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A presentation on the causes of Obesity

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  • Causes of Obesity, By Anthony Delorenzis
  • This Presentation is going to review the different causes and factors that influence these causes of obesity in the united states. These Factors are:Emotional Factors and CausesPhysical Factors and CausesScientific Factors and CausesBehaviors that Influence ObesityObesity Video_And then a brief summary of the presentation and causes.
  • Emotional factors can be a very important part of why someone becomes obese. Stress/Anxiety can create an increase in the consumption of unhealthy and high fat foods.Depression has been proved to link to obesity due to the increase of eating to deal with emotional distress. Some people use food to comfort themselves when they are feeling down.During holiday seasons people tend to overeat as well as during celebrations. This behavior can continue long after the celebration has ceased and can lead to obesity.People who are obese tend to be slightly more vulnerable emotionally than others and this could cause them to over eat even more. However people who are not obese do partake in emotional eating as well.
  • Alcohol can lead to an increase in weight gain due to its high levels of sugar and carbohydrates. When alcohol is consumed in large uncontrolled amounts it is certainly a risk for obesity.Overeating is an obvious cause of obesity. Overeating can be caused by emotional stress but is also a physical behavior that many obese people are guilty of.Without exercise the body’s metabolism is slowed down. Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body and weight. Most people that are obese do not exercise regularly or at all.
  • Certain Medical Conditions can cause significant weight gain in individuals leading to obesity.Cushings syndrome is when the adrenal glands release too much cortisol which leads to an increase in fat gains. Hypothyroidism is when too little thyroid hormone is released which regulates the metabolism therefore weight gain is inevitable.Certain medications can also cause an increase in fat and weight gains these include:Anti Depressants, High Blood Pressure Drugs, and Seizure Medications.
  • This table illustrates the comparison of different countries around the world with the amount of obese people in each country. As you can see the United states has the highest rate of obesity compared to such low rates in Japan and China. Table info taken from (Morss, E. (2010, December 27). Opinion: Is latinamerica producing dumb, fat kids too? . Retrieved from
  • There are plenty of behaviors that can influence Obesity. Lack of exercise causes the body’s metabolism to slow down therefore causing an increase in weight. Emotional eating is a cause of obesity, because people who use food to comfort themselves when they are feeling down are at a high risk for weight gain and obesity. Overeating is a big problem when it comes to obesity especially when no exercise is present. Binge drinking can be a cause of obesity due to the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in alcohol. If alcohol consumption is frequent and plentiful then it is definitely a risk for obesity.
  • A summary of the presentation. Some of the physical factors that cause obesity are certain medical conditions and medications. Some emotional factors that cause obesity can be stress/anxiety and depression causing the individual to overeat. And some behaviors that influence obesity are overeating and binge drinking.
  • Causes of obesity tony 1

    1. 1. CAUSES OF OBESITY Anthony Delorenzis Victovoi, 2010, Obesity-waist_circumfrence, Febuary 14, 2012. Retrieved from
    2. 2. OVERVIEW  Emotional Factors and Causes  Physical Factors and Causes  Scientific Factors and Causes Behaviors That Influence Obesity  Obesity Causes Video  Summary
    3. 3. EMOTIONAL FACTORS & CAUSES  Stress/anxiety  Depression  Holidays/Celebrations  Emotional Eating
    4. 4. PHYSICAL FACTORS & CAUSES Alcohol Consumption Overeating Lack of Exercise FatM1ke, 2008, Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, Front View. Febuary 14, 2012. Retrieved From
    5. 5. PHYSICAL FACTORS CTD.Medical Conditions Medicines1 Cushing’s syndrome 1 Anti-Depressants 2. Hypothyroidism 2 High BP Drugs 3 Seizure Medications
    6. 6. OBESITY AROUND THE WORLD Country # of Obese (millions) United States 32.1United Kingdom 22.6 Colombia 12.7 China 2.9 Japan 3.1
    7. 7. BEHAVIORS THATINFLUENCE OBESITY  Lack of Exercise  Emotional Eating  Overeating  Binge Drinking
    8. 8. SUMMARYPhysical Factors• Medical Conditions• MedicationsEmotional Factors• Stress/Anxiety• DepressionBehaviors• Overeating• Binge Drinking
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