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Presentation seminar resto perio 2


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Presentation seminar resto perio 2

  1. 1. Qualities of AmarrijjeIdentify Your Instruments  High Percent of Chromium Proper Usage of Instruments  Vacuum Heat Metal  2 Year Warranty ARMAMENTARIUM on RESTORATIVE and P E R I O D O N T I C DENTISTRYInnovation vs. Cheap Imitation Handling Method Balance Instrument Know Your Instruments Know the Cutting Edge Sharp or Dull
  2. 2. Hand InstrumentsClassification : I. CUTTING INSTRUMENT 1.1 Excavator 1.2 Giginval Margin Trimmer 1.3 Hatchet 1.4 Hoe 1.5 Angle Former 1.6 Spoon Excavator 1.7 Chisel 1.8 Currette 1.9 Scalers II. NON CUTTING INSTRUMENT 2.1 Mouth Mirror 2.2 Explorer 2.3 Tweeser 2.4 Frahm 2.5 Hollen Back 2.6 Plugger 2.7 Woodson Plugger 2.8 Burnisher Egg & Ball 2.9 Burnisher Wescott III. OTHER NON CUTTING INSTRUMENT 3.1 Amalgam Carrier 3.2 Tofflemire 3.3 Articulating Paper Forcep 3.4 Probe 3.5 Cement Spatula
  3. 3. Parts of Hand Instrument : Working Tip Blade Shank Handle Scientific Hybrid Design: Balanced Instrument: A Balanced Instrument is functional, efficient and effective It diminish hand fatigue and stress
  4. 4. Balanced Instruments :No Fatigue & Stress FREE AMARRIJJE CHEAP IMITATION Scientific Hybrid Design: Balanced Instrument: A Balanced Instrument is functional, efficient and effective It diminishes hand fatigue and stress
  5. 5. Sharp Instruments : AMARRIJJE CHEAP IMITATION Scientific Hybrid Design: Sharp Instrument: Sharp Instruments easily removes and cut tooth structure effective Diminish hand fatigue and stress
  6. 6. Visual Inspection : CHEAP IMITATION AMARRIJJE Scientific Hybrid Design: Visual Inspection: Sharp Instruments - lights do not reflect, it absorbs light Dull Instruments - lights reflects, light bounce back
  7. 7. Gracey Scalers : Blade Angulation of a Anterior SG 1/2 Posterior SG 7/8 Gracey Curette After Five Curette reaching Reaching into a deep pocket Buccal-Lingual Furcation deep into a pocket on a narrow root Curette
  8. 8. Gracey Scalers : Posterior 11/12 Posterior 13/14 Posterior 15/16 + “ The Package “ 5/6 7/8 11/12 13/14 Towners Jaquette
  9. 9. Restorative Dentistry Set4 Basic Instruments :Mouth MirrorExplorerS. ExcavatorTweeser Mouth Spoon Explorer Excavator Tweeser Mirror Scientific Hybrid Design : Mouth Mirror Explorer: Spoon Excavator: Tweeser: Length Ave. 128 mm. Length Ave. 145 mm. Length Ave. 170 mm. Length Ave. 145 mm. Handle Wght Ave. 105 mm. W. Tip : 112 / 140 Deg. W. Tip : 2.0 - 2.5mm W. Tip : 45mm / no lock Ave. Weight: 1.15 oz. Ave. Weight: 0.68 oz. Ave. Weight: 0.88 oz. Ave. Weight: 0.65 oz.
  10. 10. Restorative Dentistry Set :Gingival Margin TrimmerHatchet Gingival Hatchet Margin Trimmer Scientific Hybrid Design: Cutting Instruments: Gingival Margin Trimmer – produce proper bevel on proximoocclusal preparation Hatchet is used for sharpening Internal Line Angles, particularly in preparations for gold restoration)
  11. 11. Restorative Dentistry Set :Chisel – Double Ended + = Chisel Double Ended Straight Curved Scientific Hybrid Design: Cutting Instruments: ( Chisel Double Ended - Curved & Straight ) Used for cutting enamel
  12. 12. Restorative Dentistry Set :Hoe Hoe Scientific Hybrid Design: Hoe Cutting Instrument: To refine gingival axial retention Scrape and flatten the axial wall and forming line angles (Anterior & Posterior Teeth)
  13. 13. Restorative Dentistry Set :Angle Former Angle Former Scientific Hybrid Design: Angle Former Cutting Instrument: ( To refine the internal point angles from cavosurface line angle and axial wall )
  14. 14. Restorative Dentistry Set :Hollen Back Hollen Back Scientific Hybrid Design: Carving Instruments: ( Hollen Back Carving Amalgam and Composite )
  15. 15. Restorative Dentistry Set :Frahm Frahm Scientific Hybrid Design: Carving Instruments: ( Amalgam and Composite creating slopes, crevices and fissure lines )
  16. 16. Restorative Dentistry Set :Amalgam Carrier Amalgam carrier Scientific Hybrid Design: Amalgam Carrier: ( Vehicle carrier of mixed Amalgam and Mercury to apply and fill in a prepared tooth cavity )
  17. 17. Restorative Dentistry Set :Plugger Plugger Scientific Hybrid Design: Condensing Instruments: ( Plugger-Condensing Instrument Amalgam, Composite and Canal Filling Spaces )
  18. 18. Restorative Dentistry Set :Plugger Woodson Plugger Woodson Scientific Hybrid Design: Condensing Instruments: ( Plugger - Condensing Instrument Amalgam, Composite and Canal Filling Spaces )
  19. 19. Restorative Dentistry Set :Burnisher Wescott Burnisher Wescott Scientific Hybrid Design: Wescott Burnishing Instruments: Burnish and polish Amalgam and Composite
  20. 20. Restorative Dentistry Set :Burnisher Egg Ball + = Egg Ball Burnisher Double Ended Egg Ball Scientific Hybrid Design: Egg Ball Burnishing Instruments: ( Burnish and polish amalgam and composite )
  21. 21. Restorative Dentistry Set :TofflemireMatrices Matrices Tofflemire Instrument Application Scientific Hybrid Design: Toffelmire and Matrices: ( Metal mould guide holder carrying matrices to keep the walls of the tooth intact when loading dental filling materials )
  22. 22. Restorative Dentistry Set :Roach Carver Roach Carver Scientific Hybrid Design: Carving Instrument: ( Carve and outline wax pattern. Carves multi surfaces and inter-proximals, excellent in festoning and setting of teeth )
  23. 23. Restorative Dentistry Set :Articulating Paper Forcep Forcep Articulating Paper Scientific Hybrid Design: Articulating Paper Forcep: ( Holds the articulating paper firmly inside the mouth In getting accurate registration )
  24. 24. Restorative Dentistry Set :Cement Spatula Cement Spatula Scientific Hybrid Design: Cement Spatula: ( Flat spatula decrease air entrapment during trituration )
  25. 25. Restorative Dentistry Set :Wax Knife Wax Knife Scientific Hybrid Design: Waxing Knife: ( Waxing carving knife used in cutting, carving and heating waxes )
  26. 26. Restorative Dentistry Set :HEPAInstrumentCompartment HEPA Instrument Compartment Scientific Hybrid Design: HEPA Instrument Compartment: ( HEPA filtered lining keeping sterile instruments )
  27. 27. A POINT OF AWARENESS :Big Handle: BIG HANDLE INCREASE Handling, Dexterity & Maneuver Ability AMARRIJJE CHEAP IMITATION DECREASE Handling & Maneuver Ability SMALL HANDLE
  29. 29. A POINT OF AWARENESS :Hardness & Tensile Strength : “High Tensile Strength” CHEAP IMITATION “Low Tensile Strength” BROKEN INSTRUMENT CHEAP IMITATION AMARRIJJE
  30. 30. DESCRIPTION :QUALIFIED BRANDS “VALUE FOR MONEY” ……. Make a wiser investment (Avoid … “Cheap Immitation”)
  31. 31. DESCRIPTION :TOP GLASS INSTRUMENT COMPARTMENT: IRELAR ALLIED VENTURES, INC. Suite 414, Medical Towers Makati, Inc. 103 V.A. Rufino Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City Tel: 810-8899 Mobile : 0917-4934282 Als o Avai lab le at: CEU CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE
  32. 32. IRELAR ALLIED VENTURES, INC. ( IAVI ) DENTSPLY We would also like to INTRODUCE CEU Authorized Dealer: IRELAR ALLIED VENTURES, INC (IAVI) Tel: 810-8899 / 381-3685 Cel: 0917-4934282 Bank : Security Bank Corp ( V.A. Rufino Branch ) Account Name : IAVI Account No. 0515-036706-001