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5 Unusual Reasons To Create Content Outside Your Niche


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Slides from BuzzSumo Experts Series with Larry Kim

Published in: Marketing
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5 Unusual Reasons To Create Content Outside Your Niche

  1. 1. #CMCa2z @larrykim Data-Backed Content Marketing Strategies for 2017 & Beyond Larry Kim, Buzzsumo Webinar, May 18, 2017 @larrykim #buzzsumo
  2. 2. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Commit to a Content Niche!
  3. 3. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo A Specific, Narrowly Defined Niche!
  4. 4. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Depth Over Breadth!
  5. 5. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Become The Expert Of Your Niche!
  6. 6. #CMCa2z @larrykim It’s Well Worth Your Time & Effort to Create Content OUTSIDE Your Industry Niche! Larry’s Crazy Content Marketing Theory @larrykim #buzzsumo
  7. 7. #CMCa2z @larrykim A Few Random Facts About Larry @larrykim #buzzsumo
  8. 8. Slightly Obsessed With Unicorns Make PPC Magical Again! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  9. 9. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  10. 10. From Manitoba, Canada. The Polar Bear Capital of the World!! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  11. 11. Actual Photos From Boston Last Winter @larrykim #buzzsumo
  12. 12. Live in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA @larrykim #buzzsumo
  13. 13. WordStream’s Headquarters 2008 2017 @larrykim #buzzsumo
  14. 14. Started New Company, MobileMonkey Last Month! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  15. 15. Have a 2-year old Kid (#ppckid) @larrykim #buzzsumo
  16. 16. 5 Unusual Reasons to Create Content OUTSIDE Your Niche! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  17. 17. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s #5 Reason to Create Content OUTSIDE Your Niche @larrykim #buzzsumo Reach Much BIGGER Audiences
  18. 18. #CMCa2z @larrykim I Know Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Are Going Nowhere @larrykim #buzzsumo
  19. 19. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo This Twitter Chat is the Same 300 People Talking to Each other!
  20. 20. The Content Marketing Bubble Effect: People & Organizations Think They Are a Bigger Deal Than They Really Are (Due to Living in Such a Tiny Bubble) @larrykim #buzzsumo
  21. 21. #CMCa2z @larrykim Another Analogy: Ad/Content Fatigue @larrykim #buzzsumo
  22. 22. #CMCa2z @larrykim My First Blog Post: Super Niche-y! Sadly Not A Huge Success  @larrykim #buzzsumo
  23. 23. #CMCa2z @larrykim Our First Big Content Hit: Take it Out of the Niche a Bit (Finance, Geek Interest) @larrykim #buzzsumo
  24. 24. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  25. 25. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  26. 26. #CMCa2z @larrykim Wired Magazine Covered a “PPC Advertising” Topic!!? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  27. 27. #CMCa2z @larrykim A Million Views vs. 100-300 views for my Typical “Niche” Blog Posts @larrykim #buzzsumo A $1000 effort yields $0.001 CPM (not bad, eh?)
  28. 28. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  29. 29. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Over 10,000 Press Pick- Ups From High Authority Sites!
  30. 30. #CMCa2z @larrykim Significant International Press Coverage! @larrykim #buzzsumo 453 Press Pickups in China Alone!
  31. 31. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Not A Fluke
  32. 32. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Fox Business Notices
  33. 33. 4 Minute Clip on National TV! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  34. 34. Generates Enormous Number of Backlinks @larrykim #buzzsumo
  35. 35. #CMCa2z @larrykim Which Enables All Content on Domain To Rank @larrykim #buzzsumo
  36. 36. Not Bad for a Tiny PPC Marketing Niche Over a Million Visitors Per Month! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  37. 37. #CMCa2z @larrykim Even “On- Topic Posts” Do Way Better! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  38. 38. #CMCa2z @larrykim Niche PPC Article Generates Nearly 100k Views @larrykim #buzzsumo
  39. 39. #CMCa2z @larrykim Further Diversify Your Topics! Land and Expand! Why Stop Here? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  40. 40. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  41. 41. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  42. 42. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Expand To Adjacent Topics (CRO, Social, SEO, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  43. 43. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  44. 44. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo Don’t Shy Away From Higher Level topics like Entrepreneurial Topics!
  45. 45. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  46. 46. #CMCa2z @larrykim Ridiculously Hard To Truly Grasp How Small Your Niche is Without Exploring Outside of it. The Internet is Very BIG @larrykim #buzzsumo
  47. 47. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s #4 Reason To Create Content OUTSIDE Your Niche: You Can Bias Future Customers & Prospects! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  48. 48. #CMCa2z @larrykim Great CRO Great Social Great PPC Great SEO Generally there are 4 Different Types of Objectives for Business Content Unicorns! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  49. 49. #CMCa2z @larrykim Content Marketing Truth Bomb: User Engagement Metrics (CTR, Dwell Time) Matter a LOT for SEO, Social Media, PPC Marketing, etc. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  50. 50. #CMCa2z @larrykim User Query Entered ML Algo Makes a Guess and Re-Writes The Query into Something it Recognizes (Query Interpretation) Did The Result Satisfy The User? Great. Next Time I See Queries Like This, I’ll Put This Page at the Top. Larry’s Greatly Simplified New SEO Ranking Model* *Note: Not Official Google Diagram. Rats. Next Time I See a Query Like This, I’ll Try Some Other Page @larrykim #buzzsumo
  51. 51. #CMCa2z @larrykim What’s A Good Click Through Rate for Organic Search? (Spoiler Alert: It’s in Flux) OrganicSearchClickThroughRate High CTR Listings Floating To Top Positions Low CTR Listings Sinking To Bottom of Page Organic Search Position @larrykim #buzzsumo
  52. 52. #CMCa2z @larrykim +/- 3% Increase in Post Engagement +/- 1 Spot in Organic Position CTR-Based Organic Ranking Rewards? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  53. 53. #CMCa2z @larrykim A year ago: Time on Page Didn’t Appear to Matter Much for SEO @larrykim #buzzsumo
  54. 54. #CMCa2z @larrykim Today: Low Time on Page Donkey Content is Nearly Extinct! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  55. 55. #CMCa2z @larrykim The Same Stuff That Does Great in Search Tends To Also Do Great on Social Media @larrykim #buzzsumo
  56. 56. #CMCa2z @larrykim Higher CTRs = Higher Conversion Rates @larrykim #buzzsumo
  57. 57. #CMCa2z @larrykim What About Search & Social Ads? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  58. 58. #CMCa2z @larrykim Google Quality Score (Dramatically) affects your AdWords CPC 10 Discounted by 50.0% 9 Discounted by 44.2% 8 Discounted by 37.5% 7 Discounted by 28.6% 6 Discounted by 16.7% 5 Google benchmark 4 Increased by 25.0% 3 Increased by 67.3% 2 Increased by 150.0% 1 Increased by 400.0% You Save You Pay @larrykim #buzzsumo
  59. 59. #CMCa2z @larrykim Facebook & Twitter Ads: Higher Engagement Rate = (Much) Lower Cost Per Engagement Engagement Rate Cost per engagement $.005 $.02 $.03 $.08 68% 7% 21% 37% $3.00 1% @larrykim #buzzsumo
  60. 60. #CMCa2z @larrykim PPC, SEO & Social Media Employ NEW ML-Enabled Algos that Reward High Engagement Content (high CTR & Sticky) with MUCH Greater Visibility. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  61. 61. #CMCa2z @larrykim Traffic to the Top 10 Posts of the Month at Inc Magazine Larry’s Law: The Future of Content Marketing is Increasingly Winner-Take-All. Time to Adjust Strategy! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  62. 62. #CMCa2z @larrykim Top Performing Unicorn Content All Have High Engagement (CTR, etc.) in Common! SEO Unicorn Paid/Organic Social Unicorn CRO Unicorn PPC Unicorn @larrykim #buzzsumo
  63. 63. #CMCa2z @larrykim CTR & Dwell Time Matter a Great Deal. What’s The Best Way to Raise Them? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  64. 64. #CMCa2z @larrykim Comparing New vs. Repeat Visitors How Does Brand Affinity Impact Content Marketing Success? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  65. 65. #CMCa2z @larrykim Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CTR (+2- 3x!) @larrykim #buzzsumo
  66. 66. #CMCa2z @larrykim Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CONVERSION RATES (+2-3x!) @larrykim #buzzsumo
  67. 67. How Content Marketing REALLY Works STEP 1: Demand Creation: Create & Promote Inspirational / Memorable Content about Your Brand to your Target Market BEFORE they need to buy your stuff. STEP 2: Bias Formation: People See Your Content, But Don’t Necessarily Take Action Right Away. STEP 3: Harvest Demand: Later when the Need Arises, People either: Do a Branded Search for Your Stuff Do Un-Branded Search but Biased Towards Clicking & Buying From You. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  68. 68. #CMCa2z @larrykim How To Get In Front of Your Audience Before They Need To Buy Your Stuff?? Content OUTSIDE Your Niche! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  69. 69. Use Google Analytics User Explorer to Gain Insights To Determine Target Market @larrykim #buzzsumo
  70. 70. Upload Your Customer List to Facebook Insights! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  71. 71. Even Twitter Has Audience Insights! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  72. 72. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  73. 73. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  74. 74. Larry’s #3 Reason to Create Off-Topic Content: Your Social Media Numbers Will Skyrocket! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  75. 75. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  76. 76. Tens of Millions of Organic Impressions Per Month! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  77. 77. Over a Million Views & 9,012 Likes! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  78. 78. Arianna Huffington Shared the Story And Asked Me to Be a Columnist. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  79. 79. New York Observer, Time Magazine & Mental Floss Syndicated Story. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  80. 80. Ranked #8 Author on Medium! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  81. 81. @larrykim #buzzsumo Large Following Allows Me to Set up Successful Publication
  82. 82. @larrykim #buzzsumo I can Publish My On-Topic Posts Here And They Do Great!
  83. 83. Over Half a Million Views per Month! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  84. 84. @larrykim #buzzsumo #1 Marketing Blog on! (Created By Publishing Non- Marketing Content!)
  85. 85. #CMCa2z @larrykim Virtuous Cycle of Off-Topic Content 1. Big Topics OUTSIDE Niche Yields Tons of Followers 2. More Followers Mean Your On-Topic Posts do Better 3. Around and Around we go! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  86. 86. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s #2 Reason To Publish Content OUTSIDE Your Niche: You can Truly Express Yourself! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  87. 87. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  88. 88. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s #1 Reason to Create Content Outside Your Niche: You’ll Keep Your Sanity!! @larrykim #buzzsumo
  89. 89. #CMCa2z @larrykim Content Treadmill: Hard To Write About Same Thing for Years… @larrykim #buzzsumo
  90. 90. #CMCa2z @larrykim What Does it All Mean? Content Marketing OUTSIDE Your Niche? @larrykim #buzzsumo
  91. 91. #CMCa2z @larrykim Warning: Don’t Overdo it with Off Topic Content! 70/30 ratio of on- topic vs. off-topic seems OK. Less initially, more later. @larrykim #buzzsumo
  92. 92. #CMCa2z @larrykim 5 4 3 Why Create Content OUTSIDE Your Niche? Reach Much Bigger Audiences Internet is a BIG place. Get out of your bubble from time to time. Bias Future Customers Connect with Prospects BEFORE they need to buy your stuff. Increase Social Media Engagement Dramatically Boost Your Social Media Numbers. START/GO (Donkey Land) @larrykim #buzzsumo
  93. 93. #CMCa2z @larrykim 2 1 Kill Your Donkeys. Milk Your Unicorns. Express Yourself Become known for more than 1 thing! Keep Your Sanity Writing about the same thing for years = Nuts! END/REPEAT (Unicorn Land) – OR is it?? #CMC17 @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo
  94. 94. #CMCa2z @larrykim#CMC17 @larrykim@larrykim #buzzsumo