Copa leveraging the power of social media


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Copa leveraging the power of social media

  1. 1. Leveraging The Power OfSocial Media To GrowYour Business
  2. 2. Who Is Fern Joseph…• My online journey began as a web designer in 1999. I won Website of the Month fromDemon for my first website for it’s silo structure and easily navigable layout.• Branched out into Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing in 2006 after Istarted an ecommerce site and didn’t make a single sale in the first 3 months.• 2009 formed Web Design Tunbridge Wells, a local business offering SEO OptimisedWebsite Creation and Social Media Marketing using Facebook pages and Twitter…mostthought I was mad and couldn’t see the connection between Social Media and marketingtheir businesses using this medium.• 2012 rebranded the business as Fern Joseph Media to appeal to a more global clientele.• From July 2012 to present, I grew my Twitter following from 1500 to over 51 000 +followers across 8 niches, the bulk of which are in my personal and business accounts.• I now get 90% of my new business from Twitter and have clients in the UK, the USA andSouth Africa.• I am going to share with you today my top Social Media Marketing techniques…
  3. 3. @fernjoseph
  4. 4. Why Social Media?FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC. Socialmedia has opened a stream of FREEtraffic for businesses to engage with.You can literally jump into this oceanof traffic and say, “Hi, here I am, thisis what I do, how can my businesshelp you?Utilised correctly, you have theopportunity to grow your potentialcustomer base on free to use socialplatforms
  5. 5. • Unlimited Potential For New Customers– people who may only live afew miles from your place of business, but don’t drive that route, nowknow you’re there, because they’ve seen a post on their friends’Facebook wall or shared a funny image or followed you on Twitter.• Reconnecting with past customers who you may not have seen forsome time.• Social Signals- These now count heavily towards your SEO (SearchEngine Optimisation) on the search engines – Social signals are crucialand play a major role in the relevancy Google places on your websitecontent and position on the search engine. Google has built SocialSignals into their algorithms and for this reason alone, you can nolonger ignore social media!3 Reasons You Should be Using Social Media ForYour Business?
  6. 6. Here We Go…Facebook!• Facebook hit 1 BILLION users in December 2012. It is the most visitedwebsite in the history of the internet.• A Facebook post has an average lifespan of 2 days depending on thepopularity of the post, determined by the Edgerank Algorithm.• Facebook pages are completely separate to Facebook profiles.• To build Facebook likes on your business page requires a fair amountof trust in your credibility in return for that like. Building likes to yourFB page takes longer than building your Twitter following.• How many of you have a Facebook page for your business?• How many of you have a Twitter account for your business?• How many of you are active on these accounts, on a daily/weeklybasis?
  7. 7. A Bunch Of My Top Facebook Marketing TechniquesFirst things first! Facebook is NOT a selling environment. If you try tohard sell on Facebook you WILL fail and no one will like your page ;-)• Get The Facebook App On Your Phone if you haven’t already…• Post At Peak Times: posting on a Wednesday morning is far lesseffective than posting at 5pm on Friday afternoon. Weekends aregood too. Traffic spikes are 7am, 12pm, 5pm and 11pm.• Post Emotion Inducing Images or Content: funny, inspirational,educational (positive) or nostalgic content, particularly images.People are more likely to share and comment on this kind of content,which inadvertently expands your reach. This engagement triggersFB’s Edgerank algorithm and helps keeps your content at the top ofthe newsfeed for longer. See my website for What Is Edgerank article.
  8. 8. A Bunch Of My Top Facebook Marketing TechniquesAlways Like Your OwnPosts. FacebooksEdgerank algorithmputs the most popularposts, ones that havethe most likes,comments and shares,as top stories, at thetop of the newsfeed.
  9. 9. • Link Your FB page To Your Twitter Account: BUT not the other way around.All posts on your Facebook page then automatically post on your Twitteraccount with a link back to your FB page. Facebook users generally don’tget hashtags and this is not a standard medium on Facebook.• Schedule Your Posts: Put aside half an hour to an hour a week andschedule posts for the rest of the week or month. There is a scheduleoption at the bottom left of every post – a little clock. This way you aremaximising your time and maintaining a consistent presence on the page.• Call To Action: Put a call to action in your cover image ie: a small arrowpointing to your email sign up tab. Do the same on every post if possible ie:tell the viewer what to do: “Click like if you’re happy it’s Friday.” “Share ifyou love this image” etchttp://fernjoseph.comA Bunch Of My Top Facebook Marketing Techniques
  10. 10. Schedule Your Posts:
  11. 11. Schedule Your Posts:
  12. 12. • I love Facebook, but I love Twitter even more! Faster, shorter updates,instant responses, grow your community quickly!• Twitter has over 554 million active users.• 135 000 new users sign up each day.• 43% of users tweet from their smartphones.• You have a max of 140 characters available including link.• The average lifespan of an excellent tweet is 2 hours. Make your 140characters count.Source: statisticsbrain.comHere We Go…Twitter!
  13. 13. “On Twitter, people talk about what they careabout and what’s happening around them rightnow, including your business. This gives youpowerful context to connect your message towhat’s most meaningful to your customers in realtime. Engaging with real-time Tweets caninfluence conversations in a way that can helpbuild your business. “Twitter says…
  14. 14. • Get The Twitter App On Your Phone if you haven’talready…enough said • Tweet Regularly And Consistently: The optimum number oftimes to tweet a day is a minimum of 3 preferably 8 to 15+times a day…Tweets roll down the newsfeed rapidly anddisappear fast. The bigger your following, the more tweetshappen on your newsfeed…• Tweet At High Traffic Times For Maximum Exposure: This isthe same as Facebook…catch people before work, atlunchtime, on the way home and before they go to bed.My Top Twitter Marketing Techniques
  15. 15. My Top Twitter Marketing Techniques• Use Hashtags: A hashtag isTwitters answer to keywordsearches, much like we typesearch terms into Google.• A Hashtag Adds Relevanceto the topic you aretweeting about and makesthe word preceded by thehashtag searchable by otherTwitter users.
  16. 16. A Short Diversion To Hashtag EtiquetteHashtag etiquette:• Dont use more than 2 hashtagsin your tweets, it makes themunreadable and look like spam• Do use hashtags in your bio toget found more easily• Do capitalise the first letter ofeach word in a hashtag• If you are making a phrase into ahashtag make sure there are nospaces between the words
  17. 17. Example One: Hashtags In And After Tweet:• Are you tweeting enough to get #Traffic to your new product? We cansave you time & tweet for you->• 138 characters in totalExample Three: Both Hashtags After Tweet:• Want lots of potential customers to see your new product? We’lltweet about it for you-> #BizTalk#TwitterManagement• 136 characters in totalWhat A Well Constructed Tweet Looks Like
  18. 18. • Tweet Those Same Funny, Inspirational, Emotional Images As You DoOn Facebook: Yes, you can tweet images and videos too. This ensuresa high retweet rate, which in turn builds your following.• Optimise Your Profile: Make sure you have optimised your profilewith a profile image, a good description of what you do, make gooduse of 2 hashtags and links back to your other web properties.Headshot profile images of you smiling/looking at the camera tend toconvert followers better.• Engage, Engage, Engage: If someone thanks you for following do thesame back, retweet interesting tweets that you might come acrossand tweet links back to your Facebook page with an offer to exchangelikes. The opportunities on Twitter are endless.My Top Twitter Marketing Techniques Continued
  19. 19. My Top Twitter Marketing Techniques• Like Exchange: The trick togetting likes to your Facebookpage from Twitter is offering anincentive in the form of a likeexchange.• Twitter followers who respondto this usually have a Facebookpage themselves and are happyto promote yours if you do thesame for them. They are activeand interested.See my website for “The Anatomy Of A Tweet”
  20. 20. Due to time limitations, I will touch very briefly on Google + and Youtube.• A Google + account is a must along with a Google+ page for your business.It is quite a confusing landscape to navigate, but even if you don’t doanything with it, the links from G+ are powerful backlinks which Google willindex quickly and they add to your websites relevance. You can automateyour Facebook page & website RSS feed to post via Hootsuite to populateyour G+ business page with the content from your Facebook page andwebsite.• Youtube is also a must: Not only because it is owned by Google, butGoogle loves video and indexes and ranks video faster than any othercontent. If you have a few videos linking back to your website and evenbetter, those Youtube videos embedded on your website, you will get aboost in your rankings and your relevance in Google’s beady eyes!Google +? Do You Youtube?
  21. 21. • Google ranks and indexes websites that are relevant to what peopleare searching for and talking about.• As social media has gained traction and people are able to share whatthey like with their friends, Google has taken note of this and hasbuilt these social signals into their algorithm.• These social signals now play a major role in the relevancy Googleplaces on your website and it’s position in the search engines. If yourwebsite it getting a whole lot of mentions on large social mediaplatforms, Google takes note.• For this reason alone, you cannot ignore the use of social media foryour businesses online success.Social Signals…WTH?
  22. 22. • Marketing as we know it has changed forever, thanks to Social Media,in particular, Mark Zuckerburg!• This is the potentially (in my opinion) the most exciting thing tohappen to small business owners, ever, in the history of owning a smallbusiness • It has totally transformed my business in a short space of time and Ihave no doubt that it can do the same for yours.• You’ve attended this talk because you know how crucial Social MediaMarketing has become for building your business.• The only reason Social Media Marketing WON’T work for your businessis if you don’t consistently and regularly update and engage with yourfollowings.• You could be the next Dr Mercola…Conclusion: