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Kamus Indonesia-Inggris


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Kamus Indonesia-Inggris

  1. 1. Kamus juga menyediakan kamus Inggris-IndonesiaFile PDF ini dibuat oleh Yohanes Aristianto ( gunakan Ctrl-F untuk mencari kataMau translate kalimat? Buka saja www.KamusBahasaInggris.coma.n.b. (atas nama beliau) in his name.aa (Asia Afrika) Asia-Africa.aal (Akademi Angkatan Laut) Naval Academy.aam see AM.aau 1 ouch ! (exclamation of pain). 2 what ! (exclamation of surprise)ab 1 (Anggaran Belanja) budget. 2 (Angkatan Bersenjata) armed forces.aba 1 (aba-aba) order, command. 2 father.abab exhaled breath.abad 1 century. 2 age, era.abadi eternal, lasting, enduring.abah direction. 2 see ABA1.abah-abah harness.abai neglectful.abang (Jakarta and some other regions) 1 elder brother. 2 (in some regions only)red.abangan (Jv) o. who does not adhere strictly to the precepts of o.s nominal religion.abar (R.R.) brake.abat see ABAD.abau k.o. tortoise.abbas abese the ABCs.abd see ABDI.abdas (Islam) absolution before prayer.abdei abbey.abdi 1 servant. 2 slave.abdidalemisme sycophancy.abdikasi abdication.abdis abbess.abdu see ABDI.abece [ABC] alphabet, ABCs.abelur see HABLUR.aben cremate.aberasi aberration.aberikos see ABRIKOS.abet 1 appearrance. 2 behavior.
  2. 2. abib (in families of Arabic descent) grandfather.abid 1 pious, devout. 2 see ABADI.abidin /abidun/ (Islam) the faithful.abil see HABIL.abis see HABIS.abiturien o. who went as far as high school.abjad alphabet.abjadiah alphabetical.ablak (Jakarta) open wide.ablatif (Ling.) ablative.ablur see HABLUR.abn (Anggaran Belanja Negara) national budget.abnormal abnormal.abnormalitas abnormality.abnus (Lit.) ebony.abolisi abolition.abon shredded meat that has been boiled and fried.abone subscriber.abonemen subscription (to a magazine, etc.).aborsi /abortus/ abortion.abrak mica.abrek 1 very much. 2 see AMBREG.abri [Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Armed Forces.abrikos apricot.abrit-abritan see APRIT-APRITAN.abruk (Jakarta) slam or set s.t. down with a crash.abs [Asal Bapak Senang] as long as the boss is happy.absah valid, legal, legitimate.absen absent.absensi take attendance.abses abscess.absis (Math.) abscissa.absolusi (Rel.) absolution (of sins).absolut absolute.absolutisme absolutism.absorpsi (Ling., Phys.) absorption.absten abstain.abstrak 1 abstract, summary, precis. 2 abstract, theoretical.abstraksi abstraction.absur /absurd/ absurd.absurditas absurdity.abu 1 dust. abu-kayu sawdust. 2 ashes. abu-bara cinders. abu-blarak (Java)cleansing powder (of coconut frond). abu-gosok scouring sand.abu-abu gray.abuh 1 swollen. 2 swelling.
  3. 3. abuk fine powder.abur squander, waste.abus 1 smallest portion. 2 of no value, worthless.abyad white, transparent, (Air Conditioning) air conditioning.acak 1 disordered. 2 random.acak-acak in a hurry, hastily.acak-acakan in disorder, chaos.acan (Sd) miniscule in amount.acang-acang 1 confidential agent. 2 shop steward. 3 master of ceremonies.acap 1 be under water. 2 be stuck in s.t. deeply.acapkali repeatedly, frequently.acar pickles, salad made with raw vegetables mixed with spices and a souringagent.acara 1 agenda. 2 program. 3 judicial procedure. 4 jurisdictionace see AC.aceuk (sunda) elder sister.aci 1 agreed, settled. 2 valid. 3 (sumatra) pith, starchy core. 4 see ACIK.aci-aci example.acik (Ch, Sumatra) elder sister.acir (Coll.) 1 in disarray. 2 see KACAU.acrit (Coll.) come out in rush.acu /acuan/ 1. 1) hint. 2) reference. 2. 1) mold. 2) matrix. 3. ready.acuh 1 care. 2 /acuhan/ (Jakarta) not care.acum incite, instigate, provoke.acung point 1. [Angkatan Darat] army ground forces. 2. [Anggaran Dasar] acting, temporarily in a position.ada 1 there is, are. 2 (Coll.) be, be present. 3 have, own. 4 did (do so-and-so).ada-lah am, is, are.adab 1 courtesy. 2 culture. 3 knowing proper behavior.adakalanya sometimes.adalat justice, righteousness.adam 1 proper name. 2 (Islam) the prophet Adam.adan see AZAN.adang 1 intercept, block, ambush. 2 block. 3 flag down. 4 wait for (a parade to goby, etc.).adanya See ADA . 1 presence. 2 existence. 3 situation.adap see HADAP.adaptasi adaptation.adapun see ADA.adas dill, fennel.adat 1 custom, tradition. 2 customary law. 3 manners, proper behavior.adati traditional.
  4. 4. adecharge (a decart) see SAKSI.adegan /adekan/ 1 scene (in a play). 2 (Islam) movement.adem 1 cool, calm. 2 cold. 3 tasteless, flat.adempause (Sport) breathing spell.adhesi 1 adhesion. 2 devotion, attachment.adhyaksa (Leg.) a rank for prosecutors.adi 1 superior. 2 splendid, highly valued.adib respectful.adicita ideology.adidaya see ADI.adiguna (Java) rely too much on o.s own abilities.adik 1 younger brother or sister or younger cousin. 2 form of address to youngerbrother or sister and younger people in extended family. 3 form of addressfrom husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend.adikara dictatorial.adikodrat /adikodrati/ (Rel.) the supernatural, the supreme power of God.adikuasa see ADI.adil 1 just, fair, equitable. 2 legal.adinda 1 respectful form of address and reference to younger sibling or to ayounger person of either sex, esp. 2 form of address to wife or female lover(more affectionate than adik).adipati title for bupati (colonial era).adiratna-pekaca (Lit.) 1 lotus jewel, the sublime jewel. 2 young woman.adiwarna resplendent, excellent.adm. (administrasi) administration.administrasi administration.administratif /administratip/ administrative.administratir /administrator/ manager of an estate.administratur administration.administrir administrir administer, manage.admiral admiral.adolensi tax clemency.adon knead.adonan batter, dough.adpertensi advertisement.adpis see ADVIS.adpisir adviser.adpokat see ADVOKAT2.adreng (Java) eager.adres address (of letter).adri (Angkatan Darat Republik Indonesia) the Indonesian Army (revolutionaryera).adu 1 compete. 2 1) complain about, 2) sue, bring legal action. 3) inform, squeal,tell on, report. 3. sleep (of royalty).aduh 1 auch ! ow ! (expression of pain). 2 oh my ! (expression of disappointedsurprise).aduhai (Lit.) 1 how beautiful ! how sad ! atc. 2 incredible. staggering.
  5. 5. aduk 1 stir (tea, etc.). 2 beat (batter, etc). 3 mix. 4 scramble (eggs). 5 interfere in,meddle in (the affairs of others). 6 stir up, confuse, annoy.adun 1 dress, finery. 2 see ADON.adven /Advent/ Seventh Day Adventist religious sect or adherent thereof.adverbia adverb.adverbial adverbial.advertensi see ADPERTENSI.advis advice.advokat 1 lawyer. 2 avocado.adzan see AZAN.aerodinamika aerodynamics.aeronotika break off, break up.afal 1(Islam) works, deeds. 2 1) waste portions of butchered animals. 2) rejectproducts of a factory. 3 see HAFAL.afasi aphasia.afdal 1 good, fine, nice. 2 (Islam) ritually pure.afdeling section, department (colonial era).afdlal /afdol/ see AFDAL.afdruk print, copy.affiliasi see AFILIASI.afiat 1 healthy. 2 good health.afiks (Ling.) affix.afiksasi affixation.afiliasi affiliation.afinitas affinity.afirmasi affirmation.afiun see APIUN.afkir see APKIR.aflos /aflus/ see APLOS.afrikat (Ling.) affricate.afrit evil spirit.afwah blessing.agah meng-agah 1 stare fixedly forward (esp. in certain sports). 2 stare at (tostart a fight). 3 put o.s face forward.agak 1 rather, somewhat. 2 approximately, about. agak-agak 1 guess, vagueidea, fantasy. 2 careful.agaknya it seems, probably.agam 1 virile, manly. 2 sturdy, hefty.agama religion.agamawan religious person, religionist.agamawi religious.agamis religious.agan intend, plan.agar in order that, in order to.
  6. 6. agar-agar 1 k.o. seaweed. 2 gelatin made of seaweed.agas sandfly, gnat.agen 1 agency, branch. 2 agent.agenda agenda.agendaris secretary or clerk who draws up the agenda.agendir enter on an agenda.agih distribute evenly, apportion.agitasi agitation.agogo 1 Western dance. 2 rock and roll.agraria agrarian affairs.agregat 1 electric generator. 2 aggregate.agresi aggression.agresif /agresip/ aggressive.agresor aggressor.agressif see AGRESIF.agri-bisnis agribusiness.agri-industri agri-industry.agronomi agronomy.aguk locket.agul 1 boast of. 2 make a show of, display, show off.agung 1 exalted, high, noble. 2 impressive.agustus August.ah 1 ah ! alas ! 2 yachh !(exclamation og disgust). see A1.ah-ih-eh exclamation of indecision.aha aha !ahad 1 one. 2 Sunday.ahadiat unity.ahala dynasty.ahdiat see AHADIAT.ahir see AKHIR.ahlak see AKHLAK.ahli 1.1) expert, specialist. 2) virtuoso. 3) skilled, highly competent, professional.2. 1) members. 2 relatives.ahlubait (Islam) owner of the house, host.ahlukubur (Islam) the deceased.ahlulsuluk (Pl.) mystics.ahmak 1 a fool. 2 foolish. 3 (ad interim) acting, (Sl.) a profession of love.aib 1 shame, disgrace, scandal. 2 error, mistake.aidil-fitri see IDUL-FITRI.aih exclamation of surprise.ainulyakin with the complete conviction of o. who has witnessed.air 1 water, liquid. 2 juice.ais ais-an carrying cloth.aisyiah reformist Muslim organization for women.aja (Coll.) see SAJA.
  7. 7. ajab 1 surprised, astronished. 2 see AZAB.ajaib 1 miraculous. 2 astonishing, remarkable. 3 remarkablenessajak 1.1) invite. 2) challenge. 3) stimulus. 2. (Java) wild dog. 3. (M) similar to, as.ajal predestined hour of death, end.ajam (Lit.) Iran, Persia.ajan see AZAN.ajang 1 site. 2 arena.ajar 1.1) (Coll.) study. 2) learn. 2 hermit.ajat see HAJAT.(Jakarta).aje see SAJA.ajeg /ajek/ steady, stable, constant.ajektif /ajektiva/ adjective.ajeng see JENG.ajengan (Java) community leader. s.o. to emulate.aji 1 spell, charm, magical formula. 2 1) (Lit.) king, ruler. 2) o. who is achampion at doing s.t.ajidan see AJUDAN.ajimat see AZIMAT1.ajinomoto any k.o. taste enhancer, monosodium glutamate.ajir stake, marker.ajojing k.o. rock-style dancing.ajrih respect and fear.aju 1 institute. 2 put, ask (a question). 3 file, submit, make (application).ajubillah see AUDUBILLAHI.ajudan 1 adjutant. 2 (Navy) chief petty officer.ajuk 1. 1) observe, estimate. 2) test, put to the test, sound out. 2 mimic, imitate,parrot, mock.ajun 1 purpose. 2. adjunct.ajung adjunct.ak. (akuntan) accountant (used in academic degrees).akabri (Akademi Angkatan Bersenjata) Armed Forces Academy.akad contract, agreement, convenant.akademi academy.akademik academic.akademikus an academic.akademis academic.akaid dogma.akal 1 mind, intellect, reason. 2. intelligence. 3 way, tactics. advice, instruction. 5deceit, trickness, cunning.akali intelligent.akan 1 will, about to (particle marking future events). 2 . 1) about, regarding. 2)for, with purpose of. 3) as for.akang (Sunda, Jakarta) term of address or reference for elder brother.akar 1 root. 2 root, source.akas 1. clever, handy, skillful. 2. 1) upside down. 2) the opposite.
  8. 8. akasa see ANGKASA.akasia acacia.akat see AKAD.akaunting see AKONTING.akbar 1 exalted, great. 2 big.akekah ritual shaving of babys head for first time (us. on the seventh day afterbirth).akh see AH1.akhbar newspaper, the press.akhir end, finish.akhiran (Ling.) suffix.akhirat the hereafter, the beyond.akhirnya final, last.akhirulkalam in conclusion.akhlak character, morals.akhlas see IKHLAS.akhli see AHLI1,2.aki 1 storage battery. 2 (in some regions only) grandfather.akiau (Jakarta, China) young China man.akibat result, consequence.akibatnya finally, as a consequence.akidah belief, faith.akik carnelian, agate.akilbalig /akilbaligh/ 1 of age, grown up (from age 15 on). 2 legally responsible.akir see AKHIR.akisir battery acid.akkord see AKORD.aklamasi acclamation.aklimatisasi acclimatization.akmal (Rel.) utterly perfect (of God).akmil (Akademi Militer) Military (Army) Academy.akomodasi accommodations.akompanimen accompaniment.akonting accounting.akor see AKUR.akord harmonic chords.akordeon /akordion/ accordion.akpol (Academi Kepolisian) Police Academy.akrab intimate, chummy.akreditasi accreditation.akronim acronym.aksara 1 letter of the alphabet, 2 script.aksarawan o. who is literate.aksef (aksi sefihak) unilateral action.akselerasi acceleration.aksen accent.
  9. 9. aksentuasi 1 (Ling.) accentuating. 2 accent, stress. 3 emphasis, stress.aksep an IOU, promissory note.akseptable acceptable.akseptor acceptor, esp. o. who has agreed to practice birth control.aksesori /aksessory/ accessory.aksi 1 action. 2 lawsuit. 3 boasting, bragging. 4 pretense, airs. 5 handsome,attractive (of apparel, behavior, etc).aksioma axiom.aksiomatis axiomatic.akta 1 official document. 2 diploma, certificate.akte see AKTA.aktentas briefcase.aktif 1 active, energetic. 2 (Ling.) active (verb, etc). 3 functioning. 4 favorable.akting 1 o. temporarily in charge. 2 o. who assumes responsibility.aktip see AKTIF.aktir see AKTOR.aktiva (Fin.) assets.aktivis activist.aktivitas /aktivitet/ activity.aktor actor.aktris actress.aktual see AKTUIL.aktualisasi actualization.aktualisir actualize, bring up to date.aktualitas timeliness, topicality.aktuil recent, topical, current.aku 1. I (familiar, intimate). 2. see AKI1.akuaduk aqueduct.akuan 1 confession, admission. 2 genie, spirit.akuarel aquarelle.akuarium aquarium.akuisme egocentricity, self-centerednessakulturasi acculturation.akumulasi accumulation.akumulatif accumulative.akuntan accountan.akuntansi accountancy.akunting see AKONTING.akupungtur /akupunktur/ acupuncture.akur agree to do, go along with.akuran muttually agree.akurat accurate, precise, exact.akustik /akustika/ acoustics.akustis acoustic.akut acute, critical (crisis, illness, etc.).akwal (Lit.) words, speech.
  10. 10. al (antara lain) among the the Koran.ala 1 in the style (of). 2 (alaah) exclamation of exasperation.alah 1 defeated, beaten, conquered. 2 see ALA2alaihissalam (Islam) Upon him be peace (used after mention of o. of the prophets otherthan Muh.)alaikumsalam (Islam) Peace be unto you (said as a response to assalam alaikum).alal-bihalal see HALAL-BIHALAL.alam 1. 1) world, realm. 2) nature, natural. 2. (Islam) be more knowledgeable.3.banner, standard.alamat 1 address. 2 omen, sign, indication. 3 target. 4 title (of a book).alami /alamiah/ natural, concerned with nature.alan-alan comedian, jokester.alang 1 middle, medium. 2. 1) crosswise, diagonal. 2) crossbeam, bar. meng-alang-kan place s.t. athwart. 3. see HALANG.alang-alang tall, coarse grass.alap 1. alap-alap 1) hawk. 2) thief. 2 nice, attractive, handsome.alarm / alarem/ alarm, danger signal.alas 1. 1)base, foundation. 2 layer, lining, convering. 2. (Java) forest.alat 1. 1) instrument, tool, device, equipment. 2). organization. 3) (Fin.) asset. 4)bodily organ. 2. 1) guest. 2) feast, party.album album.ale (Ambon) you (respectful).alegori allegory.alegoris allegoricalalegro allegro.aleksander topaz.alem spoiled, pampered.alergi allergy, allergic.alesduk scarf.alfabet alphabet.alfabetis alphabetical.alfatihah (Islam) first chapter of Quran recited every prayer time and before prayingfor dead (esp. at burial), etc.algojo 1 executioner, hangman. 2 bully. 3 butcher, murderer.algoritme algorithm.alhamdu (Islam) 1 first word of the alfatihah. 2 the alfatihah.alhamdulillah (Islam) Praise be to God (us. said in thanksgiving).alhasil 1 eventually, in the end. 2 consequently, in sum, the result.ali-ali mans ring.ali-baba Ali-Babaaliansi alliance.alias 1 i.e., namely, in other words. 2 otherwise called.alibi alibi.alif first letter of the Arabic alphabet.alih shift, change position.
  11. 11. alihbahasa /alihbasa/ translation.alik see ULANG.alim 1 learned. 2 pious, religious, devout.alimentasi alimony.aliminium see ALUMINIUM.alinea paragraph.aling 1 aling-aling shelter, protective cover. 2 mechanical bearing.alir 1. ideology. 2. smooth. 3. a line with live bait (to catch crocodiles).aliran 1 current. 2 current, trend, ideology. 3 political grouping, religious sect. 4school of learning, scholarly tradition. 5 pipeline. 6 conduit, wiring.alis eyebrow.alit see TALI.aliterasi alliteration.aliyah (Islam) senior high school.aljabar algebra.aljasair /Aljazair/ Algeria.aljir Algiers.alkali (Chem.) alkali.alkisah /alkissah/ 1 the story. 2 once upon a time.alkitab the Bible.alkitabiah biblical.alkohol alcohol.alku (Coll.) pimp, procurer.alkuran see AL-QURAN.alkus (Zod.) Sagittarius.all round (Coll.) diverse capabilities, versatile.all-in (Coll.) everything included, complete.allah God.allahumma (Islam) O God (in prayers and Koranic recitations).allamah (Lit.) very learned.alm. (almarhum) the late, the deceased.almahdi (Islam) the Messiah (of the Last Judgment).almaktub (Rel.) Holy Book.almalun (Lit.) the damned.almanak 1 almanac. 2 calendar.almarhum 1 the late, the deceased. 2 pass away.almarhumah the late, the deceased (of women).almari see LEMARI.alofon (Ling.) allophone.alokasi allocation.alokir allocate.alomorf (Ling.) allomorph.alon-alon 1. (Java) slow, slowly. 2. see ALUN-ALUN.alot 1 tought (of meat). difficult.alpa neglectful, inattentive.alpabet see ALFABET.
  12. 12. alpaka k.o. alloy.alpukat see ADVOKAT2.alri (Angkatan Laut Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Navy.altar altar.alternasi alternation.alternatif alternative.alto alto.altruis altruist.altruisme altruism.altruistis altruistic.altur (Zod.) Taurus.alu rice pestle.alum faded, wilted, withered.aluminium aluminum.alumni alumnus, alumna.alun wave, swell.alun-alun town square.alunan alunanalur 1. 1) gully, channel 2) plot (of a story). 3) slot, groove. 4) space. 2. hold adiscussion.alus see HALUS.aluwung (Java) preferable.alveolar 1 general, ordinary, common. 2 universal.ama 1 see HAMA. 2. (Jakarta) see SAMA.amah (in some regions only) female Ch servant.amal 1 deed, work. 2 good deed, charity.amaliah charitable.aman 1 peaceful, calm. 2 safe, secure.amanah /amanat/ 1 trusteeship, mandate. 2 intruction, mandate, commission. 3(Mil.) order of the day. 4 speech, message.amandel 1 almond. 2 tonsil.amandemen amendment.amandir amend.amang threat.amar (Lit.) injunction, command (esp. of God). amar-an order, charge, injunction.amarah (Lit.) anger.amat 1 very, exceedingly. 2. 1) watch closely, keep track of. 2) inspect. 3)monitor, guard.amatir amateur.amb (Abri Masuk Desa) policy of military personnel participating in villagedevelopment projects.ambah trade, handicraft.ambah-ambah plague, pest.ambai scoop net.ambai-ambai k.o. sea crab.
  13. 13. ambal 1. carpet. 2. ambal-an 1) procession. 2) troops.ambang 1. 1) threshold, sill. 2) railroad tie. 2. float.ambar 1. 1) ambergris. 2) amber. 2. see HAMBAR.ambasadir /ambasador, ambasadur/ ambassador.ambeg-parama-arta (Java) first things first.ambeien hemorrhoids, piles.ambek pout, be unwilling to move, work, or take part. ambek-an tending to sulk.ambekan breath, breathe.ambelas see AMBLAS.ambeles see AMBLES.amben 1 sash worn with womans sarong. 2 wooden or bamboo platform forsleeping.amberol see AMBROL.amberuk see AMBRUK.ambet 1 diaper. 2 swaddling clothes. 3 bindings, bandage.ambia the prophets (plural of nabi).ambigu ambiguous.ambiguitas ambiguity.ambik (Call., M) see AMBIL.ambil take. ambil-alih take over.ambin 1 strap, sling. 2 see AMBEN2.ambing udder.ambisi ambition.ambisius ambitious.ambivalen ambivalent.ambivalensi ambivalence.amblas disappear, vanish.ambleg /amblek/ give way, collapse (of a bridge, etc.).ambles mire, bog down, sink in mud. ambles-an (geol.) subsidence.amboi hey ! (exclamation of surprise or sympathy).ambok arrogant, haughty.ambrek untidy, messy.ambreng strong-smelling.ambrin (Coll.) sweetheart.ambring-ambringan indescribable, unheard of.ambrol 1 collapse (esp. of flat surfaces), sag. 2 be destroyed.ambruk collapse (houses, buildings). fall down.ambu-ambu k.o. fish, the bonito.ambul 1 bounce, rebound, ricochet. 2 bob up and down.ambulan /ambulans/ ambulance.ambung bounce, soar.ambyar (Java) splatter, fall apart.ambyuk (Java) 1 swarm, gather in large numbers. 2 fall down (of a tree).ame (Jakarta) see SAMA 1,2.amen statement uttered when begging.amendemen see AMANDEMEN.
  14. 14. amendir see AMANDIR.amerika 1 N. or S. America. 2 America, American.amerikanisasi Americanization.amerikanisme Americanism.amfibi amphibian (vehicle, animal).amil (Islam) mosque official who collects the tithe.amin amen.amir (Lit.) commander, leader (of gvt.).amirulmukminin (Islam) caliph.amis putrid taste or odor of fish.amit-amit God forbid !ammabadah /ammabadahu/ and furthermore (used in formal correspondence andspeeches).ammi illiterateamn (Akademi Militer Nasional) National Military Academy.amnesti amnesty.amoh (Java) in rags.amoi (in some regions only) form of address and reference to China girl.amok see AMUK.amonia /amoniak/ ammonia.amor (Lit.) love. dewi-amor goddess of love.amoralitas amorality.amorf (Biol.) amorphous.amortisasi (Econ.) amortization.amour see AMOR.amoy see AMOI.ampai 1 slim, slender.ampai-ampai jellyfish.ampang 1 insipid, tasteless. 2 see EMPANG.ampas waste, dregs.ampat (Jakarta) see EMPATampe see SAMPAI.ampek 1 have difficulty breathing. 2 asthma.ampela chicken gizzard.ampelas see AMPLAS1,2.ampelop see AMPLOP.amper 1 (Madura) porch, veranda. 2 . 1) (Elec.) ampere. 2 electric meter.ampera (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat) Message of the Peoples Suffering (Soekarno-era slogan).ampera (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat) Message of the Peoples Suffering (Soekarno-era slogan).amphibi /ampibi/ (Coll.) see AMFIBI.ampir see HAMPIR.ampiran (Java) stopping-off place.ampitasi see AMPUTASI.ampiteater amphitheater.ampitir meng-ampitir amputate.
  15. 15. amplas 1 fig tree. 2 sandpaper.amplasemen see EMPLASEMEN.ampli /amplifayer/ amplifier.amplop envelope.ampo k.o. red medicinal clay for stomach upsets.amprok meet, run into.ampu 1 support, prop up .2 see EMPU.ampuh 1 1) endowed with magical power. 2) potent, efective (of medicine). 2.flood, overflow, inundation.ampul 1 (Med.) ampul. 2 swell, expand.ampun 1 pardon, forgiveness. 2 mercy.amput (Java, Vulg.) have sexual intercourse .amputan 1 female genitalia. 2 mistress.amputasi amputation.amputir see AMPITIR.amra k.o. mango.amril 1 sandpaper. 2 emery board or paper.ams (Algemene Middelbare School) k.o upper secondary school (colonial era).amsal 1 proverb. 2 parable. 3 (Bib) Proverbs.amsiong (China) internal injury.amtenar government official.amtenarisme officialism, bureaucratism.amuba amoeba.amubawi amoebic.amuk 1 go berserk, run amuck. 2 rage violently.amukan 1 fight. 2 uncontrolled raging.amunisi ammunition.ana (Jakarta, used by those of Arab descent or educated in Islam schools) I.anafora anaphora.anaforis anaphoric.anak 1 child. 2 offspring. 3 native of. 4 member of a group. 5 dependent, sub,smaller variant, accessory of. 6 term of address to a child (most often asnak).anakanda (Lit.) 1 Child, son (respectful, use mostly in letters with the meaning I oryou). 2 familiar form of address to young people.anakronisme anachronism.analis analyst, analyzer.analisa analysis, examination.analisawan analyst.analisir analyze.analisis analysis.analitik analytic.analitikus analyst.analitis analytical.analog analog.
  16. 16. analogi analogy.anam see ENAM.ananda see ANAKANDA.anarkhis 1 anarchic. 2 anarchist.anarki anarchy.anarkis see ANARKHIS.anarkisme anarchism.anasir element.anatomi anatomy.anbia see AMBIA.ancai disabled (of a ship).ancak 1 bamboo stand or container for offerings to spirits. 2 rack, shelf.ancak-ancak indifferent, casual, nonchalant.ancam say s.t. threatening.ancar-ancar /ancer-ancer/ 1 estimate. 2 target date, time, or amount.ancoa (China) Hows it going ?ancuk (Java, Vulg.) copulate.anda you (common in newspapers and journals, and sometimes used in speech asa neutral form).andai if. andai-nya supposing or suppose that.andak 1 (Naut.) reef, take in ( a sail). 2 limit, restrict, decrease.andal 1 rely on. 2 trade on.andalan 1 mainstay. 2 security, pledge. 3 chief seat (at national or territorial level).andalas (Lit.) Sumatra.andam 1. 1) trim os hair or beard neatly. 2) have a hairstyle that requires care. 2.lock up. 3 (M) grave.andang torch.andang-andang 1 (Jakarta) mole, birthmark. 2 (Naut.) yardarm.andap (Java) able to be humble.andapita k.o. cake.andar 1 explain in great detail, give a long-winded account. andar-an protractedaccount, explanation. 2 see MATI.ande see HANDAI, ANDAI.andel see ANDAL.andeng-andeng see ANDANG-ANDANG.andepi see ANDEWI.anderak elephant pit.anderok slip, petticoat.andewi endive.andi title of nobility in S. Sulawesi.andil 1 (Fin.) share. 2 contribution.andon see ANDUN.andong four-wheeled carriage drawn by two horses common in Central Java.anduk 1. 1) hold up high in a strap. 2) hold. 2. see HANDUK.andukan 1) support, prop. 2) sling.
  17. 17. andun go to.andunan outsider.andung (Medan) grandmother.ane (Jakarta) see ANA.aneh strange, queer, peculiar.aneka various, diverse, all sorts of.anekdot /anekdote/ anecdote.aneksasi annexation.anem see ENAM.anemer building contractor.anemi anemia.anestesi anesthesia.anestesiologi anesthesiology.anfal (Coll.) 1 attack. 2 heart attack.ang (M) you (when addressing males).angah see ENGA2.angan 1 thought, notion, idea. 2 chimera, illusion.angan-angan 1 thought, notion, idea. 2 fantasy, illusion, day dreaming.angcui k.o. red China liquor.angel (Java) 1 difficult. 2 strange, unusual.anget see HANGAT.angga tine, branch of antler.anggak conceited, arrogant, haughty.anggal 1 light, insignificant. 2 slack, light. 3 lightly loaded (of a ship).anggap 1 opinion. 2 (Lit.) nod the head to invite another to join in dancing ordrinking.anggapan 1. 1) opinion, belief. 2) judgment. 3) suspicion, hunch, impression. 2. suchan invitation (by a nod) to dance or drink.anggar 1 estimate, calculate, compute. 2 (Sport) fencing. 3. 1) (Av.) hangar. 2)shed, warehouse (at harbor). 3 quay.anggaran estimate, calculation, consideration.anggauta see ANGGOTA.angger fixed (of prices).anggerek /anggerik/ see ANGGREK.anggit 1 lace, thread, string (shoes, etc.) 2 fasten or secure with rattan (forthatching). 3 composed, draft.angglap (Coll.) 1 embezzle (money). 2 steal (goods). 3 default, welsh (on debts).anggota 1 member. 2 member, limb. 3 part, component.anggrek orchid.anggrekwan orchid grower or enthusiast.angguk nodding of head (to indicate agreement or due to dozing).anggul the head, tip upward.anggun 1 neat, hansome. elegant (of building or appearance). 2 affected,pretentious. 3 haughty.anggung lift, raise.
  18. 18. anggur 1. 1) be unemployed, be idle. 2) lie idle. 2. slip. cutting (of plants). 3. 1)grape. 2) wine.anggut 1 nod due to drowsiness. 2 move erratically, pitch (of a ship).anghun (China) k.o. tobacco.angin 1 wind. 2 air. 3 rumor.angin - anginan blow hot and cold, fickle, be capricious.angina tonsilitis.angit odor of burnt rice or bread.angka 1 figure, numeral, digit. 2 rate. 3 mark, grade.angkar see ANGKER.angkara (Lit.) 1 greedy (for power, wealth, position). 2 egotistical, self-centered. 3brutal violence, savagery.angkasa 1 sky. 2 heaven, firmament. 3 atmosphere.angkasawan 1 spaceman, astronaut. 2 broadcaster, announcer.angkasawati 1 spacewoman, female astronaut. 2 female broadcaster, announcer.angkat 1 lift, raise. 2 take away, remove (esp. in petty commerce). 3 (in setphrases) begin to do s.t.angkel pocket money given to a military recruit.angker 1. 1) eerie (esp. of haunted places). 2) (Coll.) terrible. 2. 1) anchor. 2 motorarmature.angket 1 inquiry, poll. 2 questionnaire.angkin (China) cloth waistband, sash worn by women.angkit remove hot pans or coals from the fire.angklung musical instrument consisting of suspended bamboo tubes which soundwhen shaken.angkong k.o. gambling game with three cards.angkong-angkong sit idly, do no work.angkota see ANGKUTA.angkringan (Java) long carrying pole with hampers on either end.angku see ENGKU.angkuh 1 arrogant, conceited. 2. form, appearance.angkup tweezers. angkup-angkup 1 valve. 2 tweezers.angkut 1 carry, transport. 2 carry away. 3 contain.angkut-angkut k.o. wasp.angkuta (Angkutan Kota) gvt. organized small vehicle transportation systems in smallurban centers.anglap see ANGGLAP.angler 1 pleasant. 2 smooth. 3 quiet, tranquil.angler - angleran calm, content.anglisisme anglicism.anglo brazier.anglong 1 terrace. 2 speak in a confused manner.angon (Java) graze cattle.angonan livestock.angop (Java) a yawn.angot 1 have a relape, become angry or ill again. 2 be delirious.
  19. 19. angpau (China) gift of money in a red envelope (esp. at China weddings, New Year).angsa goose.angsana k.o. tree.angsio (China) red-braised cooking.angsu (Java) draw water.angsur 1 little by little. 2 move forward a little. 3 in installments.angus see HANGUS.angut 1 nap, doze. 2 fritter o.s time away.ani wooden device of loom where warp fits.ani-ani small palm-held reaping knife for cutting rice stalks.aniaya 1 ill treatment. 2 tyranny, oppression. 3 injustice.aniem /Arim/ (Algemene Nederlandsch Indisch Electriciteit Maatschappij) electricy(company) (esp. of colonial era).animis animist.animisme animism.animo 1 zest, energy, gusto. 2 interest.aning-aning k.o. large wasp or bee.anion (Chem.) negatively charged ion.anis anise, anisette.anja-anja spoiled, pampered.anjak thrust, push, shove.anjal 1 bounce, rebound. 2 elastic, springy, resilient.anjang-anjang 1 k.o. sea fish, the gurnard. 2 small trellis of split bamboo, lattice.anjangkarya field trip,study tour.anjangsana a visit of a high official to the field for inspection or to another country.anjar anchor.anjiman (Lit.) merchant ship of the Brithis E. Indian Company.anjing 1 dog. 2 (Derog.) despicable fellow.anjing-anjing k.o. tree.anjir k.o. tree.anjlog 1 descend rapidly, plummet. 2 shift rapidly.anju attempt, running start.anjung 1 extension, annex (often an enclosed veranda). 2 ships bridge. 3 (R.R.)platform (of coach).anjur 1. 1) stick out, jut out, protrude. 2) move on or toward. 2. withdraw.anjuran 1 proposal, suggestion. 2 recommendation, advice.anm. (Anumerta) posthumous.annemer see ANEMER.annuitet see ANUITET.ano see ANU.anoa /anoang/ (Sulawesi) dwarf buffalo.anoda anode.anom (Java) young.anom (Java) young.
  20. 20. anomali anomaly.anomi anomieanonim anonymous.anonimitas /anonimitet/ anonymityanonser announcer.anotasi annotation.ansambel ensemble.ansar /ansor/ (Islam) Muh.s followers in Medina when he departed Mecca.ansur see ANGSUR.ant. (Antara) Indonesian News Agency.anta see ANTAH2.antagonis antagonist.antagonisme antagonism.antagonistis antagonistic.antah 1 rice chaff, bran. 2 ber-antah fabled, imaginary. 3 see ENTAH.antakusuma see BAJU.antam see HANTAM.antamer /antamir/ undertake, tackle.antan rice pestle.antap 1 calm, quiet. 2 see ANTEP.antar 1 accompany. 2. inter-antar (used in compounds).antar-antar 1 rotor. 2 piston rod.antara 1 between. 2 in, about (of time). 3 not far from. 4 in the meanwhile.antarabangsa see ANTARBANGSA.antarbangsa international.antari see Baju.antariksa 1 (outer) space, interplanetary space. 2 planetary atmosphere.antariksawan astronaut, cosmonaut.antariksawati female astronaut or cosmonaut.antartika antarctic.antarvokal (Ling.) intervocalic.anteb see ANTEP.antedatering retroactive dating.antedatir date s.t. retroactively.antek (Coll.) henchman, lackeyantelas see KAIN.antem see HANTAM.antena /antene/ antenna, aerial.anteng (Java) 1 calm, quiet. 2 being quiet and sticking to o.s work.antep (Java) heavy, solid, massive.anter see ANTAR1.antere /anteri/ see ANTRE.antero whole, all, total, entire.anteseden antecedent.
  21. 21. anti 1 be opposed to. 2 anti-, resistant to. anti-biotika antibiotic. anti-gemuknonfattening. anti-karat stainless (steel), rustproof. anti-peluru/pelorinvulnerable to bullets. anti-perang antiwar.antih spin.antik 1. 1) antique. 2) ornate, higly embellished (furnishings, etc.). 3 eccentric. 2.1) lively. 2) cute (esp. of children).antiklin (Geol.) anticline.antilop antelope.antimon /antimonium/ antimony.antimon /antimonium/ antimony.anting anting-anting 1 pendant, earring. 2 pendulum of clock.anting-anting drongo bird.antipati antiphaty.antipoda /antipode/ 1 antipodes. 2 wholly opposite (of individuals).antisemit anti-Semiteantiseptis antiseptic.antisipasi anticipation.antisipir meng-antisipir anticipate.antitesa /antitese, antitesis/ antithesis.antologi anthology.antonim antonym.antonimi antonymy.antrasit anthracite.antre /antri/ stand in line, queue up.antropolog anthropologist.antropologi anthropology.antuk 1 come in contact with, touch. 2 see KANTUK.antul bounce, rebound (of a ball).antun see ORANG.antung-antung hanging holder for earthen jugs.antup sting.antusias enthusiastic.antusiasme enthusiasm.anu 1 whatchumacallit, whats-his-name (hesitation form). 2 (Math.) unknownquantity. 3 say, by the way.anuang see ANOA.anugerah 1 (Rel.) a gift from God. 2 gift from a person of higher status to o. of lowerstatus.anuitet annuity.anulir annul, cancel.anumerta posthumous.anut attentive, meek, pliant.anyal 1 peevish, petulant. 2 resentful, annoyed.anyam plait.anyaman 1 cane work, plaited mats. 2 plait, tress, braid.anyang k.o. salad of raw meat and shellfish or raw fruit with spices.anyar (Java, Madura) new.
  22. 22. anyelir carnation.anyep (Java) 1 bland not salty. 2 clammy, damp.anyes (Java) cold and damp.anyir rancid, rank, smelling of fish oil.ap (Angkatan Perang) Armed Forces.apa 1 what, which. 2 a quetion marker. 3 or. 4 eh (hesitation marker, fillerword).apabila (Lit.) when (esp. in indirect questions).apak musty, moldy, sweaty.apakala (Lit.) when (esp. in temporal clauses,).apal see HAFAL.apalagi 1 above all, especially. 2 even less, let alone. 3 moreover, besides.apalah 1 please. 2 what does it amount to ? (Nothing !).apam k.o. rice flour cake.aparat 1 apparatus, appliance, instrument. 2 institution, agency.aparatur apparatus.aparteid see APARTHEID.apartemen apartment.apartheid apartheid.apas 1 elegant. 2 (coll.) be unlucky, be jinxed.apati apathy.apatis apatheticapatisme apathy.apbn (Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara) national budget.apdeling see AFDELING.apdn (Akademi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri) Civil Service Academy.apdol see AFDAL.ape-ape k.o. cake made from wheat flour.apek see APAK.apel apple.apem see APAM.apermut see HAVERMUT.apersepsi apperception.apes see APAS2.aphasi see AFASI.api 1 fire. 2 flame, blaze. 3 spirit.apik 1 neat and nice, trim. 2 attractive, chic.apikal apical.apit hemmed in, wedged in.apitan 1 clam 2 (elec) terminal 3 press extractor (sugarcane , petroleum) 4intercalation , interpolation.apium raw opium.apkir 1 cast off. 2 rejected (for the army).aplikasi application.aplos 1 relieve, take turns. 2 redeem.aplus 1. applause. 2. see APLOS.apokat see ADVOKAT2.
  23. 23. apolitik apolitical.apollo-kronco rides at an amusement park.apopleksi apoplexy.aposisi apposition.apostolik apostolic.apostrof /apostrofe/ apostrophe.apotek pharmacy, dispensary.apoteker pharmacist.apotik see APOTEK.appel see APEL.apr (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat) Message of the Peoples Suffering (Sukarno-era slogan).apr. (April) April.apra (Angkatan Perang Ratu Adil) Army of the Just King, a right-wing terroristgroup in West Java (about 1950).apresiasi appreciation.apri (Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Armed Forces.april April.apris (Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia Serikat). Army of the United States ofIndonesia.aprit-apritan run pell-mell, run feverishly.apuh wrung dry, squeezed our.apukat see ADVOKAT2.apung float, buoyed up.apuran gutter,drain, drainage ditch.apus 1 (Java) deceive, trick. 2 see HAPUS.aqidah see AKIDAH.aqil-balig see AKILBALIG.ara 1 tropical fig tree (several species). 2 plants siilat to ara.arafah (Islam) a desert valley near Mecca which has an important role in hajjceremonies.arah 1. 1) direction, course. 2) aim, direction, purpose. 2 see ARA.arak 1. 1) rice wine, arrack. 2) liquor (esp. brandy, gin). 2. procession.arakian (Lit.) moreover, the next thing in the story.aral hindrance, obstacle.aram-temaram twilight.arang charcoal.arangesemen see ARANSEMEN.arangsir see ARANSER.aransemen arrangement.aranser /aransir/ 1 arrange. 2 arranger.ararat (Rel.) Ararat, the mountain where Noahs ark rested.ararut arrowroot.aras 1.border, limit. aras2, arasy (Rel.) the throne of God.arbaa see Rabu.arbab see REBAB.arbei strawberry.
  24. 24. arbitrase arbitration.arca statue, image.archeologi see ARKEOLOGI.arde (Elec.) ground.are 100 square meters.areal acreage.arek (Java) child.aren sugar palm.arena arena.ares (Leg.) arrest.arestasi detention, capture.argometer fare-meter (e.g. in taxis).argumen argument, case, plea, reason.argumentasi argumentation.ari 1 see ARI-ARI. 2 see ULAR. 3 see kulit. 4 see HARI.ari-ari 1 abdomen. 2 placenta.aria 1. 1) title of nobility. 2 the Aryan race. 2. aria.arif 1 learned. 2 wise, clever, skillful. 3 capable.arifin (Lit.) intelligent person.arih hold out, extend.arik insomniaaring 1. 1)trap, snarl. 2) lasso. 2. odor of urine.ario see ARIA.arip see ARIF.aris 1 hem. 2 edge, border (of sail, etc.).arisan regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns atwinning an aggregate sum of money.aristokrasi aristrocracy.aristokrat aristocrat.arit 1 sicle. 2 knife for tapping rubber trees. 3 grass knife.arive established, attained a position.arjuna 1 the chief hero of the Mahabharata, known for his martial and sexualprowess. 2 plaboy, womanizer. 3 handsome man.arkais archaic.arkaisme archaism.arkeolog archaeologist.arkeologi archaeologyarkeologis archaeological.arkian see ARAKIAN.arkip see ARSIP.arktika see ARTIKA.arloji timepiece, watch.armada fleet.arnab rabbit, hare.arnal hairpin, stickpin for the hair.aroma aroma.aromatik aromatic.
  25. 25. aromatis aromatic.aron half-cooked rice.arona sun.arpus resin, rosin for violin bows.arrahman (Islam) the Merciful (i.e. God, esp. in prayers or sermons).arransir see ARANSER.arrive see ARIVE.arrohim (Islam) the Benevolent O. (i.e. God, esp. in sermons).arsen /arsenikum/ arsenic.arsip 1 archives. 2 files.arsiparis 1 archivist. 2 file clerk.arsir shade in (a drawing). arsir-an hatching (in sketching), shaded-in area.arsitek architect.arsitektur architecture.arsitekturil architectural.arso (Java) front of an exalted (Anggaran Rumah Tangga) rules of association.arta see HARTA.artawan see HARTAWAN.artesis artesian.arti 1 meaning. 2 sense. 3 significance, importance.artifisial /artifisiil/ artificial.artika arctic.artikel 1 article, clause. 2 article, column. 3 (Ling.) article.artikulasi articulation.artikulator (Ling.) articulator.artileri 1 artillery, ordinance. 2 artillery, gunners.artis artist.artistik artistic.arts (Coll.) physician.aru Buginese title.aruan see HARUAN.aruh see PENGARUH.arum-dalu k.o. night-blooming flower.arum-manis cotton candy.arun stir, mix in.arung wade across, across.arus 1. 1) current. 2) flow. 2. see HARUS.arwah soul, departed spirit.arya see ARIA 1.aryaduta (Lit.) 1. 1) axle. 2 axis. 2. (Crd.) (alaihissalam) Peace be with him (uttered after mention of minor prophet).asa hope.asabat 1 nerve. 2 sinew, muscle.
  26. 26. asad (Zod.) Leo.asada Buddhist holiday commemorating Siddhartas first sermon after beingenlightened.asah grind down (teeth or gem).asah,asih,asuh (Java) a teachers slogan : teach, love, care for.asai muldered, mildewed.asak 1 move, budge. 2 cram, jam.asal 1. 1) origin, source. 2) beginning, cause. 2. 1) provided that, as long as. 2)do s.t. for no good reason other than just to do it. 3) just be able to do themost important, basic thing and no more.asali 1 original, primary. 2 ancient. 3 of good family, wellborn.asaliah see ASALI.asam 1 sour. 2 acid. 3. k.o. tree, tamarindasap 1 smoke. 2 fumes. 3 smoked.asar 1 (Islam) afternoon prayer (about four p.m.). 2 period between three andfour p.m.asas 1 basis, principle.. 2 foundation, base.asasi fundamental, basic.asbak ashtray.asbes asbestos.asbun (asal bnyi) speak without forethought.asbut (asap kabut) smog.ase 1. k.o. curry soup with meat. 2. (air conditioner) air conditioner.asean (Association of South East Asian Nations) ASEAN.aseli see ASLI.asem see ASAM.asembling assembling, assembled.asemblir assemble.asep see ASAP.asesanti (Java) utter a slogan.asese approved, agreed.asesori accesories.asetilen acetylene.asfal see ASPAL 1.ashadu see ASYHADU ANLA ILA HA ILLALLAH.asi (Air Susu Ibu) mothers Asia.asih 1 see ASAH ASIH ASUH. 2. see MAHAASIH.asik see ASYIK.asimetri asymmetry.asimetris asyimmetric.asimilasi assimilation.asimot see AZIMUT.asimptot (Math.) asymptote.asimut see AZIMUT.asin 1 salty. 2 salty, briny.asing 1 strange, foreign, alien. 2 odd. 3 remote, isolate. 4 different.
  27. 27. asisten 1 assistant. assistant in a university.asitilen see ASETILEN.askar see LASKAR.asli 1 original. 2 genuine, authentic. 3 indigenouse, native, authochthonous. 4aboriginal, primitive. 5 innate, inbornasma 1 name (esp. of God). 2. asthma.)asma 1 name (esp. of God). 2. asthma.)asmara romantic love.asmaragama (Java) the art of sexual relations.asnowo (Asli Cino Jowo) (Derog.) Javanese Chinese.aso (Coll.) rest, take a break.asoi /asoii/ 1 passionate, hot. 2 wonderful, super. 3 be absorbed in s.t.asonansi assonance.asor (Java) lowly.asosiasi association.asoymasoy see ASOI.aspal 1 asphalt. 2 (asli palsu) (Humorous) s.t. that looks original but is falsified.asparaga k.o. vine used in floral arrangements.aspek aspect.aspektual aspectual.asperges,asperjis asparagus.aspiran aspirant, candidate.aspirasi aspiration.aspirat (Ling.) aspirate.asprak (Coll.) appointment.aspri (Asisten Pribadi) personal assistant.asrafil see ISRAFIL.asrakal a ceremonial meal.asrama 1 dormitory, hostel, residence hall. 2 barracks.asri 1 beautiful. 2 harmoniously chic.assalamalaikum (Islam) Peace be unto you (a greeting). - warahmatullohi wabarakatuh(Islam) Peace be to you and Allahs mercy and blessing as well.assembling see ASEMBLING.asset (economic) assets.assoi see ASOI.assumsi see ASUMSI.assyooi see ASOI.astaga Heaven forbid, For heavens sake.astaganaga (Sl.) gee whiz !.astagfirullah,astagh-firullah astaghfirullahalazim (Islam) May God forgive me ! (uttered when o. isshocked by immoral behavior).astaka see BALAI 1.astakona 1 octagon. 2 polygon.astana see ISTANA.asteng (Asia Tenggara) S.E. Asia.
  28. 28. aster see BUNGA.astrolog astrologer.astrologi astrology.astronaut astronaut.astronautika astronautics.astronomi astronomy.astronomis astronomical, celestial.astronot see ASTRONAUT.astronotik see ASTRONAUTIKA.asu (Java) dog ! bastard !asuh 1 care for, take care of, rear, bring up (a child). 2 educate, bring up. 3 train,prepare. 4 maintain, lend support to.asuhan 1 upbringging,rearing 2 education 3 leadership,direction 4 sponsorship .asumsi assumption.asung (M) incite, stir up.asuransi 1 insurance. 2 insurance payment or installment. 3 insurance paymentreceived.asusila immoral.asut see HASUT.aswo (asli Jowo) authentic Javanese.asyar see ASAR.asyhadu-an-la-ila-ha-illallah (Islam) 1 the first part of the confession of the faith. 2 I testify there is noGod but Allah (an exclamation of astonishment upon hearing or seeing s.t.forbidden by religion).asyik 1 passionate. 2 be infatuated. 3 busy, occupied. 4 absorbed, eager.asyoi see ASOI.asyura (Islam) 10th day of Muharram, which commemorates Muh.s grandsonsHassan and Hussein, Day of (Asia Tenggara) S.E. Asia.atak k.o. three-wheeled vehicle similar to the bemo.atal (Atase Angkatan Laut) naval attache.atap 1 thatched roof of palm leaves. 2 roof.atar k.o. perfume.atas 1 on, upon, on top of. 2 upper. 3 above, upstairs. 4 over (an amount), inaddition.atase attache.atau or.ataukah 1 or (in questions). 2 whether.atawa (Coll.) see ATAU.ateis atheis. ke-ateis-an atheism.ateisme atheism.atensi attention.athan (Atase Pertahanan) defense attache.ati see HATI.atlas atlas.atlet athlete.
  29. 29. atletik athletics.atlit see ATLET.atma (Lit.) 1 breath (yoga exercises). 2 soul.atmil (Atase Militer) military attache.atmosfera, atmosfir atmosphere.atol (Geog.) atoll.atom atom.atomisasi atomization.atop burp, belch.atos hard.atraksi attraction.atret (Coll.) back up, go in reverse.atribut attribute.atributif (Ling.) attributive.atsiri volatile.atu, atud (Atase Udara) air attache.atuh (Sunda) oh, hey.atung see KATUNG.atur exclamation of pain or amazement.aubade solemn evening ceremony of taking down the flag.audiensi audience (with royalty, etc.).audio-visuil audiovisual.audisi audition.audit audit.audubillahi, auzubillahi (Islam) I take refuge in God, my God protect me (uttered when o. is shockedby immoral or impious behavior).auk meng-auk-auk 1 bark (of a dog). 2 caw, cackle.aula hall, auditorium.aulia (Islam) saints, pious personages.aum 1 roar (of lion or tiger). 2 raging (of storm).aung see RAUNG.aur 1 k.o. thin bamboo. 2 see AWUR1.aurat 1 (Islam) part of the body which may not be visible while performing aritual. 2 genitals.auri (Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Air Force.auriol halo.aus 1 worn-out, threadbare. 2 worn down (of a knife, etc.).australi, australia. Australia.aut (Sport) out.autarki economic self-sufficiency.autentik see see OTO 1.autobiografi autobiography.automatis see OTOMATIS.autonomi see OTONOMI.autoped see OTOPET.
  30. 30. autopsi autopsy.autorisasi see OTORISASI.avgas (aviation gasoline)aviasi aviation.avigas see AVGAS.avontir see AVONTUR.avontirir adventurer.avontur adventure.avonturir see AVONTIRIR.avonturisme adventurism.avtur (Aviation Turbo Fuel) airplane fuel.awa negating prefix used in formal neologisms.awahama meng-awahama-kan disinfect, sterilize.awahidrat peng-awahidrat-an dehydration.awahutan meng-awahutan-kan deforest.awak 1 body, self. 2 crewman, crewwoman. 3 I, my. 4 (Sumatra) Minangkabau. 5you, your.awal 1 beginning. 2 beginning, initial. 3 first, early.awam 1 common, general. 2 lay, nonexpert.awan 1 cloud. 2 cloudlike decoration.awang-awang 1 atmosphere. 2 up in the air, uncertain, far off. 3 dizzy.awangan impromptu, extemporaneous.awas 1 careful, watch out. 2 sharp-sighted, far-sighted. 3 (Sport) get set !awe, awe-awe (Java) wave (hand).awet, awit durable, lasting.awloh see ALLAH.awur 1 meng-awur scatter, sow. 2 (me)ng-awur do s.t. at random, blindly.awut (me)ng-awut do s.t. blindly, carelessly.awut - awutan 1 tangled (of rope, thread, etc.). 2 tousled (of hair). 3 chaotic, part of a license plate number given to vehicles not paying import duties.ay. (ayat) verse (of the Korea, Bible), article (of a law, etc.).ayah father, as a term of adress, us, yah.ayahanda father (used in letters).ayak sieve, sifter. 2 o. who wobbles or waddles.ayak-ayak k.o. insect with long legs us. found on top of water.ayal 1 slow. 2 doubtful.ayam chiken. ayam-aduan fighting cock.ayan 1. epilepsy. 2. 1 tin. 2 tin can.ayaran (tukang) pickpocket.ayat 1 (Rel.) verse. 2 (Leg.) article, subsection. 3 clause. 4 paragraph.aye (Jakarta) I.ayem (Java) calm, assured.ayeng ayaeng-ayeng-an 1 go here and there. 2 go around in circles, accomplishinglittle or nothing.
  31. 31. ayer see AIR.ayo, ayoh, ayok. 1 come on ! 2 goodbye.ayom protected, sheltered.ayu pretty, beautiful.ayub 1 (Islam) o. of the propthets. 2 (Bib.) Job.ayubagya meng-ayubagya celebrate.ayuh see AYO.ayuhai (Lit.) an exclamation.ayun swing, sway.ayunda (Java) elder sister (respectful), esp. in letters.ayut (Vulg.) meng-ayut fornicate.azab torment, punishment.azal 1 endless past, eternity without beginning. 2 see AJAL.azali see ASALI.azam 1 highly respected. 2 intention.azamat see AZMAT.azan (Islam) call to prayer.azas see ASAS.azasi see ASASI.azimat 1. 1 amulet, charm, talisman. 2 mascot. 2. see AZMAT.azimut (Astr.) azimuth.aziz 1 enormous, great. 2 awe-inspiring.azmat extraordinary, fantastic.azza-wa-jalla (Islam) to whom belongs glory and majesty (in reference to God).b b, the 2d letter of the alphabet.b masin city of Banjarmasin.b.i., b.i. (bulan ini) this month, instant.b/l (bill of lading)ba 1 name of the 2d letter of the Arabic alphabet. 2 tanpa bilang ba-dan buwithout uttering a sound, without see BAK1.baal without feeling, asleep (of foot, leg).bab 1 chapter (of book). 2 matter, subject, topic. 3 gate, door.baba 1. 1 father (form of address). 2 older man. 2. see BABAH, ALI BABA.babad history, chronicle.babah 1 elderly Indonesian-born China man. 2 title for elderly China (as aterm ofaddress, us. bah).babak 1. 1 stage, phase. 2 (Sport) round, heat, period. 3 (Thea.) act. 4 stanza. 2.babak-belur/bundas black and blue (from a beating or accident), skinnedand bruised.babakan bark (of tree).baban see BEBAN.babang gaping (of mouth, wound, abyss).babar mem-babar spread, unfurl.babar-pisan (Java) completely.
  32. 32. babat 1mem-babat clear away, cut through (jungle,grass, etc.). 2. mem-babat-kangive a blow, strike with s.t. 3 see BEBAT.babe (Jakarta) 1 boss. 2 see baba 1.babi 1 pig, hog, pork. 2 swine (term of abuse). 3 (Crd.) a card suit in ceki.babil quarrelsome. ber-babil squabble, quarrel.babinsa (Bintara Pembina Desa) noncommissioned law enforcement officer postedin villages and wards and affiliated with the civilian administration.babit mem-babit-kan invole, implicate s.o.babon 1 (Java) (laying hen. 2 original (text), master copy.babtis see BAPTIS.babu (Derog.) female domestic servant.babut rug, carpet.baca mem-baca 1 read. 2 recite or chant (holy text, prayer, magic formula, etc.).bacak 1 moistened, wet. 2 soft from moisture, water-soaked.bacam mem-bacam impregnate.bacang 1 (China) preparation of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, shapedinto a diamond, filled with meat, and steamed. 2 see EMBACANG.bacar garrulous, talkative.baccalaureat see BAKALOREAT.bacek see BACAK.bacem steeped prior to cooking.bacet see MACAT.baciluk see MAIN.bacin 1 odor of s.t. retten or spoiled. 2 rotten smelling.back see BEK1.backing see beking.backingisme see BEKINGISME.bacok a jab (with sharp instrument).bacot 1 snout. 2 (Derog.) mouth.bacul 1 spiritless. 2 lacking spunk, cowardly.bada 1 (Lit.) tak ter-bada-bada beyond words, inexpressible. 2 see BAKDA.badai 1. 1 sudden storm. 2 hurricane, typhoon, gale. 2. ter-badai be stretched outon the sofa.badak 1 rhinoceros. 2 o. oblivious to implied or overt critism, a thick-skinnedperson.badal representative, subsitute, assistant.badam almond.badan 1 body. 2 torso. 3 body, group, agency. 4 corporation.badang large sieve, winnower.badani,badaniah physical, bodily.badar 1. 1 k.o. fish. 2 term for side dishes of meat or fish. 2. full moon. 3. k.o.crystal.badawi Bedouin.
  33. 33. badeg,badek 1. an intoxicant beverage made from fermented cassava, rice, etc. 2 (Java) aguess was right.badge badge.badi 1 evil influence (emanating supernaturally from a dead creature). 2 virus.badik k.o. small dagger.badkuip bathtub.badminton badminton.badog (Java, Derog.) eat gluttonously. m-badog, nge-badog eat like a dog.badui 1 ethnic group in W. Java. 2 see BADAWI.baduk (Java) low wall near gate or doorway where o. can sit.badung (Jakarta) 1 naughty but witty (of children). 2 naughty, delinquent.badut clown.baduta (bawah dua tahun) (children) under two.bagadang see BEGADANG.bagai 1 like, as if (often used to introduce idioms and proverbs).bagaimana 1 how. 2 how about it ?bagak dauntless, confident.bagal mule.bagan 1. 1 draft, blueprint, design. 2 skeleton, frame. 3 program or schedule. 4chart, diagram. 2. k.o. fishing platform.bagap see BEGAP.bagar k.o. curry.bagas 1 robust, sturdy (body). 2 strong (wind).bagasi 1 baggage, luggage. 2 luggage rack. 3 (Auto.) trunk. 4 (R.R.) baggage car.bagea (Amb) a brittle cake made of sago flour and coconut or kenari nut.bagero see BAGERO.bagi 1 for. 2 divide.bagia see BAHAGIA.bagimana see BAGAIMANA.baginda His Majesty (for royalty). 2 (Islam) a respectful term of reference for Muh. 3(M) title of nobility.bagong 1. 1) pot-bellied, portly. 2) cumbersome, ponderous. 3 name of a pot-belliedclown in a wayang performance. 2. (Sunda, Jakarta) 1 wild boar. 2 willingsexual partner.bagor k.o. coarse plaitwork of palm leaves.baguk see BEGUK.bagur hulking, ponderous, massive.bagus 1 fine, good. 2 good, exemplary.bah 1 inundation, flooding. 2 exclamation of disgust or denigration. 3 seeBABAH.bahadur 1 knight, hero. 2 bold, courageous.bahaduri heroic, chivalrous, knightly.bahagi see BAGI.bahagia happy.
  34. 34. bahagian see BAGI.bahagiawan blessed o.bahak 1 burst of laughter. 2 white-bellied sea eagle.bahala see BALA 2.baham (Anat.) molar.bahan 1 matter, substance, material, cloth. 2 material for producing s.t. 3 object(of criticism, etc.).bahana 1 loud noise, din. 2 echo.bahar 1 large body of water (such as river, sea, large lake). 2 a measure of weight(about 400 lb.). 3 see AKAR.bahara see BARA BAHARA.bahari 1. 1) antique, ancient. 2 charming. 2. maritime, nautical.bahariwan,bahariawan seaman.bahariwati,bahariawati female sailor.baharu see BARU 1.bahas 1 research, investigation, study. 2 criticism.bahasa 1. 1) language. 2) speech. 3) good manners. 2. that. 3 a little, slightly.bahasawan linguist.bahasi see BAGASI.bahath see BAHAS.bahawa see BAHWA.bahawasa see BAHASA 2.bahaya danger, peril, jeopardybahela see BAHEULA.bahenol nicely shaped, sexy, voluptuous.baheula 1 old-fashioned, antiquated. 2 ancient.bahkan 1 in fact, even. 2 moreover, on top of that. 3 on the contrary, in fact. 4indeed.bahna (Jakarta, Sunda) on account of.bahri see BAHARI2.bahtera 1 (Bib.) ark. 2 boat, ship.bahu 1shoulder. 2 (Java) hamlet headman. 3 see BAKHU. 4 see BAU 2.bahubahasa (Ling.) multilinguism.bahureksa see BAUREKSA.bahwa that.bahwasanya (Lit.) 1 that. 2 truly, indeed.baiat (Islam) oath.baid distant (of relatives).baiduri opal (and other semiprecious stones).baik 1 good, fine, kind. 2 carefully. 3 yes, all right.baikut (China) spare ribs.bait 1. abode, house (often used in names of mosques). 2. 1) distich, couplet. 2(Islam) verse.baitul-makdis see BAITUL-MUKADDIS.baitul-mukaddis (Islam) the holy city of Jerusalem.baitullah the holy mosque in Mecca.
  35. 35. baitulmal (Lit.) treasury.baja 1. 1) steel. 2) armor. 2. fertilizer, manure. 3. (Java) 1) mixture of oil andburnt coconut shell for blacening teeth. 2 dentifrice.bajag k.o. sweet and fried chili-spiced condiment.bajaj two-passenger pedicab with motor scooter engine.bajak 1 plow. 2 bandit.bajan 1 basin. 2 see WAJAN.bajau Samal-speaking sea nomads off the coasts of E. Kalimantan, Sulawesi, andelsewhere in E. Indonesia.baji 1 wedge. 2 peg.bajigur k.o. hot drink made of coconut milk and spices.bajik good, wholesome, virtuous (life).bajing squirrel.bajingan 1 scoundrel, gangster. 2 thief.baju 1 jacket, blouse, shirt. 2 clothing, apparel.bajul (Java) 1 crocodile. 2 scoundrel, rascal. 3 pick-pocket.bak 1 (Lit.) like, as. 2. 1) basin, vessel. 2) large container. 3. (China) ink. 4. soundof a thud.bak-bak-kur 1 sounds of birds and chickens. 2 k.o. childrents game.baka 1. eternal, everlasting. 2. 1) family, descant, line. 2) genetic origins.bakal 1 future, prospective.2 in the making. 3 shall, will.bakaloreat baccalaureate.bakantan see BEKANTAN.bakap k.o. fish, murral.bakar 1 burn, set on fire. 2 roasted. 3 bake, roast.bakarat baccarat.bakat 1 trace,trail. 2 sign, omen. 3 crest, head. 4 talent, aptitude, propensity.bakau k.o. mangrove tree.bakcang see BACANG 1.bakda 1 after. 2 (Java) the celebration at the end of the fasting month.bakelit Bakelite (plastic).bakero (Japanese) idiot, imbecile.bakhil stingy, miserly.bakhsyis see BAKSIS.bakhu (China) thin strip of spiced, fried pork.baki 1 small tray. 2. remainder, residue, balance.bakiak wooden clog.bakik betel vine (leaves are chewed with areca and other ingredients).bakikuk,bakiluk see MAIN.bakin (Badan Koordinasi Intelijens Negara) State Intelligence Coordinating Agency.bakmi China noodles (flavored with meat).bako 1 the relation on the paternal side. 2. see BAKAU. 3. see BAKU 2.bakpao steamed bun stuffed with meat or other ingredients.bakpuder baking powder.
  36. 36. baksi mizzen sail.baksil bacillus.baksis tip, gratuity, bribe.bakso 1 China meatballs. 2 soup with meatballs, sliced cabbage and bean threadsbaktau (China) madam (of a brothel), procuress.bakteri bacteria.bakteriologi bacteriology.bakti 1 homage, devotion. 2 service. 3 faith, loyalty. 4 filial piety. 5 staunch, loyal,faithful, devoted.baku 1. 1) standard. 2) fullfledged (teacher, etc.). 3) basic. 2. (Coll.) mutual,reciprocal.bakul 1. basket. 2. (Coll) small tradswoman.bakung 1 1 wild lily. 2 k.o. onion.bakup red and swollen (of the eyes).bakwan 1 corn fritter (sometimes with shrimp). 2. soup with China meatballs.bakyu see MBAK.bal 1. 1) ball. 2) ballon. 2. bale.bala 1 troops, army. 2 disaster, catastrophe.balah ber-balah argue, quarrel.balai 1. 1) public hall or building. 2) office or bureau, association. 3 house (ofparliament). 2. see BURUNG.balai-balai wooden or bamboo couch or sleeping platform.balairung 1 royal audience hall. 2 market shed or stall.balam 1 turtledove, banded ground dove. 2 ber-balam, mem-balam be barelyvisible.balanak k.o. fish, gray mullet.balang 1 long-necked bottle. 2 see HULUBALANG. 3 see BELANG.balans 1 (Coll.) weighing scales. 2 bank balance.balansir mem-balansir balance (wheel, scales, etc.).balantara see BELANTARA.balap race, racing.balapecah (Java) crockery.balar 1albino. 2 with white spots (of cattle).balas reply, response.balatentara troops.balau confused, in disorder.bale-bale see BALAI-BALAI.balela rebellion.bales see BALAS.balet ballet.balgam,balgham mucus, phlegm.bali 1 placenta. 2 culinary style characterized by large quantities of chili,tamarind, and other spices.balian 1 shaman, traditional medicine practitioner. 2 transvestite medium amongthe Ngaju Dayak.
  37. 37. balig,baligh be of age, attain o.s majority, mature.baliho billboard (esp. for movies).balik 1 return. 2 the reverse side, behind. 3 the reverse, the contrrary. 4 again.baling baling-baling 1 propeller. 2 ships screw. 3 weathercock. 4 toy windmill.balir see BALIG.balistik 1 ballistic. 2 ballistics.balita (Bawah Lima Tahun) anak-balita children under five.balkanisasi Balkanization.balkon 1 balcony. 2 (R.R.) platform.ballada /ballade/ ballad.ballpoin ballpoint pen.balmaski masquerade ball.balok 1 beam (of wood). 2 crossbar, joint, girder. 3 bar (as in military insignia, linedrawn, etc.).balolo (barisan lonte lanang) line-up of male prostitutes. (Sl).balon 1 balloon. 2 (Java) prostitute.balong 1 pond, pool. 2 fishpond. 3 puddle, mud hole.balsa balsa.balsam,balsem balsam, ointment.balu widow.baluarti fortress, bastion.baluhan 1 wooden frame for seat on elephant. 2 wooden frame for drum.balui (Sport) draw, tie.balun 1 mem-balun beat (with a stick). 2 mem-balun fold, roll up.balung 1. 1) cockscomb. 2) cockscomb plants. 2. bone. 3 k.o. snakelike fish thatswims near water surface.balur 1. 1) jerky, dried meat. 2 thick skin around neck (of certain animals). 2. seeHABLUR.balut 1.bandage, dressing, wrapping. 2. red and swollen (of eyes).bam 1. cross beam to hold rudder. 2. sound of a drum. 3. (Coll.) gun.bambang 1 vast, extensive. 2 se-bambang elope.bambo bamboo.bambung,bambungan (Java) squatter, street people.bami see BAKMI.bamper see BUMPER.ban 1. 1) tire. 2) ribbon. 3) sash, belt. 4) tire tread. 2. 1) (tennis, badminton)court. 2) train track. 3) (race) track. 3. see BAND2.banal banal, trite.banat mem-banat whip, thrash, defeat.bancakan 1 (Java) k.o. ritual feast. 2 victim of mob attack.bancang tether (an animal).bancar (Java) flow copiously.bancet k.o. small frog.
  38. 38. banci 1. 1) effeminate or transvestite homosexual. 2) hermaphrodite. 3)effeminate. 4) powerless. 2. China or Hindu census. 3. k.o. large ax.bancuh mixed up, confused.bancut protruding (of eyes).band 1 (ben) band. 2 (ban) radio band. 3 see BAN 1.bandal see BANDEL.bandang large.bandar 1 harbor, port. 2. 1) water course, channel, duct. 2) ditch, drain. 3. 1)croupier. 2) o. who directs or finances illegal or underhand activities.bandara (bandar udara) airport.bandel 1obstinate, stubborn, recalcitrant. 2 undisciplined, disobedient (of children).bandela bale.bandeng k.o. fish, milkfish.banderek 1 k.o. ginger drink served hot. 2. master key, any device used to pick a lock.bandering slingshot.banderol 1 strip of paper verifying payment of tax on package of cigarettes, revenuestamp. 2 official price, controlled price.bandes 1 (bantuan desa) village assistance program. 2 (pembangunan desa) ruraldevelopment (body).bandikut bandicoot.banding 1 equivalent, equal. 2 consederation, appeal.bandit 1gangster, bandit. 2 scoundrel, villain.banditisme 1 banditry, higway robbery. 2 mentality characterized by thoughtlesscommercial exploitation of the public.bando k.o. large headcraft, us. silk.bandong see BENDUNG.bandos a sweet tidbit made of cassava.bandosa see BENDOSA.bandot 1 billy goat. 2 lascivious old man. 3 womanizer, ladiesman.bandrek see BANDEREK1.bandrol see BANDEROL.bandul 1 pendulum. 2 hanger.bandung pair, set, duo.bandut cord, string, twine.bang 1. sound of a bang. 2. 1) muezzins call to prayer. 2) call others to prayer, 3.see BANK. 4. see ABANG.bangai ter-bangai 1 neglected. 2 given up.bangar see BANGER.bangat 1 fast, quick, soon. 2 see BANGET.bangau white egret, tufted heron.bangbong sound of an empty barrel when struck.bangdes (pembangunan desa) rural development.banger stinking, rotten (odor).
  39. 39. banget (Java) very, excessively.bangga rightfully proud.bangir (Java) pointed (of nose).bangka tough and stiff (of rug, etc.).bangkahulu see BENGKULU.bangkai 1 carcass, carrion. 2 (Derog.) corpse. 3 (Av.) fuselage (of a crashed plane).bangkang mem-bangkang rebel, resist, oppose.bangkar 1 tough and stiff, coarse. 2 rigid. 3 rigor mortis, rigidity. 4 rough to thetouch.bangkerut see BANGKRUT.bangkes see BANGKIS.bangket 1 banquet. 2 k.o. fancy cookie.bangking see BUNGKANG.bangkir see BONGKAR.bangkir see BONGKAR.bangkir see BONGKAR.bangkis sneeze.bangkit 1 get up from seated or prone position. 2 come up.bangkong k.o. large frog.bangkot,bangkotan (Java) 1 old, advanced in age. 2 old and cantankerous.bangkrut bangkrupt.bangku bench, seat.bangkuang,bangkuwang k.o. juicy tuber.banglas vast, extensive (of a view).bangle see BENGLE.banglo see BUNGALO.bango see BANGAU.bangor naughty, annoying.bangsa 1 nation, people, race. 2 family, breed, category, sex. (Biol.) order.bangsai 1 rotten. 2 fragile, brittle. 3 thin, frail.bangsal 1 shed, warehouse (of wood). 2 public building. 3 market stalls. 4 ward (inhospital). 5 emergency housing, learn-to.bangsat 1 (Derog.) scoundrel, rascal. 2 (Jakarta) poor person, pauper. 3 bedbug.bangsawan 1. 1) noble, of nobility. 2) nobility. 3) o. who is not punctual, comes late towork. 2. k.o. drama, often with singing based on European or Arabianthemes.bangsawati noblewoman.bangsi k.o. bamboo lute.bangun 1 wake up. 2 get up. 3 rise (of dough). 4 structure, form. 5. model, type.bangus (Java) snout.bani (Rel.) children of, descendants of.baning k.o. tortoise.banir buttress rootbanjang (Java) fishing platform.
  40. 40. banjar 1. 1) line, row, series. 2) train of events. 2. (Bali) hamlet association,neightborhood organization.banji lattice work (as in wall decorations), motif in form of a swastika.banjir 1 flood, deluge. 2 flood, overflow.banjur sprinkle, (bang) bank, financial body.banket see BANGKET 2.banpol (Pembantu Polisi) auxiliary police.banpres (Bantuan Presiden) special precidential aid.bansai (Japanese) long live !bantah say in disagreement.bantahan 1 protest, objection. 2 contradiction. 3 back talk. 4 protestation.bantai 1 butcher. 2 beat up severely.bantal pillow, cushion.bantam (Sport) bantam weight.bantang see BUNTUNG.bantar (Med.) present (illness).bantaran (Geog.) flood plain.bantat not well done, partially cooked (of bread, etc.).banteng the wild ox of Java.banter 1 fast, quick, speedy. 2 loud, projects or carries well (of voice).banteras see BERANTAS.banting throw down forcefully.bantingan 1 beating. 2 steep reduction (in price). 3 (sudden) shock or swaying.bantu 1 assist. 2 auxiliary.bantun mem-bantun 1 weed (yard). 2 extract, pull out ( a tooth, etc.).bantut blocked, aborted.banyak 1. 1) many, much. 2) have a lot of s.t. 3) excessively. 4) in great quantities. 2.(Java) goose.banyo banjo.banyol 1 joke, jest, gag. 2 clown, jokester, wag. 3 rascal, scamp.banyu bening (Java) a high degree of spiritual enlightenment and peace.banzai see BANSAI.bapa, bapak 1 father. 2 form of address to an older man, esp. 3 part of a respectful title,esp. 4 founder of a cause, movement. 5 spiritual father.bapakisme paternalism.bapanda respectful form of address to o.s father (esp. in letters).bapao see BAKPAO.baperki (Badan Permusyawaratan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia) political movementof the 1950s and 1960s to integrate ethnic China into Indonesia society.bapet 1 penniless, broke. 2 bad, wicked, rude.baplang large and thick (of a moustache).bapparda (Badan Pembangunan Pariwisata Daerah) Regional Tourism DevelopmentBoard
  41. 41. bappeda (Badan Pembangunan Daerah) Agency for Regional Development.bappenas (Badan Perancang Pembangunan Nasional) National Planning Board.baptis 1 (Rel.) baptism. 2 the Baptis sect or adherent thereof.bapus (Badan Penerangan Uni Soviet) Information Agency of the Soviet Union(common in citites until mid-1960s).baqa see BAKA bar, cocktail lounge.bara 1 ember, live coal. 2 heat, warmth. 3 fire, fervor.bara bahara ballast.baragajul see BERGAJUL.barah boil, abscess.barak 1 barracks. 2 quarantine quarters.barakah blessed.baran swampy forest.barang 1. 1) goods, commodity. 2) article, object. 3) (Coll.) s.t. whose directmention should be avoided (i.e. marijuana, genitals, etc.). 4) baggage,luggage. 2. any. 3. more or less, approximately.barang-barang may it happen thet, would that.barangan see BERANGAN 1.barangkali perhaps, maybe.baras leprosy.barat 1 west. 2 western, occidental.barau-barau k.o. bird, the yellow-crowned bul-bul.barbar barbarian.barbarisme barbarism.barbir barber (in expensive hotels, posh salons).barbur 1 splash, spill. 2 wastebarel barrel, a measurement for petroleum.bareng (Java) with, togheter with.bares bare-bares-an honest, straightforward.baret 1. beret. 2. 1) laceration, scratch, abrasion. 2 lacerated, scratched.bari see BAHARI 2.bari-bari fruitfly.barik-barik 1 grain (in wood). 2 vein (in marble). 3spotted, speckled (of eggshell).barikade barricade.baring 1 lie down. 2 mem-baring take a bearing.baris 1. 1) row. 2) line. 3) line, queue. 4). ranks. 5) slide rule. 6 (Mil.) drill). 7)verse. 2. (Bali) k.o. male dance.barisan 1 ranks 2 rear guard 3 (sport) back (soccer).barit messenger who delivers letters.bariton baritone.barjah see BARZAKH.barkas k.o. small steamship.barokah see BARAKAH.barometer barometer.
  42. 42. baron baron.barong 1. national dress of Filipino men. 2 (Bali) k.o. dance with mask.barongan (Java) folk entertainment featuring performer dressed as monster.barongsai lion dance us. performed on China New Year.baros 1 (Java, Sunda) k.o. tropical magnolia. 2 see BERUAS.barter barter.baru 1. 1) new, recent. 2) modern. 3) fresh. 4) just, only so much up to now. 5)only now, just at acertain time. 6) not until, only then. 7) be in the processof. 2. k.o. tree of seashore with large yellow flowers, beach hibiscus.baruh lowlands.baruna Hindu god of the sea.barung-barung 1 watchmans hut (in field or orchard). 2 stall, booth, stand. 3 hut, hovel.barus see KAPUR.barusan (Coll.) just, just now.barut 1. 1) bandage, dressing. 2) diaper. 2 scratch deeply.barzakh (Islam) the place and time between death and the Last Judgment.barzanji (Islam) chant recounting Muh.s life, us. recited on 10th of Muharram.bas 1 boss, foreman, overseer. 2. 1) bass (voice). 2) double bass. 3) bass guitar.3. (Chem.) base.basa 1 (Chem.) alkali. 2. see BAHASA 1.basa-basi 1 good manners, courtesy, politeness. 2 conventional phrase of greeting,etc., conventionality.basah 1 wet, soaked. 2 damp, moist. 3 fresh (not dried). 4 remunerative.basal 1. 1) dropsy. 2) scab, scar. 2. basalt.basi 1. 1) spoiled, stale. 2) stale, out-of-date, not topical. 2. 1) commission, fee.2) overtime or extra pay. 3) reduction (in price), discount. 3. 1) bowl, dish.2) serving dish. 4. see BASA-BASI.basil bacillus, germ.basis 1 basis, principle. 2 (Mil.) base.basit 1 all-embracing (of God). 2. (Math.) indivisible.baskara sun (used in mottoes).basket (Sport) basketball.baskom washbasin.basmi mem-basmi 1 exterminate (rodents, etc.). 2 eradicate, root out, eliminate(crime, etc.). 3 burn off, clear by burning.baso see BAKSO.basoka see BAZOKA.bassdrum bass drum.bastar bastard.basuh washing.basuki (Java) prosper, flourish.basung 1. two dozen. 2. mem-basung kick (a ball) high. 3 corklike root.bata concrete brick.bata-bata ambivalent, unsettled, wavering.
  43. 43. batak 1 hobo, vagabond. 2 soldier of fortune, adventurer.batako k.o conrete brick (manufactured in a modern factory, not in a cottageindustry).batal 1 canceled, null and void. 2 in vain. 3 invalid, invalidate. 4 cancel out, omit.batalion,batalyon battalion.batang 1 stem, stalk, blade (grass). 2 stick, pole, shaft.batara god, male deity.batari goddess, female deity.batas 1 limit. 2 border, confine, boundary, limits.batau see BAKTAU.baterai /batere/ 1 dry-cell battery. 2 (Mill.) battery.bathal see BATAL.bathcup see BADKUIP.bathil see BATIL 2.bathin see BATIN.bati (Java) gain, profit.batih 1 o.s household. 2 (nuclear) family.batik 1. 1) batik. 2) batik work. 2. see BETIK 1.batil 1. 1) copper bowl. 2) plate. 3) tray. 2. 1) invalid, null and void. 2) false,wrong. 3) evil, bad.batin 1 inner, internal, spirityual. 2 mind, heart. 3 arcane, esoteric.batiniah spiritual, internal, moral.batis batiste, cambric.batkep see BADKUIP.batok 1 coconut shell. 2 dry measure, about a litter.batu 1 stone. 2. milestone, milepost. 3. artificial diamond. 4 (Coll.) flint (oflighter), battery. 5 classifier for teeth.batuk 1 a cough. 2 to cough.batur 1 shelf. 2 (Java) servant.bau 1. 1) scent, smell, aroma, odor. 2) unpleasant odor, stench, stink. 3) furnes.4) (Coll.) give off an odor. 5) suggest an element of. 2. surfacemeasurement, 7096.5 square meters.baud see BAUT.bauk 1 down between chin and neck. 2 feathers beneath jaw or beak. 3 (Coll.)beard, sideburns.bauksit bauxite.baulu see BOLU.baung k.o. freshwater catfish.baur mixed.baureksa (Java) ghost or spirit inhabiting (and guarding) a certain place.bausastra (Java) dictionary.bausuku unpaid laborer.baut 1 bolt. 2 bully, strong-arm man, bouncer.bavian baboon.bawa bring, bring along.bawab (Lit.) gatekeeper.
  44. 44. bawah under, beneath.bawak see BAWA.bawal k.o. fish, pomfret.bawang onion.bawasir hemorrhoids.bawel (Coll.) fault finding, carping.bawon (Java) share of rice harvest received for o.s service during harvesting.baya old.bayabgkara (Lit.) policeman.bayak fat, corpulent.bayam amaranth used as a vegetable.bayan 1 k.o. parrot, long-tailed parakeet. 2 clear, distinct. 3 see KEBAYAN.bayang 1 shadow, shade. 2 image, reflection. 3 imagination.bayangan 1 shadow 2 imagination 3 estimation 4 (thea) understudy 5 image ,phantom .bayangkari (Lit.) 1 policewoman. 2 policemens wives association.bayar mem-bayar 1 pay. 2 pay for. 3 pay s.o.bayas k.o. palm tree.bayat 1 (Acad.) freshman. 2 homage.bayem see BAYAM.bayi baby, infant.bayonet bayonet.bayu 1. (Lit.) 1) wind, breeze. 2) Hindu god of wind. 2. 1) s.t. thet turned, i.e.fermented. 2) stale (of food), tasting of leftovers. 3. (Lit.) slave, servant.bayuh wifes right of access to her polygynous husband.bayung see LEMBAYUNG.bayur k.o. tree.bazar charity fair, church bazaar.bazir see MUBASIR.bazoka,bazooka. 1. (Binnenlands Bestuur, Binnenlandsch Bestuur) Civil Service during thecolonial period. 2. (Bau Badan) body odor.bbd (Bank Bumi Daya) state-controlled bank.bbm (Bahan Bakar Minyak) refined fuel oil.bbn (Bea Balik Nama) fee for conversion of vehicle (Barat Daya) see BABE.bea 1 exice, tax, duty, toll. 2 cost, expense..beasiswa schoolarship, fellowship.beaya see BIAYA.bebal 1 stupid, imbecilic, slow. 2 silly, foolish, asinine.beban 1 load (in vehicles or on back or shoulders). 2 burden, resposibility. 3 (Elect.)load, charge.bebandos see BANDOS.
  45. 45. bebang 1 stillborn. 2 asphyxia.bebar ber-bebar-an scattered, spread about.bebas 1 free, unhampered, unimpeded. 2 free(d), be free. 3 released, acquitted.bebat bandage, dressing.bebe see BEBI.bebek 1 duck. 2 bleat. mem-bleat (of goat). 3 k.o. motorcycle of less than 100cc.bebekisme a mental outlook characterized by unthinking loyalty to a leader or society.bebel see BEBAL.bebenah see BENAH 1.beber bentang.beberapa some, several.bebesaran see BESARAN.bebet (Java) wraparound indicating rank, worn by males.bebi infant.bebingka see BINGKA.beblat supplement, esp. to colonial-period legal gazette.bebotoh see BOTOH 2.bebotok 1 friend chicken leg or thigh. 2 large chunk of cooked chicken.bebuka (Java) foreword.bebuyutan senile.beca see BECAK 2.becak 1. spot, dot. 2. 1) pedicab, tricycle. 2) DC-3 plane. 3. ( becek) muddy.becok noisy, loud (of talking).becus capable.beda 1 difference. 2 remainder, balance.bedah surgical operation.bedak face powder, talcum powder.bedal 1. mem-bedal whip, thrash s.o. 2. run wild, bolt (of a horse).bedawi see BADAWI.bedaya (bedaya, bedoyo) k.o. sacral Central Java court dance.bedebah ill-omened (used in terms of abuse).bedegap sound of a strong blow.bedegong 1 obstinate, stubborn, headstrong. 2 opinionated, conceited.bedek see BADEK 2.bedek see BADEK 2.bedel (Coll.) surgical operation.bedeng 1. shed, barracks. 2. 1) dike embankment of a paady field. 2) ditch. 3)flowerbed, seedbed.bedil gun, rifle.bedol bedol-desa immigration of an entire village.bedolan drop-out (from school).bedudak (Java) viper.
  46. 46. bedug /beduk/ large drum suspended horizontally at mosque to summon toprayer.bedukang k.o. freshwater catfish.bedung mem-bedung swathe, put on a diaper.beeng (Sl.) very, extremely.bega 1. ber-bega, mem-bega circle around (of a bird). 2. mem-bega aim, takeaim.begadang (Coll.) stay up and talk all night.begadrung gathering, meeting, assembly.begal robber.begap sturdy, stout, stocky.begar confirmed, inveteratebegar, beger ber-beger, mem-beger circle around, pivot.begasi see BAGASI.begawan title for Hindu priest or ascetic (in shadow plays, etc.).begini 1 thus, like this. 2 well, so (often used to start a conversation).begitu 1 like that. 2 so, very. 3 how very. 4 just at the moment.bego /begok/ stupid, imbecilic, idiotic.begondal see BEGUNDAL.begonia begonia.begroting (behroting) (Coll.) budget.beguk 1 goiter. 2 mandible, lower jaw.begundal hoodlum.beha see BH.behandel (Coll.) mem-behandel 1 take care of, treat (patient, wound, etc.). 2manage, handle.behaviorisme behaviorism.bejana 1 container, vessel, receptacle. 2 vase.bejat 1 damaged, spoiled (esp. of baskets, bags, etc. with split seams). 2depraved, wanton.bejo (Java) licky.bek 1. (Sport) backfield player. 2 (Coll.) head of a village.beka ber-beka-beka chat, discuss.bekak ber-bekak be cruel.bekakak (Sunda) whole baked chicken, esp. in weddings when bridal couple pulls itapart.bekakas see PERKAKAS.bekal stock, supplies, provisions.bekam 1. bruise. 2. mem-bekam 1) bleed s.o. 2) seize (prey).bekantan proboscis mongkey (of Kalimantan).bekas 1. 1) print, trace. 2)former (site, wife, etc.). 3) ex, former. 4 used, second-hand. 2. receptacle, container.bekatul 1 bran. 2 rice siftings.bekecot see BEKICOT.bekek see BERKIK.bekel game of jacks.beken (Coll.). well known, familiar.
  47. 47. beker 1. alarm clock 2. 1) trophy. 2) cup, breaker.bekerja 1 work. 2 active (of a volcano, etc.). 3 have a celebration or ceremony.bekicot k.o. edible snail, similar to escargot.bekil k.o. fish, snapper.beking backing, support.bekingisme practice of seeking and relying on support from influential figures in (often)questionable projects.bekisar cross between domestic chicken and jungle fowl.bekleding upholstery or covering of car interior, chair, wall.bekles backless gown.beklit mem-beklit upholster s.t.bekot see BOIKOT.beku 1 frozen. 2 congealed, coagulated. 3. rigid, inflexible, unbending.bekuk bend in two, fold.bekuku /bekukung/ k.o. fish, sea bream.bel see also entries with bl-.bela care for, nurture.belacan shrimp or fish paste condiment.belaco /belacu/ unbleached cotton, gray shirting.beladau k.o. bolo knife.belado (M) a dish with red pepper sauce.belagu put on, act affected.belah 1 crack, gap, crevice. 2 half, cut in half. 3 side.belahak mem-belahak clear o.s throat, expectorate.belai mem-belai 1 caress, stroke. 2 flatter.belajar 1 study. 2 learn.belak 1 black spot (on wood). 2 white spot (on skin).belaka 1 entirely, completely. 2 quite, very. 3 only, merely.belakang 1 back, backside. 2 behind, back of. 3 later. 4 on the back of, the reverseside.belalai 1 trunk, snout. 2 proboscis. 3 tentacle, feeler.belalak mem-belalak stare, open wide. 2 look at s.o. with big eyes.belalang 1. locust, grasshopper. 2. mem-belalang stare.belam see BALAM 1.belan bolt. mem-belan fasten with crossbar.belanda 1 Dutch. 2 treat as Dutch.belandang (Java) mem-belandang run fast.belandanisasi Hollandization.belandong see BLANDONG.belang 1 spot, band, stripe. 2 skin blemish. 3 blemished, spotted.belanga earthen cooking pot.belangkas 1. horseshoe crab. 2. k.o. small bolo knife.belangkin 1 asphalt. 2 black shoe polish.belanja 1 expense, expenditure. 2 cost, expense.belantan club, cudgel, nightstick.belantara forest, jungle.
  48. 48. belantik 1. k.o. spear used in hunting. 2. see BLANTIK. 3. see BINTANG.belarak see BLARAKbelas 1. mercy, pity. 2. teens, tens (used in numbers from 11 through 19).belasah whip s.o.belastar see BLASTER.belasteng,belasting (Coll.) 1 tax. 2 duty, tariff.belasungkawa condolences.belasut growl, snarl.belat 1 bamboo screen. 2 fish trap of plaited bamboo. 3 splint.belat-belit devious, surreptitious.belati k.o. broad-bladed knife.belatik, belatuk woodpecker.belatik,belatuk woodpecker.belatung maggot.belau 1. (ber)-belau-belau-an flicker, glitter, shine. 2. see BLAU.beldu see BELUDRU.belebas 1 lathe. 2 ruler, yardstick.beledang sea eel.beledu see BELUDRU.belegar booming noise of explosion.beleguk bubbling sound of water.beleh see SEMBELIH.beleid policy.belek 1 mem-belek operate on, cut open. 2. see BLEK.belekok see BLEKOK.belel bell-bottom style trousers, wide at the cuff.belencong see BLENCONG.belendung (Java) mem-belendung be sticking out (of stomach).beleng ber-beleng turn around.belengeh mem-belengeh-kan bibir distort o.s lips, grimace.belenggu handcuff , fetter, shackle of wood or iron.belengket mem-belenget stick, cling, adhere.belengkik turn.belengkong curve, arch.belengset ectropion, with the lower eyelid turned inside out.belenong sound of a bell.belepotan (Coll.) 1 be smeared all over with s.t. 2 be messy.belepotan (Coll.) 1 be smeared all over with s.t. 2 be messy.beler (Java) cut into s.t.belerang sulphur.belerong market stall.belesek see BLESEK.belet (Java) ke- have the need, have compelling urge (esp. to urinate or defecate).beletak-belenong clamg-clang (of streetcar bell).belgia Belgium.
  49. 49. beli buy.belia 1 youth. 2 young.beliak mem-beliak, ter-beliak wide open and staring (of eyes). mem-beliak-kanopen eyes wide.belian see BERLIAN.beliau (respectful form of reference) he, she.belibis k.o. wild duck, the teal.belida k.o. fish.beligo wax gourd.belik see BLEK.belikat scapula, shoulder bone.beliku bend, curve (in road etc).belimbing 1 ridged longitudinally. 2 star fruit, carambola.belincung pickax.beling 1 porcelain. 2 shards (of glass, platter, etc.).belingkang ter-belingkang sprawled.belinjo 1. bullet (of gun, rifle). 2. see MELINJO 1.belintang ber-belintang(an), ter-belintang lie across, be athwart.belit 1 coil. 2 curve, bend.belitung Billiton, an island S. of the Riau archipelago.beliung 1 carpenters adze. 2 pickax.beliut bent and crooked.belodok 1 k.o. fish, goby. 2 protruding (of eyes), similar to goby eyes.belok 1. 1) muddy. 2) mud. 3) clayey soil. 2. 1) pulley. 2) stocks, fetter. 3. seeBLOK 1,2.belon (Jakarta) see BELUM.belongkang barge, river freighter.belongsong wrapper.belontok k.o. fish, large goby.belorok see BLOROK.belorong see BLORONG.belot 1 turncoat, renegade, traitor. 2 be a turncoat. 3 (Rel.) apostate.belu-belai chatter, gossip.belubur storage place for rice.beludak 1. outburst (of laughter, applause). 2. viper.beludar k.o. round rice cake.beludru velvet, velveteen.beluk 1. k.o. insect, stalk borer. 2. see SELUK 1.belukar 1 thicket, underbrush. 2 shrub.beluku see WALUKU.belulang 1 tough, dray. 2 callus (on foot or hand). 3 rawhide. 4 (Lit.) bones.beluluk young coconut.belum 1 not yet. 2 not (yet) including.belun (Java) see BELUM.belungkang 1 butt end of palm leaf stalk. 2 young coconut halved.belungkur k.o. fish, Queensland smelt.belunjur see UNJUR.
  50. 50. beluntas k.o. gardenia with edible leaves used for hedges.belur welt up (of skin). ber-belur-belur harden into welts, raise up welts.beluru see AKAR.belus 1. loose-fitting (of ring, clothing). 2. blouse.belut eel.bembam mem-bembam roast in bot ashes.bemban 1. k.o. shrub the leaves of wich can be plaited. 2. k.o. staked fish trap.bembem thick and swollen.bemo (becak bermotor) 1 k.o samall motorized vehicle used for publictransportation. 2 work as a driver of this vehicle.bemper see BUMPER.ben see BAND1.bena 1 particularly, very. 2 care, attention.benah 1. be(r)-benah-benah up, tidy up, clean up. 2. k.o. small insect harmful torice.benak 1. 1) marrow. 2) brain, mind. 2. 1) hard of hearing. 2) stupid, dull-witted.benalu 1 arboreal parasitic plant, epiphyte. 2 parasite. 3 sponger, freeloader.benam ber-benam, mem-benam sink out of sight, hide.benang thread, yarn.benar 1 correct, right. 2 right, honest, true. just, honest. 4 true, not false. 5sincere, true. 6 valid. 7 truthful. 8 very, quite, reallybenatu see PENATU.bencah muddy (of ground after storm).bencana disaster, calamity, debacle, havoc.bencang stunted in growth, dwarfed.bencarung k.o. bird, oriole.benci hate, dislike, aversion.bencirit see CERET.bencong (Sl.) female impersonator, transvestite.benda thing, article, inanimate object. ber-benda wealthy, rich. mem-benda-kanmake into money.bendahara 1 treasurer, esp. of clubs, organizations, etc. 2 (Lit.) grand vizier. 3 (Che.)queen.bendahari (Lit.) treasurer.bendalu see BENALU.bendar irrigation canal in rice field.bendasraya see ASURANSI.bendawi,bendawiah material, substantive.bende small bronze or copper gong.bendek,bendeks (Auto) starter drive pinion.bendel,bendel see BUNDEL 1.bendera flag, colors.benderang bright, brilliant.
  51. 51. benderung empty space between two buildings.bendharawan 1 treasurer, esp. gvt. officials. 2 (Acad.) bursar. 3 office accountant.bendi two-wheeled carriage.bendo large-bladed knife for cutting wood.bendoro (Java) a title of nobility.bendosa (Java) catafalque.bendul 1. cross beam. 2. (Coll.) swollen.bendung 1 dike. 2 dam.bene (Jakarta) see BENAH 1.bener see BENAR.benerang see BENDERANG.bengah 1 pedantic. 2 proud, conceited, arrogant, haughty.bengal 1 momentarily deaf (as from a blow), stunned. 2 stubborn, obstinate. 3forward, impertinent, rude.bengalo see BUNGALO.bengang 1. ringing in the ears. 2. wide open.bengap 1 slight deafness (from a cold or from descent of plane). 2 have difficultyspeaking, incoherent (from embarrassment, shyness, or hesitation).bengawan (Java) river.bengek 1. 1) asthma. 2) asthmatic. 2. teat, nipple.benggal, benggil bump, bruise.benggalo 1. k.o. cassava. 2. see BUNGALO.benggang have space between.benggil ber-benggil have bumps, be bumpy (of road).benggol bump, bruise.bengik see BENGEK 1.bengis 1 cruel, strict, harsh.bengkak 1 swollen, puffy. 2 swelling, tumor. 3 abscess.bengkal ke-bengkal-an choke, swallow the wrong way.bengkal-bengkil bruise, lump.bengkalai mem-bengkalai-kan neglect, leave unattended or unfinished.bengkang 1 crooked, curved. 2 curve.bengkap see BINGKAP.bengkar mem-bengkar 1 expand. 2 be in bloom.bengkarak 1 skeleton. 2 bones. 3 carcass.bengkarung k.o. smooth-scaled lizard.bengkawan 1 lath around which palm thatch is made. 2 numeral classifier for thatch.bengkawang k.o. fern.bengkayang gorged, stuffed (from overeating).bengkel 1 workshop. 2 machine shop. 3 repair shop, garage.bengkelai (Coll.) have a fight.bengkeng irritable, irascible, touchy, testy.bengkok land for use of village employees in place of salary.bengkol bent, curved.bengkong 1. crooked, bent. 2. professional circumciser.
  52. 52. bengkos mem-bengkos gasping.bengkuang see BANGKUANG.bengkudu small treethe root of which produces dyes, morinda.bengkulu Bencoolen (town and province in S.W. Sumatra).bengkunang k.o. mousedeer.bengkung 1. 1) long waist sash used by women wearing sarongs. 2) abdominal sashworn after giving birth. 2. bent, crooked.bengle plant used in medicines.bengok goiter.bengong 1 dazed, stupefied. 2 cresfallen. 3 expressionless, vacant, blank.bengot slanting, sloping.bengu stale (of air).benguk 1 angry, surly. 2 sulking. 3 downhearted.bengul red and swollen (of eyes after crying).benian 1 strongbox. 2 jewelry box.benih 1 seed. 2 germ. 3 semen. 4 origin, descent. 5 cause, oigin.bening clear, transparent.benjal-benjol bumpy and rocky (of road, path), lumpy (mattress).benjol 1 lump, bump, protruding tumor. 2 bruised, swollen.benjut having a large lump or bump from being struck.bensin gasoline.bensol high-octane gasoline for planes.benta sore, boil (on upper lip).bentak say in a harsh manner.bentan relapse.bentang bentang-alam landscape. 1 spread out, extend. 2 reach.bentangur k.o. tree growing on seashore.bentar 1 see SEBENTAR. 2. see CANDI.bentara herald.bentaran (Jakarta) see SEBENTAR.benteh ber-benteh wrestle with the legs interwined.benteng 1 fortress, bastion, rampart. 2 fortification, entrenchment. 3 (Che.) rook,castle.benter ber-benter-benter 1 turn, revolve. 2 turn off, detour.bentet cracked open, burst open.bentil nipple, teat.bentoh see BANTAH.bentok ke-bentok hit against, bump against.bentol small bump (like a mosquito bite).bentong large splotch.bentrok quarrel, clash.bentuk 1 shape, form, type. 2 bend, curve. 3 classifier used for round or curvedobjects.bentul k.o. large aroid.bentur ber-bentur collide.bentus (Java) see BENTUR.benua 1 continent. 2 (Lit.) country.
  53. 53. benum mem-benum (Lit.) appoint.benur shrimp fry.benyai 1 soft, mushy. 2 weak, impotent.benyawak see BIAWAK.benyek soft, mushy (of fruit, cereal, mud).benyot awry, askew, skewed.beo myna bird. mem-beo parrot, imitate.beol (beol) (Sunda) defecate.bepergian go on a trip, travel.ber see also entries with be-.bera 1. 1) dark red. 2) red and swollen. 2) mem-bera-kan leave (paddy) fallowtemporarilyberabad-abad for centuries.berabe 1 nuisance, annoying. 2 bad luck. 3 (Coll.) Darn ! (exclamation ofexasperation).berabonemen subscribe.berabu dusty.beracara 1 sit, be in session (of court, etc.). 2 be on the agenda. 3 be in litigation.berada 1 be (in a place). 2 well-off, well-to-do.beradab 1 cultured, civilized. 2 polite.beradaptasi adapt, assimilate.beradat 1 customary, traditional, follows traditions. 2 well-mannered.beradu 1 collide. 2 compete.beragama 1 have a religious.. 2 be religious.beragitasi agitate for.berahi sexual desire. 2 passion, lust. 3 passionate, lustful.berahmana see BRAHMANA.berai be spread, dispersed.berair 1 have water. 2 juice (of fruit). 3 aqueous.berajojing dance this dance.berak mired (in mud, quicksand).berak-berok (Java) scream and shriek.berakad settle an agreement or contract.berakal berakalberakhir 1 end. 2 become extinct.berakhlak have a certain character.berakit 1 travel by raft. 2 attached alongside.berakraban be chummy with, be close to.beraksa mythical winged creature, Pegasus.beraksi 1 be in action. 2 show off, flaunt.beralasan have a base or foundation.beralaskan 1 be placed on as a base or covering of s.t. 2 be based on.beralih 1 change. 2 shift, move.beraliran have an ideology.beralun-alun 1 heave, roll, pitch, billow up. 2 be in steady movement.beram introxicating beverage made of fermented rice or tapioca.
  54. 54. beramal 1 charitable, generous. 2 pray silently.beramanah /beramanat/ instruct, issue an order.berambang see BRAMBANG.beramping side by side, next to.beranda 1 veranda, porch. 2 (R.R.) station platform. 3 (Naut.) quarterdeck.berandal see BRANDAL.berandang 1 conspicuous, clearly visible. 2 striking, noticeable.berang 1 angry, furious, irate. 2 anger.berang-berang otter.berangan 1. arsenic. 2. k.o. tropical chestnut and other related trees.berangan-angan 1 dream, fantasize. 2 aim, have ideals.berangas barnacle.berangasan hot-tempered, hotheaded.berangguk nod.berangkat leave, depart, set out.berangsang very angry.berangsur-angsur 1 little by little. 2 move forward a little. 3 in installments.berangus see BRANGUS.berani audacious, brave, bold, courageous, dauntless.beranjak 1 move, get up. 2 shift. move.beranjangsana tour an area.berantak mem-berantak-kan put s.t. into disorder.berantas 1 fight (against), combat. 2 wipe out, remove (corruption, smallpox,inflation).berantuk come in contact with, touch.berapi 1 have fire. 2 be on fire. 3 fiery, fervent. 4 very angry. livid.berapi-api 1 furious, raging. 2 glitter, shine, sparkle (of eyes).berapit 1 be wedged in, be hemmed in. 2 be close to e.o. 3 jammed, wedged, stuck.berarah have an aim or purpose.berarti 1 mean. 2 be significant, meaningful. 3 valuable, useful.beras hulled rice.beras-beras k.o. fish, drumfish.berat 1 heavy. 2 serious, severe. 3 hard, difficult. 4 close, oppressive, sultry. 5weight. 6 strong (of drink, cigarettes, etc.).berbalas mutual response , 1.have a response 2.reverberate,echo,response.berbarengan 1 together with, accompanied by. 2 at the same time. 3 coincide.berbaring 1 lie down 2 be stert out (in a lounge chair ) 3 be in bed (in hospital) .berbaris 1 form a line (of trees,etc) 2 march 3 line up , form a queue 4 (mil) to drill.berbeda 1 be diffirent , differ , diverge 2 have a diffirence (of) .berbelit - belit 1) wind, twist in and out. 2) complicated. 3) involved, has ramifications.berbencah - bencah swampy, marshy.berbinar - binar berbinar - binar
  55. 55. berboyong 1 move, shift, change, remove. 2 emigrate, settle.bercak pockmarked, spotted.bercelana wear trousers.bercik see PERCIK.bercita - cita 1) desire, long for. 2) aspire. 3) longing, yearning. 4) idea (esp. in slogans).bercokok see BICOKOK.berdalih 1 seek an excuse 2 equivocate , quibble .berdampingan contiguous, side by side.berdandan 1) dress up, get dressed. 2) decorated, made elaborate.berdengung 1 wail (of siren, forghorn, etc.), drone (of plane). 2 resound, reverberate.berderai - derai 1) in droves. 2) continuously.berdesak - desak crowd, jostle.berdesar 1 sizzle, hiss. 2 lisp.berdetak 1 make a tapping sound. 2 beat (of heart).berdetasan give off a popping sound (wet leaves burning, etc.).berdetus,detupan 1 explode. 2 make throbbing sound.berdikari (berdiri di atas kaki sendiri) stand on o.s own feet, be self-reliant.berdiri 1 stand. 2 exist.berdisko dance to disco music.berdondang rock back and forth.berdus obese, copulent, potbellied.berebet see BREBET.berebut 1 snatch away, take away by force. 2 struggle to obtain a goal.berek-berek k.o. bird.berem see BERAM.bereman edge, verge (of road).beremban 1 cross beam. 2 dam.berenang swim.berenda of lace, decorate with lace.berendam 1 submerged. 2 remain in o. place.berendeng - rendengan be in a line, go s.w. in a line.bereng-bereng flat knobless gong.berenga maggot.berengos see BRENGOS.berengut mem-berengut surly, sullen.berentang mem-berentang be stretched, taut.berentet-rentet line, o. after the other.berenti see HENTI.bereo /bereok/ (Jakarta) see BREWOK.beres 1 in order, well done. 2 finished, settled.beresok see ESOK.beret demanding, exacting.berevolusi evolve.berewok see BREWOK.bergabung 1 gather together, colected together. 2 merge, fuse.
  56. 56. bergajul scoundrel.bergedel k.o. spherical croquette (of meat and mashed potato).bergejolak 1 flare up (of fire, temper, etc.). 2 fluctuate (of prices).bergelandangan loaf about, loaf around, wander aimlessly.bergelombang bergelombangbergemar enjoy o.s., have a good time.bergerigi 1 serrated, toothed (saw, etc.). 2 jagged (edge).bergerinding get goose bumps from fear, stand on end (of body hair from fear).bergerohok 1 be hollow (of tree). 2 have a cavity (of tooth).bergesel,geser 1 shift, move. 2 rub.bergetar 1 shake, tremble. 2 vibrate, quiver.bergizi nutritious, nourishing.bergombal 1 old and torn, worn out. 2 poorly made.bergoyang rock, wobble. 2 sway, swing (of branches, foot, etc.).berguk dress covering entire body exept eyes and hands sometimes worn byMuslim women.bergulingan roll, wallow (of several things).bergulungan 1 roll (of waves). 2 be rolled up (of sleeves, etc.). 3 coiled (of rope, etc.).bergumam 1 mumble. 2 suppress (laugh or smile).berguna useful, beneficial.bergundah - hati 1 depressed. 2 anxious, restless.bergurat have a scratch or line in it.bergurat-gurat full of scratches or lines.berhadapan 1 face, front on. 2 be faced with. 3 face to face.berhadiah with a gift.berhak 1) have the right (to). 2) reserve the right.berhala berhalaberhamburan 1) scattered about. 2) flow, tricle (of tears).berhantam 1 fight, scuffle. 2 collide with. 3 infringe on.berhati - hati be careful.berhelat celebrate with a party.berhijarah evacuate.berhubung connected, related.berhubungan 1 related to s.t. 2 get in touch, be in contact.berhuma 1 grow rice on dry field. 2 clear land for cultivation.beri 1 give, bestow. 2 offer, put up. 3 (Coll.). let. 4 put on, apply s.t. 5 (Coll.) hit,strike. 6 add (in recipes).beri-beri beri-beri.beriang k.o. monitor lizard.beribadah beribadahberikhtiar endeavor, seek the means to.berimigrasi migrate.bering-bering large cymbal with center boss.beringas 1 hot-tempered, wild. 2 furious.beringin banyan tree.beringis /beringisan/ grin.
  57. 57. berinisiative 1take the initiative. 2 have initiative.berirama rhythmical, having rhythm.beriring successive, consecutive.berisik 1. 1) noisy, tumultuous. 2) uproar, noise. 2. 1) rustling (noise). 2) be noisy.berita 1 news (report). 2 announcement, report.beritahu 1 inform s.o. 2 report, tell about.berjahat 1 sin, do wrong. 2 defame, malign s.o. 3 seduce (a female).berjalan 1 walk. 2 run (of an engine). 3 run, go, work. 4 be going on a certain age.berjangka 1 (be a certain) measure. 2 be spaced.berjatuhan fall ( plural ).berjaya 1 victorious, triumphant, glorious. 2 successful, doing very well.berjejal 1 crowd, jam. 2 be jampacked (with spectators, etc.).berjejalan thronged, crowded.berjempalikan turn somesaults severl times.berjemur expose o.s. to the sun.berjenguk look or peer out (of many people).berjenis - jenis verious.berjenjang 1) step by step, gradual. 2) in tiers, terraced. 3) by ladder.berjerepet 1 linked together (of links in chain). 2 grown togheter (of fingers, etc.).berjingkek 1 tiptoe, go on tiptoe. 2 wear high heels.berjompakan 1 prance about. 2 (Naut.) leave a wake.berjongkangan fall (of several erect things).berjotos fight with the fists.berjualan 1 sel (several things). 2 sell for a living.berjuis see BORJUIS.berjurus - jurus repeatedly.berkabar 1 tell, relate. 2 send news about o.s.berkaca 1) look in the mirror. 2) contain glass.berkah see BERKAT.berkaitan 1 link to e.o. 2 be related to.berkarang 1 inset (of diamond, etc.). 2 in bunches (of flowers).berkas 1 bundle, sheaf. 2 dossier.berkat 1 blessing, favor. 2 thanks to, owing to, due to. 3 profitable, doing well (ofan enterprise). 4 small amount of food taken home after ceremonial meal.berkata talk, speak.berkata-kata converse, talk to e.o.berkawasan of the same region.berkebun 1 farm, plant for a living. 2 have a plantation or garden.berkedut wrinkled, creased (of skin, clothes, etc.).berkehendak have an intention.berkelap - kelip 1 flicker. 2 sparkle (of a gem), twinkle (of stars).berkelibang swarm about, fly around (of insects).berkelibatan be visible for only a second, flash by.