel free to contribute, contact us at Blog will contain internal newsletter Wiki will contain the IBBT cookbook Calendar will contain IBBT events Read access for everyone on MyBBT (*) 20
  21. 21. MyBBT – the future • Please give feedback! • Continuous development Roadmap will be updated on the extranet. • Documentation (look for extranet wiki) or: email us at helpdesk@ibbt.beMany thanks to the CoCoNut colleagues, MyBBT would not be the same without you See for more info 21