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Lee Odden, CEO TopRank Marketing ContentSEO 2017


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5 major trends that can make or break content marketing success in 2017 and beyond.

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Lee Odden, CEO TopRank Marketing ContentSEO 2017

  1. 1. Lee Odden, CEO TopRank Marketing ContentSEO New York
  2. 2. @leeodden#contentseo About Lee: Recovering SEO White Hat Matt cheating on his height
  3. 3. @leeodden#contentseo I’m a BIG Fan of BuzzSumo & Majestic
  4. 4. @leeodden#contentseo Content Marketing Agency B2B Content Influence, SEO, PPC, Social, Ads, CRO
  5. 5. @leeodden#contentseo Two of My Favorite Things: From BtoB Bacon, of course
  6. 6. @leeodden#contentseo And Beards
  7. 7. @leeodden#contentseo Put Them Together And… OK, Maybe Not
  8. 8. @leeodden#contentseo Beef Lasagne from a Toothpaste Brand?
  9. 9. @leeodden#contentseo Soda Brand Oblivious to their Audience?
  10. 10. @leeodden#contentseo Chasing Content “Best Practices” We need one new, original blog post every day. Can you get on that? Can you create 2 new ebooks, 12 social messages each and an infographic? By tomorrow? We need a new content plan with personas for 6 customer segments each broken out by a 4 state buying cycle. Oh, and could you do that for each region: EMEA, NA and APAC?And optimize each page for ALL our keywords!
  11. 11. @leeodden#contentseo 7 Years of Content Marketing Trending
  12. 12. Content is the Kingdom Identify Topics Editorial Calendar Create Content: Text, visual, audio Optimize Content for Search Promote with Social & Influencers Pay for Traffic: Search, Social, Syndication Monitor Web Analytics Report Performance Research Customers & Develop Personas Predictive Analytics Dynamic Personalization Multi-Channel Integration Desktop, Mobile, IoT Cognitive Commerce Platforms Sponsored content & creator/influencers Retargeting, Programmatic Optimize: A/B, Multivariate, CRO AI Assisted Content Planning
  13. 13. @leeodden#contentseo Source: Banksy via reddit / vancouver Most Content Isn’t Used, Seen or Shared
  14. 14. @leeodden#contentseo So What Are Marketers Doing?
  15. 15. @leeodden#contentseo Why Should We Care?
  16. 16. @leeodden#contentseo Because Our Customers Depend On It
  17. 17. @leeodden#contentseo Happy Customers = Happy Company
  18. 18. @leeodden#contentseo Content Marketing Needs an Evolution
  19. 19. @leeodden#contentseo 5 Content Marketing Trends 2017 1. Start a content movement 2. Goodbye Old School SEO 3. Data informed experiences 4. Cognitive & AI 5. Participation Marketing
  20. 20. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 1: Start a Content Movement 73% Social Impact (Deloitte)
  21. 21. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 1: Start a Content Movement 73% Social Impact (Deloitte)
  22. 22. @leeodden#contentseo Deluxe: Small Business Revolution Deluxe – 100 years old Repositioned as SMB & Digital 2015: 100 small businesses videos + documentary, blog posts, social, & earned media 2016: 8 episode TV show (Hulu), blog posts, social, earned media 2017: Finalists featured in video & TV show in production, blog posts, social, earned
  23. 23. @leeodden#contentseo #SmallBusinessRevolution Results Peformance data: Fast Horse • 2 billion earned media impressions • More than 370 million social media impressions • More than 1 million video views • More than 1 million visitors to • Small Business Revolution – Main Street featured among Inc.’s “Top TV Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch”
  24. 24. @leeodden#contentseo Movement Lessons for Content Marketers
  25. 25. @leeodden#contentseo Movement Lessons for Content Marketers 1. Think about inspirational stories to be told with VIDEO where your customers are. 2. What are some ways to include prospects in RECURRING content for the greater good? 3. Partner with major influencer(s) that share your cause to CO-CREATE content & PR.
  26. 26. @leeodden#contentseo If They Care, They’ll Share
  27. 27. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 2: Goodbye Old School SEO
  28. 28. @leeodden#contentseo From Queries to Questions 33 Million Voice First Devices End of 2017 (VoiceLabs) 71% of 18-29 Use Mobile Assistants (Thrive Analytics) 50% of Search: Voice, by 2020 (The Drum) What about me???
  29. 29. @leeodden#contentseo SEO Content Solution to Questions Search
  30. 30. @leeodden#contentseo SEO is Optimizing for Answers When customers ask questions, your job as a marketer is to make sure brand content is the “Best Answer”.
  31. 31. @leeodden#contentseo Voice SEO Lesson For Content Marketers 1. Optimize local listings so you can be found on “near me” questions. 2. Provide long tail answers by finding out what questions buyers ask. 3. Optimze for mobile experiences – content topics & types, speed, etc
  32. 32. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 3: Data Informed Experiences (Statista) Computers Smart Phones Cars IoT Tablets Appliances Wearable Technology Gaming Consoles 2020 50 Billion
  33. 33. @leeodden#contentseo 86% influences purchases. Source: Infosys Content Personalization Imperative 5-8X ROI on marketing spend. Source: McKinsey “Personalization is a powerful customer experience and conversion optimization tool.” Josh Mueller, SVP Global Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet
  34. 34. @leeodden#contentseo Optimized CX with Data & Tech: DnB DnB – 175 years old New Site Optimizes Dynamically 12 versions of home page: each personalized to a persona Dynamically optimize CX using deterministic and behavioral data ABM visitors are served custom, modular content and vanity URLs that pass data on for engagement via marketing automation.
  35. 35. @leeodden#contentseo Customer Insight Data is Essential Image: Traackr Customer Journey Mapping Reveals Content & Personalization Opportunities
  36. 36. @leeodden#contentseo To Create Great Experiences Across Devices Image: Oracle Commerce
  37. 37. @leeodden#contentseo Buying State Questions = Goldmine of Topics Buyer Insights > Keyword & Topic Research > Content Creation & Optimization What is it? How does it work? Awareness Interest 760,500 “what is” 200,000 “how to” How does it compare? Consideration 140,000 “compare or compared” How do I start? Action 38,000 “how to start”
  38. 38. @leeodden#contentseo Thank You BuzzSumo!
  39. 39. @leeodden#contentseo Content Analytics Platforms NewsCred Curata
  40. 40. @leeodden#contentseo Data Informed Experiences Lessons 1. Define the content experience customers want: discovery, consumption, engagement. 2. Map the journey and align with your content and multi-channel marketing plan. 3. Create specs for the tech and data needed to support a great content experience.
  41. 41. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 4: Cognitive & AI 49.5% Lift in Conversion (Persado)
  42. 42. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 4: Cognitive & AI 49.5% Lift in Conversion (Persado)
  43. 43. @leeodden#contentseo AI & Machine Learning is All Around Us
  44. 44. @leeodden#contentseo North Face Shopping Assistant
  45. 45. @leeodden#contentseo By 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines. (Gartner)
  46. 46. @leeodden#contentseo Natural Language Generation is Here Don’t Worry, Machines Can’t Write Creatively. Yet.
  47. 47. @leeodden#contentseo Cognitive Lessons for Content Marketers 1. Identify processes and repetitive tasks that require data and decisions. 2. Evaluate a specialty tool or platform to test and develop a case. 3. Do not think this is automatic, humans are still needed! Most of them anyway.
  48. 48. @leeodden#contentseo Trend 5: Participation Marketing UGC + brand 700% More engagement than brand (Mavrck)
  49. 49. @leeodden#contentseo B2C Customer Sourced Content
  50. 50. @leeodden#contentseo B2C Customer + Influencer Content Loss of “brand” Rebranded: Recreate Demand: • Content Hub • Influencer Content • Contest Content • Blogging • Crowdsourcing After 80% Loss Up 6% YoY
  51. 51. @leeodden#contentseo B2B Employee + Influencer Content Source: DivvyHQ (client) 75% Created by Influencers Beat Lead Gen Goal by 550%
  52. 52. @leeodden#contentseo Participation Lessons for Content Marketers 1. Create a collaboration framework for topics, content types and purpose. 2. Find & engage internal & external contributors, then inspire them to participate. 3. Make it easy for people to contribute and share.
  53. 53. @leeodden#contentseo If You Want Your Content to Be Great, Ask Your Community to Participate!
  54. 54. @leeodden#contentseo Start Your Own Content Marketing Revolution 1 2 3 4 5 Start a movement with video to inspire content & customers. Get smart on voice & question-focused SEO. Leverage data & technology to optimize customer experience. Test report creation with a NLG platform, learn about cognitive. Democratize content creation with internal / external collaboration – especially IGC (influencer generated content).
  55. 55. @leeodden#contentseo Thank You! Lee Odden