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Seo intensive


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Seo intensive

  1. 1. Advanced SEO: Picking the Right Fights (And Winning Them, Too)Byrne Hobart / / (917) 806-0159
  2. 2. Intro ● What problems are you solving? ● Where are you starting? ● Your team? Their skills?
  3. 3. SEO FundamentalsEvery campaign has a few iterative steps: 1. Identify keywords. 2. Write content. 3. Promote content. 4. Measure results. 5. Repeat.
  4. 4. Keyword Research● The big question: what kinds of terms?● The variables to look at.● Managing a keyword list.● Brand terms, head terms, long-tail, and template terms.
  5. 5. SEO Copywriting● What do you read? What do you link to?● Long-term: reputation > readers experience > search engine experience.● Short term: invert these.
  6. 6. Self-Promotion (Its Not So Bad...) ● Talk to people who will be happy to hear from you. ● Come up with a target list. ● If youre doing PR, think of it in SEO terms. (News cycles last a day, links last for years.)
  7. 7. Social Media● Its an increasingly big factor in rankings.● Also an easy way to self-promote.● Always ask: who shares this, and why?● Which social networks do you use?
  8. 8. Integrated CampaignsSEO And... ● Paid search ads. ● PR campaigns. ● Banner ads. ● TV, radio, print
  9. 9. Tracking Results● The "Last-Click" Fallacy● Numbers to look at.● How to create new variables to track.
  10. 10. Going Black-Hat● Costs and benefits of link-buying.● Link-selling.● Putting it in context. (Check your competitors first!)● Economics of "outing."
  11. 11. In-House, Agency, Hybrid?● Agencies: good people, bad incentives.● Kinds of agencies: design/dev, pure SEO, SEO consultants, and more...● In-house: a big, uncertain investment. Plus, too much focus?● Hybrid model: in-house for core stuff, agencies for peripheral work.
  12. 12. Case Studies● AirBNB● OKCupid● LinkedIn● Blue Fountain Media● Digital Due Diligence● TaxRascal● Granite Transformations
  13. 13. Q&A&moreSome great resources: ● Rank Checker: checker/ ● SEOQuake: ● The AdWords Keyword Tool: com/o/Targeting/Explorer ● The SEOMoz guide to SEO: http://www.seomoz. org/beginners-guide-to-seoByrne Hobart / / (917) 806-0159