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I4ADA 2019 - Accountability, Social Media & Journalism


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See for additional information and videorecordings of the presentations held at the Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age-

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I4ADA 2019 - Accountability, Social Media & Journalism

  1. 1. What happened to Journalism? NEWS INDUSTRY  Biz model shift to ‘eyeball traffic’ trivializes content for most  Devil’s Bargain: FREE news for viewer Attention (=Ad Rev)  Sensational headlines gain ‘search’ ranking & ‘virality’  Online News Media scramble for ATTENTION not TRUTH  Journalism mission abandoned
  2. 2. Digital scramble leaves Truth behind Connect family, friends & groups Bias in content-interest & sharing Alternative viewpoints filtered out Cocoons, Filters & ‘Echo- Chambers’ No ‘gate-keeper’ for content FACTS not verified before share FREE access to kill boredom Activists use to mobilize crowds SOCIAL NETWORKS
  3. 3. GOOGLE dominates global Search GOOGLE dominates: Text Search 69.35% Image Search 20.45% Google tweaks its ranking algorithm on ‘original sources’ for news content. W-I-P Original ranks up. Is it News, Opinion, Comment? Direct quotes? Etc.
  4. 4. Accountability by Source Transparency MICRO MEASURES  Fact-check News  Verify Source  Flag Unattributed Content  Detect Trolls & Block  Blacklist Fake Sources & Trolls PROBLEM: Labour-intensive; Fact- checkers refer other media; Black Web mutates MACRO SYSTEMS  NEWSGUARD – assigns Green & Red trust labels by human-curation. Founded 2018 by Brill & Crovitz. Investors incl. Knight Foundation & Publicis. Licensed to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox & Safari  TRIVE – Algorithmic tracking  Our. News – uses crowd-voting PRESSLAND – Logs media chain as public index of creators
  5. 5. HYBRID Approach? NEWSGUARD (Human-centric) Senior journalists as editors & advisers in each country “We apply human intelligence to a problem that Silicon Valley’s AI has failed to solve: the plague of misinformation & disinformation online. - Angelo Pauro, Newsguard Italy GOOGLE (Data-centric) Over 10,000 3rd Party “Search Quality Raters” feedback on Algorithm changes “Raters provide a human assessment for our ranking systems and machine-learning labels… We evolve new models. We experiment and test. Search is always a Work-in-Progress.” - Richard Gingras, VP News, Google
  6. 6. PRESSLAND Jan 2019 It is not the business of profiteers, the government or billionaires to reclaim public trust in media. This responsibility and challenge belongs to the media itself. Content marketing and sponsored content have encouraged publishers to blur the line between journalism and marketing. Affiliate advertising clogs the web and social media with phony reviews, untrustworthy news and other scams. •Who wrote this article, and what is their history? •Who edited this article, and what is their history? •Who else influenced this article’s production? •Who published this article? •Who owns the publishing outlet? Who are its executives and directors? •What conflicts of interest, if any, are evident from analyzing this data? And, finally: •Given this information, can I trust what I’m reading, watching and sharing?
  7. 7. One Matrix of Content Reliability