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LA Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability


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Speaker: Kevin O'Donnell

Published in: Technology
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LA Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability

  1. 1. • The LA Center operates as a partnership between: • USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Urban Ecosystems & Social Dynamics Program • USDA Forest Service, Region 5-State & Private Forestry, • City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation & Parks & • The Million Trees LA Initiative • The partnership will serve as a center of excellence in urban natural resources stewardship and promote adaptive management, technology transfer and science to improve the lives and environment in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
  2. 2. • The USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station has locations in: 1. Arcata, CA 2. Redding, CA 3. Placerville, CA (Institute of Forest Genetics) 4. Davis, CA 5. Albany, CA 6. Fresno, CA 7. Riverside, CA 8. Hilo, HI (Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry)
  3. 3. And now… Thanks to the help of the City of Los Angeles, the Million Trees LA Initiative and its many non-profit partners, the Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station now has a full- time and permanent presence in the City through the LA Center & the PSW/Los Angeles Urban Field Station
  4. 4. • Similar Forest Service Urban Field Station’s are located in: • New York: • Baltimore: • Philadelphia: • Chicago:
  5. 5. • The LA Center will be both a physical place to focus research and technology transfer as well as a network of relationships among a growing community of scholars, policy makers, cooperators and facilities focused on urban natural resources sustainability. • The LA Center’s physical presence will exist as a “Research Destination Hub” where key environmental, urban ecosystems, urban natural resource and social dynamic studies will serve to enhance the urban forests, urban waterways, urban wildlife, green infrastructure and lives throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
  6. 6. • The LA Center’s Executive Oversight Team consists of: – Deborah Chavez, PhD, Program Manager, Urban Ecosystems & Social Dynamics (UESD), Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service – Sandra Macias, Program Manager, Urban & Community Forestry, R5-State & Private Forestry, USDA Forest Service – Lisa Sarno, Executive Director, Million Trees LA / City of Los Angeles – Vicki Israel, Asst. General Manager, Department of Recreation &Parks, City of Los Angeles – George Gonzalez, Chief Forester, Urban Forestry Division, City of Los Angeles – Jack McCabe, Regional Operations Manager, Davey Resource Group / Past President of the California Urban Forest Council
  7. 7. • Some of the science delivery goals of the LA Center and its partners: – Awakening and Strengthening the Connection of Urban Youth to the Land (currently in progress) – Million Trees LA Life Cycle Assessment (currently in progress) – Urban Tree Canopy Assessment & Prioritization for the City of Los Angeles, using LiDAR (planned, LMU- Center for Urban Resilience & Univ. of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab) – Stewardship Mapping & Assessment Project (STEW- MAP) – social analysis of stewardship groups in the city (planned, LMU-Center for Urban Resilience)
  8. 8. Pacific Southwest Research Station Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program USDA Forest Service Research Publications