Participation for Open Internet - The Case of Marco Civil


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a presentation on legislation craft by a larger group of society and the official and unofficial process

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  • The project was created by means of a partnership between the Ministry of Justice Ministério da Justiça in partnership with the Center for Technology and Society of the Law School at the Fundação Getulio Vargas. Both institutions launched on October 29, 2009 the first draft phase of a collaborative process to build the draft for the Marco Civil.
  • And then NSA looks at Dilma’s email
  • May 23, during the launch of the National Policy for Social Participation, Dilma affirmed that the process to regulate Marco Civil will also be developed through public consultation

  • Numerous scholars have highlighted how the internet and digital media support transnational networked advocacy, particularly with an emphasis on personalized action on the edges of loose networks of actors. s. Lower costs for individual action allow for a different role for civil society organizations.

    a shift in the “single-operation local organizations rooted in elitist sectors of society” in the 1970s and 1980s to “disembodied, distributed, and individualized” action using the Internet as a major platform in contemporary social movements. Milan and Hintz have investigated how the networks of connective action challenge the traditional roles of civil society and highlight the role of the individual.
    observe “entrepreneurial” actions by individuals on the edges of advocacy networks in which “individuals have a high degree of autonomy and may design collective organizational action efforts in ways that are not sanctioned or controlled by central authority.”
  • Participation for Open Internet - The Case of Marco Civil

    1. 1. 2014 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference Carolina Rossini Vice President, International Policy Public Knowledge @carolinarossini Making a Bill of Rights for the Internet
    2. 2. What the Marco Civil achieves legislatively.
    3. 3. (Online and Offline) Advocacy Efforts
    4. 4. @FreeNet
    5. 5. Engagement in drafting, not just advocacy.
    6. 6. Engagement in comment, not just advocacy.
    7. 7. The signature
    8. 8. Rinse, lather, repeat
    9. 9.
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Clear example of: • Multi-level politics and Networked advocacy – Where the networks consist of horizontal and vertical dimensions. • Communications technology can be empowering through the lowering of costs for collective action, support for political entrepreneurialism, and decreased dependency on a central organization.
    12. 12. Advocacy for an Open Internet • These models need to encourage participation as a lifestyle, not just a periodic engagement. @Beth Noveck
    13. 13. Thank You Obrigada @carolrossini