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Solace digital leadership (june 2014)


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Solace digital leadership (june 2014)

  1. 1. Digital Survival skills Solace Masterclass June 2014 Catherine Howe, Chief Executive Public-i
  2. 2. Who am I to be telling you this? Some background I have worked in technology for nearly 20 years (eek) My area of interest is in using the social web to do democratic things – my research explores digital civic space. I also run Public-i where we build some of these ideas – and webcast A LOT of council meetings. Increasingly I am interested in digital leadership and the skills we need to work effectively in the network society I am also part of the team trying to build NHS Citizen @curiousc
  3. 3. Survival: Minimum viable knowledge
  4. 4. Austerity Everything is changing Everything is changing + + We need to change We need to change everything everything Social Change Aging population Democratic deficit Political parties are shrinking Climate change Technological innovation 3AM worries!
  5. 5. Is digital an answer?
  6. 6. Technological Determinism?
  7. 7. Society not technology
  8. 8. Welcome to the Network Society
  9. 9. Networks as the dominant social structure
  10. 10. Networked
  11. 11. Participatory Culture: Active citizens Collaborating Connecting Sharing Participating Creating
  12. 12. This is the world of Generation Y: The millennial generation The networked individual
  13. 13. Generation Y -Twenty-somethings, also known as Millenials -Tech-savvy individuals who are comfortable and confident using technology in daily life -Achievement focused – confident, competitive and ambitious with high expectations -Feedback valuing – Gen Y seek reassurance and feedback often -Often more liberal and politically active than the previous generation
  14. 14. What is really going on?
  15. 15. We communicate and organise ourselves differently
  16. 16. Data is huge
  17. 17. Context is collapsed
  18. 18. Openness is replacing privacy Private Public
  19. 19. Or is it??
  20. 20. As is time Linear Persistent
  21. 21. Everything is connected
  22. 22. How can we make sense of this? And lead through it?
  23. 23. What do we mean by Digital?
  24. 24. And using technology to do it Social Change Tribe – digital can change the world Social Innovation Tribe – digital can drive new, socially responsible economics Big Data Tribe – digital enables us to collect data and analyse trends Radical Redesign Tribe – digital can help us redesign the system Digital by Default Tribe – we can make everything better if it’s online Digital Architecture Tribe – super-fast internet, 4G, cloud-based Digital Cargo Cult – it’s shiny, and we want it
  25. 25. We limit ourselves by simply considering changes to the way we communicate So what should we be thinking about?
  26. 26. Do we have shared values?
  27. 27. Do we even have shared language?
  28. 28. Disintermediation
  29. 29. Retail
  30. 30. Personalisation
  31. 31. Travel
  32. 32. A shrinking state
  33. 33. An aging population
  34. 34. Can we really maintain 4 relationships with the citizen? Communications Engagement Consultation Politcians
  35. 35. How do we explore the art of the possible? How do we create a networked organisation? Transformation Change the system not the process Look outside Many professions are addressing this issue themselves Talk to the members This is a democratic issue
  36. 36. WHAT!!! Talk to members!!!! Our working assumption, explored in this work, is that: a more networked society will need a more Networked Councillor - able to represent and respond to people acclimatized to a collaborative and networked way of decision-making and taking action.
  37. 37. Citizens do not need us to organise them
  38. 38. Networks….of networks
  39. 39. Digital Civic Space Open Place defined Public Co-productive by Citizens Representative
  40. 40. Different skills are needed Cultural Practical An understanding of networked power Collaboration skills Co-design skills Social media ‘social’ skills An adequate understanding of the basic lexicon of digital Horizon scanning and research Data skills Digital commissioning Agile project management
  41. 41. There is no magic bullet How do we keep learning?
  42. 42. Thank you for your time Catherine Howe

Editor's Notes

  • I am after some sort of globe image with lots of data and people whizzing around it
  • So – what I would like here is a slide with the image from the document, a slide per tribe with bullet points and an image/example and then a handout - thanks