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Buzzsumo july-2018-chatbots-webinar


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BuzzSumo Expert Webinar with Larry Kim and Mobile Monkey

Published in: Marketing
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Buzzsumo july-2018-chatbots-webinar

  1. 1. #learningWithI + Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Facebook Messenger Marketing Larry Kim, MobileMonkey Aug 31, 2018 @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  2. 2. #CMCa2z #learningWithI Today’s Agenda 1. Intro to Chatbots & FB Messenger Marketing 3. Chat Blasting 4. Growing your FB Messenger Contact List 2. Chatbot Building Blocks 5. Facebook Messenger Ads @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  3. 3. #learningWithI 3 Random Facts About Larry @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  4. 4. #learningWithI Slightly Obsessed With Unicorns Make PPC Magical Again! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  5. 5. Live in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  6. 6. #learningWithI WordStream in 2008 vs. 2018 2008 2018 @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  7. 7. #learningWithI 7-Year Compound Annual Growth Rate 75% WordStream Financial Performance $1,100,000 $3,300,000 $6,500,000 $10,000,000 $22,800,000 $32,000,000 $55,000,000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 WordStream Revenues Last 8 Years! Estimated 2018 Revenues = 55M EBITA = 16M @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  8. 8. #learningWithI@mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  9. 9. Working on Creating The World’s Best FB Messenger Marketing Platform! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  10. 10. Me My 4-Year Old Kid (#ppckid) New Kid! Born May 20th Wife, Kay Lee, (Heart Surgeon!)
  11. 11. 2016 2018
  12. 12. #learningWithI Part 1: Why Marketers Should Care About Chatbots? @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  13. 13. Messaging Apps have Surpassed Social Networks Big 4 Social Networking Apps Big 4 Messaging Apps Yet only 1% of businesses can automatically engage w/ customers via messaging!
  14. 14. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  15. 15. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Most popular Messaging apps in USA Feb. 2018, Monthly active users (millions) = No Chatbot API!
  16. 16. Email Marketing 5-10% Open Rates FB Messenger Marketing 10-80x Better Engagement vs. Email or FB News Feed FB Messenger Blast 70-80% Open Rates (Within first 60 minutes!) FB News Feed 0-1% Organic Post Visibility Vs. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  17. 17. Messaging = Preferred Mode of Communication for an Entire Generation @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  18. 18. #learningWithI What People Think When I Mention Chatbots @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  19. 19. Messaging is Just a More Engaging Email! Quick Surveys! Registrations & Reminders! Segmentation & Drip Campaigns!
  20. 20. #learningWithI Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Building Blocks & Structure @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  21. 21. 1. This is an Automated Chatbot (not a live person) 2. This Chat is Taking Place via Facebook Messenger. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  22. 22. 3. You Can Jump In at Any Time in Your Facebook Page Inbox or Pages App
  23. 23. You Can Build Using the Facebook Messenger API - @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  24. 24. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Most People Just Use a Visual Chatbot Builder Like MobileMonkey!
  25. 25. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Basic Chatbot Content Building Blocks
  26. 26. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Assemble “Widgets” into Chat “Pages”
  27. 27. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Combining a Image and Text Widget on a Page
  28. 28. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Static Image and text widgets, as viewed in Messenger But how to get *dynamic* User Input? (Like Preferred Webinar Time)?
  29. 29. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Quick Questions & Forms: Quick Question = 1 question. Form = Lots of questions in sequece Multiple Choice Question Text Input Question
  30. 30. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Asking Questions and Saving User Responses
  31. 31. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Send ebooks, PDF, Gift Cards, etc. via Chat Rather than Email or Web Links! Other Common Widgets: Send Video or Attachments Videos Are Fantastic for Chat!
  32. 32. Two Types of Chatbot Navigation Experiences Button-Based Navigation Natural Language Processing Vs. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  33. 33. Add a few Keyword Triggers for your Chat Pages @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  34. 34. The Chatbot AI analyzes the intent of the user request. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Then Serves the Correct Page You’ve Previously Created
  35. 35. Tip: Periodically Review All “Unanswered Questions” and either create new content or point those user queries to existing content! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  36. 36. #learningWithI Part 2. How to Chat Blast Like a Master Blaster @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  37. 37. #learningWithI Email vs. Chat How do open and click-through-rates compare? @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  38. 38. #learningWithI@mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo +3x read rates, +10x click rates
  39. 39. #learningWithI You Can Chat-Blast Anyone Who Messages Your FB Page (Please Message Me!) Subject to a few Restrictions* @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  40. 40. #learningWithI@larrykim @upwork You Get Contact Information for Everyone Who Messages Your FB Page
  41. 41. #learningWithI You Can Chat Blast Everyone Who Ever Who Messaged You in FB Messenger! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  42. 42. I Blasted Neil Patel a Blog Post w/ My Bot And He Read It! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  43. 43. You Can Schedule Your Chat Blasts @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo When Chat Blasting, You Must Specify An Audience (a List)
  44. 44. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo To Define an Audience, As Your Users a Question
  45. 45. Then Define Your Audience Based on that Criteria Audience Preview @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  46. 46. So That You Can Send Targeted, Relevant Content to your Subscribers! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Tip: Always Write Copy in the Form of a Question.
  47. 47. #learningWithI You Can Schedule Your Chat Blasts You Can Schedule Your Chat Blasts @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  48. 48. #learningWithI Or Automatically Blast All Your New Blog Content @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  49. 49. #learningWithI@mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo Or Send a Sequence of Messages Based on a Trigger (Drip Campaigns)
  50. 50. #learningWithI Live Example of Chat Blasting & Drip Campaigns Go here: @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  51. 51. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  52. 52. Chat Blasting Restriction #1: You Must honor all unsubscribes. (Type “Stop” or “unsubscribe” – etc.) User can also block you and if your numbers are bad you will get banned. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  53. 53. Tip: Always include unsubscribe instructions @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  54. 54. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo “Promotional Chat Blasts”, according to Facebook. Machine Learning Algos are used to determine promotional vs. non-promotional content. Promotional vs. Non-Promotional Chat Blasts
  55. 55. Facebook Requires That You Describe the “Purpose” of your Chat Blast as either Promotional or Non-Promotional @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  56. 56. Tip: Every time the user messages you back, the clock resets. So always send messages that provoke responses. E.g.: Do you Love Puppies? @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo First 24 Hours After first 24 Hours For All Time Send as many as you want. Only one promotional message afterwards. Non-promotional chat blasts (like shipping confirmations or blog posts) are OK. Chat Blasting Restriction #2: The “24+1 Rule”
  57. 57. Chat Blasting Loophole – Subscription Messaging – Apply for exemption if you are sending news, reminders or personal trackers, etc. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  58. 58. (How to get FB messenger subscribers!) @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  59. 59. #learningWithI Adding a FB Messenger “Opt-in” Button to All Website Contact Forms Will Increase Opt-Ins
  60. 60. #learningWithI Instead of just collecting email subscribers, get Messenger Subscribers Webinar Sign Up Page! @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  61. 61. #learningWithI Copy and Paste This Code Into Your Website Forms @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  62. 62. #learningWithI Attach Auto-Responders To Your Facebook Posts (Respond to People Who Comment) TRY: @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  63. 63. #learningWithI Link to Your Bot (Via Email or Web Pages) TRY: @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  64. 64. #learningWithI Installing FB Chat on Your Website will Greatly Increase Your Messenger Contact List @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  65. 65. #learningWithI “Landing Pages” (Hosted Sign Up Buttons) – Try: mobilemonkey
  66. 66. #learningWithI “Send to Messenger” Facebook Ads = 100% Conversion Rate* @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  67. 67. #learningWithI New “Sponsored Message” Ad Format in Facebook Messenger @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  68. 68. #learningWithI “Send to Messenger” Facebook Ads = 100% Conversion Rate* @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  69. 69. #learningWithI Example User Journey: Qualify, Convert, Nurture Capture Chat ID Qualify Convert Nurture
  70. 70. #learningWithI Mobile vs. Desktop Marketing Automation Desktop Mobile Capture Emails via Landing Pages System Sends Out Email Drip Campaigns Capture Chat IDs Via Mobile Pop-Ups Automatically Engage Via Chatbot
  71. 71. #learningWithI Summary: My Top Chatbot Marketing Hacks @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  72. 72. #CMCa2z #learningWithI 7. Q&A Automatically Answering Common Business Questions 6. Contact Hack Get User Information for All Your Bot Users 5. Chat Blasting Email Marketing on Steroids 3. Contact Manager Get everyone’s name, location, photo, language, etc. 2. Facebook Ads Convert Ads at 3-5x Higher Conversion Rates 1. Live Operator Takeover Jump in on a conversation at any time! Larry’s Chatbot Building Hacks 4. Website Plugins Checkbox Plugin, Website Popup, Link Plugins, Etc. @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  73. 73. #learningWithI Chatbots: What does it All Mean? @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  74. 74. Special Offer: MobileMonkey Professional 12-Month Subscription for $49 (save 92%) Use code “buzzsumo” @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo
  75. 75. #learningWithI Now Entering Unicorn-Land! “Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys” THANK YOU BUZZSUMO TEAM @mobilemonkey_ @buzzsumo