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How Manual vs. Tech-Driven Is Your HCM Strategy?


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Kris Dunn shows us the 7 things to consider when forming an HCM strategy.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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How Manual vs. Tech-Driven Is Your HCM Strategy?

  1. 1. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder Kris Dunn How Manual vs. Tech-Driven Is Your HCM Strategy?
  2. 2. About Me 2 • CHRO at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting) • Founder of Fistful of Talent + The HR Capitalist • Hoops Junkie Kris Dunn Kinetix
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower Let’s Warm Up, Shall We?
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 1. HCM Strategy Follows the Broader Tech Market
  8. 8. Failed Expectations Drive Fear Into Future HCM Selections 8
  9. 9. Consumer Tech Drives Interest and Expectations 9 2007 2017 iPhone FitBit Facebook WhatsApp iPad Uber Siri WeChat Stitch Fix Snapchat Slack Echo Model X
  10. 10. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 2. Transitioning From Manual to Tech-Driven HCM Follows a Consistent Path
  11. 11. The Path in Moving From Manual to Tech-Driven HCM is Consistent 11 Core HR Payroll and Benefits Time EE Record Recruiting Source and Screen Offer Onboard Talent Mgt Performance and Learning Comp Succession
  12. 12. Of Course, It’s Never That Simple, Right? © 2017 CareerBuilder12
  13. 13. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 3. Current vs. Preferred State of HCM Automation
  14. 14. • Portal or entry point to HCM tech is Payroll and Core HRMS • Once this base need is realized, these companies long for: • Onboarding • Recruiting/Talent Acquisition • Benefit Admin • Performance • With the exception of Performance, early stage companies have “hold” status on Talent Management functionality Early Life Stage Companies Knock Out Core HR, Long For More
  15. 15. • Midsize companies have made purchases in core HR, Talent Acquisition and even Talent Management • Many have issues with data flowing freely between Best-in-Breed solutions purchased separately as company grew • A smaller percentage have functionality issues with Suite solution that didn’t fully meet their needs as they grew • Preferred state is to have HCM tech in different areas work in a more seamless fashion – this is why many medium-sized companies consolidate solutions or make a move to a more integrated provider Midsize Companies Have Most of What They Need, But Have Holes in Integration
  16. 16. • Enterprise-level companies generally have made spend, but gap usually involves: • Use of HCM tech to drive strategy • Workforce planning • Performance with true learning layer • Connection of items like wellness to benefit spend, aka expense lever • Now to future – automation, AI, voice, etc. Enterprise Gap Between “Current” and “Preferred” Usually Relates to Strategic Tools
  17. 17. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 4. The HCM Team Capabilities Problem
  18. 18. • As companies automate HCM, manual transactions go down • Incumbent HCM teams were hired to do mix of work with transactions as base • As investment in tech goes up, companies must retrain or redeploy HCM teams to handle value-added activities up food chain • Companies who don’t retrain or redeploy find themselves with lost opportunity or dead investment in tech Changing Tech Without Changing Mix of FTEs is a Path to Failure
  19. 19. • FTEs dedicated to transactions drop as tech is onboarded • Adoption of self-service modules is key • For high-growth companies, FTE spend in HCM is first allocated to Recruiting/TA • As company enters steady state, FTEs start to shift to Talent Management • Specialist vs. Generalist/HRBP models should be considered; client group ratios increase for Generalists/HRBPs As HCM Tech Stack Grows, FTEs Move as Follows
  20. 20. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 5. User Adoption Issues with HCM Tech
  21. 21. • Users come in two flavors – HCM staff and line managers/line employees • Biggest adoption failures among HCM staff are TA/Recruiting professionals • Biggest adoption failures among managers occur in Talent Management solutions • Biggest adoption failures among employees occur in Benefit Administration • Solution design should match your service strategy (example – manager desktop in recruiting solutions) Lack of User Adoption is the Biggest Driver of HCM Tech Failure
  22. 22. • User satisfaction measures: It’s always nice if the tech works! • Need for formal training/education: Training as a one-time event won’t get you to where you need to be • Mobile experience: Why would you buy a solution that isn’t at least “mobile equal” • Fun factor: Nice if you can get it • Time to value/relevance: WIIFM? • The Stick: Single source of truth Where to Look to Drive Better Adoption – Inside and Outside the HCM Team
  23. 23. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 6. SMB vs. Enterprise – What We Know
  24. 24. • The SaaS model/growth of the HCM industry means that SMBs have more choice than ever • SMBs are likely to solve their current pain only, which leads to B-in-B purchases over “platforms” or “suites” • When SMBs grow, they often outgrow the HCM solutions they first onboarded • Do modern APIs mean you don’t have to be concerned about buying multiple B-in-Bs? • #DATA SMBs Have Maximum Choice These Days, and Maybe That’s the Problem
  25. 25. • Enterprise HCM has evolved to focus on***: • Support of People Strategy • Data • Predictive analytics • Automation • Decision making ***while accomplishing all transactions, process, etc. Enterprise Has a Different Set of Needs Than SMBs
  26. 26. 8/28/17 © 2017 CareerBuilder #CBEmpower 7. Low Hanging Fruit, aka What To Do Next…
  27. 27. If You Don’t Have All the Tech You Want/Need, Onboard HCM Tech in the Following Order Core HR Payroll and Benefits EE Record Time and Scheduling Compliance ACA Wellness Recruiting Source and Screen Offer Onboard Recruitment Marketing Content, Social, Video Talent Mgt Performance Learning Comp Succession Feedback/Coaching Recognition
  28. 28. • As you onboard Core HR, focus on reallocating headcount to non-transactional FTEs • Focus on the efficiency provided by self- service • Reallocation generally hits Recruiting/TA first, followed by Talent Management FTEs • Broaden your view of Best-In-Breed vs. Suite by adding “Platform” considerations • Consider tech “single source of truth” to maximize adoption and drive ROI of HCM tech • Keep eye on evolving need for mobile, automation, predictive analytics and more Evolve the Composition of Your HCM Strategy in The Following Ways Through the Use of Tech
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