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Green Rx


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Speaker: Cindy Blain

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Green Rx

  1. 1. Green Rx: August 1, 2013 The Livable City Workshop Los Angeles Bridging Public Health and the Urban Forest
  2. 2. 1. Interactive Discussion 2. Quick Greenprint 3. How & Why Health 4. Green Rx 5. Health Partners 6. Resources 7. Recommendations Re-cap The Flow
  3. 3. Our Mission To build healthy, livable communities in the Sacramento Region by growing the best urban forest in the nation. →
  4. 4. Greenprint ThinkThink RegionallyRegionally
  5. 5. 5 Million Trees $25M Air Pollution Clean-up/Year 10M lbs of air pollution $17.5M Stormwater Runoff Cost/Year 1.75B gal of rainwater Air Water Energy $50M Energy Savings/Year 30% Summer Cooling Cost Savings
  6. 6. Next Frontier Public Health
  7. 7. Anthony Iton, MD, JD, MPH Senior Vice President California Endowment health ≠ healthcare
  8. 8. Urban Forest Perspective trees  health
  9. 9. The Reality trees = life
  10. 10. Public Health "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.“ It is concerned with threats to health based on population health analysis.
  11. 11. Public Health Terminology • Public Health vs Clinical care / Primary Care • Population Health • Health Behaviors vs Health Outcomes • Morbidities • Chronic illnesses  Lifestyle Choices • California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) • Causality vs Correlation or Association (Longitudinal studies vs snapshot)
  12. 12. Tree Foundation Health Projects • Skin Cancer / CDPH (1990s) • Urban Heat Island / NASA (1998 – 2001) • Urban Forest for Clean Air /AQDs (2006) • Fruit for Families / CDPH (2009) • Green Rx / USFS (2010) • Green Rx Expansion / CALFIRE (2012) • Spreading the Canopy / Trees Forever (2012)
  13. 13. Trees & Health: Of Note 2011 Health In All Policies Calif. Obesity Prevention Plan2010 • Strategic Growth Council Project • SGC Grant Requirements 2014? Urban Footprint?
  14. 14. SGC Grant: Pacer Promenade
  15. 15. Green Rx Project Objective: Conduct original research to determine the association between urban greening and major health behaviors & outcomes in the six-county Sacramento region of California.
  16. 16. Green Rx Data sets: 1)Urban canopy cover (and grass) based on 2008 LiDAR and 2010 aerial imagery 2)California Health Interview Survey – adult, teen, and child. 3)CHIS is x, y data 4)Buffer around x, y -- 50m, 100m, 250m, 500m 100m for asthma / 500m for physical activity
  17. 17. Green Rx Associations investigated: • ADHD • Body Mass Index • Diabetes • General Health Status • High Blood Pressure • Neighborhood Social Cohesion • Overweight/Obesity • Physical Activity • Psychological Distress
  18. 18. Green Rx Preliminary Results: • ADHD • Body Mass Index – Adult Teen Child • Diabetes • General Health Status – Adult Child • High Blood Pressure • Neighborhood Social Cohesion • Overweight/Obesity – Adult Child • Physical Activity • Psychological Distress
  19. 19. Green Rx Products • Literature Review • Findings summary report • Research report(s) prepared for publication • Policy brief(s) • Interactive website • Presentation tools
  20. 20. Expert Advisory Committee Desirée Backman, DrPH, MS, RD Chief Preventive Officer UC Davis Health System Teri Duarte, MPH Executive Director WALKSacramento Greg McPherson, PhD Project Leader US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station Dee Merriam, FASLA Landscape Architect /Community Planner Centers for Disease Control/Prevention   Mary E Northridge, PhD, MPH Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Public Health Department of Epidemiology & Health Promotion NYU College of Dentistry Shannon Ramsay CEO & Founding Director Trees Forever Iowa Ray Tretheway Executive Director Sacramento Tree Foundation
  21. 21. Expert Advisory Committee Glennah Trochet, MD Former Sacramento County Public Health Officer Aimee Sisson, MD, MPH As of March 1, 2012: Organic Farming Apprentice Soil Born Farms Formerly: Public Medical Officer California Department of Public Health Kathy Wolf, PhD Research Social Scientist Urban Forestry & Urban Ecology Univ of Washington - College of Forest Resources
  22. 22. Additional Advisors Janine Bera, MD Kaiser Permanente Board Member, SacTree Lianne Dillon Policy Associate, Public Health Institute Health in All Policies Task Force Office of Health Equity California Department of Public Health John Melvin State Urban Forester CALFIRE Robert Waste Government Relations Director UC Davis Health System Lawrence D. Frank, PhD President, Urban Design 4 Health Director of the Health & Community Design Lab, University of British Columbia. Research Project Lead: Jared Ulmer, AICP, MPH. Project Manager and Data Analyst Urban Design 4 Health
  23. 23. Fruit 4 Families Project Objective: Provide Nutrition Education and Physical Activity Promotion and Free Fruit Trees to SNAP eligible families SNAP = Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  24. 24. Fruit 4 Families “The Fruit 4 Families program was affordable and effective, generating great interest by the attendees and exceeding expectations for participation. The combination of food security with evidenced based nutrition and physical activity education is very powerful. I found program staff responsive, motivated and invested in an excellent program.” Vicki Sanderford-O’Connor, Program Manager Network for a Healthy California, California Department of Public Health
  25. 25. Fruit 4 Families Potential New Partners: • Sierra Health Foundation • Local Health Departments (SNAP funded) • Fruit Tree Growers • Health Education Council • Walmart • High Schools with greenhouses or gardens • Sacramento Consolidated Charities - Bingo Hall
  26. 26. Grant High School Garden
  27. 27. Where Trees Meet Public Health • Built Environment & Urban Form • Active Design • Active Living/Healthy Eating • Walkability • VMT – Vehicle Miles Traveled • Urban Greening
  28. 28. M U L C H M A D N E S S
  29. 29. Community Health Groups • California Endowment Building Healthy Communities (14 in state) • Sacramento Area Council of Governments Sustainable Communities Planning (HUD grant) • Sierra Health Foundation Healthy Sacramento Coalition (CDC grant)
  30. 30. Communities of Focus 15 Zip Codes
  31. 31. Community Health Groups • Health Effects Task Force Breathe California – Sacramento chapter • American Planning Association Speakers • National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health (NLAPH) • Community Needs Assessment Report for 4 local healthcare organizations
  32. 32. Recommendations 1. Leverage your board – anyone – to connect with health professionals. 2.Invite public health professionals to join boards, advisory committees, conferences. 3.Attend community meetings related to healthy urban design. 4.Get involved with APA, local university’s public health departments, local health foundations..
  33. 33. Recommendations 5. Partner with community groups in under-resourced neighborhoods. 6. Leverage research by ranked journals on proposals to government agencies and community foundations. 7. Reference HiAP and Calif. Obesity Plan – especially on proposals to government agencies.
  34. 34. Resources… • Green Cities:: Good Health – Human Health & Well-Being Research in relation to trees. Website - Kathy Wolf. • Environmental Protection Agency - Eco-Health Relationship Browser. PDF of bibliography on health and nature. See Laura Jackson video on this: • California Obesity Plan 2010 • Health in All Policies
  35. 35. Resources… utm_source=NLAPH&utm_campaign=f1fcb41cb3- Leadership_Learning_Network_Upcoming_Webinar_and_C&utm_medium=e mail&utm_term=0_5b21bf353f-f1fcb41cb3- • Aug. 16, 2013 Zoning for the Public's Health: Using Mixed-Use Zoning to Increase Walkability & Reduce Crime Nat’l Leadership Academy For The Public's Health • March 2014 Healthy Communities by Design Conference Loma Linda University.
  36. 36. Thank you! Questions? Call me… Cindy Blain (916) 974-4319 Next Greenprint Summit on Public Health: Thursday, January 30, 2014