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Aleksey Turuntsev, Zolla lookbook


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Alexey has been working in Zolla company since 2009. He started in 2009 as an assistant of import manager. By that time our company had about 80 stores and one brand. Now we own about  200 stores, which are located all over the country. This year he became deputy chief of import department. The company continues its development searching for new talented designers and new good suppliers all over the world.   Currently they are trying to develop one more new brand YNG which is mostly oriented on youth.

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Aleksey Turuntsev, Zolla lookbook

  1. 1. About us Fast Fashion is one of the The first Zolla store opened itsbiggest fashion retailers in Russia. doors back in 2005 in Moscow, – aThe company owns and operates home city of our headquarters.a network of above 160 stores in Today, chain stores owned by Fastmore than 50 Russian cities. Our Fashion LLC can be found in primelargest brand chain Zolla includes shopping malls of all major Russianclassic “Men” and “Women” lines, “Jump by Zolla”line that targets the young and avintage “Zolla Concept” line. Inaddition Fast Fashion Companydevelops a retail chain in anothercommercial format: YNG. Our unique business model isbased on innovation, flexibility andperfect vision of fashion. Creativityand quality design, together with arapid response to market demands,has resulted in fast developmentand an excellent performance ofour commercial formats aimed tosatisfy the growing appetite of thecustomers. 2
  2. 2. Business model Unlike other players in Russian between the offer and customerfashion retail, we are a vertically desires in the shortest time possibleintegrated company. All and to minimize the remainingoperations starting from design stock.and manufacturing and up tologistics and distribution to ourdirectly operated stores are highlycentralized. It allows our companyto maintain a flexible structure andstrong customer focus in all businessareas. The key element of the modelis the store: a carefully designedspace created to leave the bestimpression of the brand and makecustomers feel comfortable as theydiscover our fashion concept. Itis also a useful tool that helps toobtain the information required toadapt our concept to customerdemands. The key to this model is theability to achieve the balance 3
  3. 3. Design The success of our collectionslies in the ability to discover andutilize the continuous changes ofthe world fashion by constantlydesigning new styles that respondto customer desires. We adapt ourstyles to climate and peculiarities ofRussian clothing standards. A creative team of professionaldesigners develop new collectionsthat appear in stores every 2weeks. Our specialists take theirmain inspiration both from theprevailing trends of the fashionmarket and customers themselves,through information received fromthe stores. 4
  4. 4. Manufacture We produce our garments onmodern high-technology factoriesin Southeast Asia that specialize inproduction of garments for widelyrecognized international brands.Our imports department works hardto ensure constant geographicexpansion. At different times Zolla and YNGgarments were manufacturedwithin the best production sitesall over Asia from Mumbai to BaliIsland. Each production stage issupervised by experienced QCmanagers. At the moment, wehave liaison offices that controlmanufacturing process in China,Bangladesh, Indonesia and SriLanka. 5
  5. 5. Marketing and distribution Point of sales is not the end ofthe process, but so to say its restart.Stores act as an essential source ofinformation, providing feedback toour design teams and reporting thedemands of the customers. Boththe interior and the exterior of thestore are given the highest priority.Shop windows play a major role,acting as the best advertising forstores that belong to Fast FashionCompany. As for interior design,the aim is to create a well-lit andeasily recognizable space whereclothes take pride of place andcustomers can easily navigate. 6
  6. 6. Shop design and architecture Our shop is our best advertisingtool. It is the shop that representsthe whole brand idea. Chainstores reflect the style and generalconcept of the brand and still eachof them is unique. Every project isdesigned separately accordingto specific features of particularcommercial space. All shops aredecorated with non-standarddesign elements and are easy tonavigate by the customers. 7
  7. 7. PR & Promotion Promotion and PR of brands andclothing lines is implemented andenhanced on federal and regionallevels. Each single goal is achievedwith highly individual approachthat allows us to maximize theefficiency. Fast Fashion pays muchattention to TV ads and publishedfashion media. Launch of eachstore is covered by mass media,usually via programs on leading TVand radio channels. Each season we arrange morethan 30 video shootings in 30 bestretail stores all over Russia as well asaccount for almost 100 broadcastson 10 major TV channels. 8
  8. 8. Business development Fast Fashion is a group ofcompanies that has 2 commercialformats: Zolla (includes severalclothing lines) and YNG. Each of Company growth dynamicsthem aims at becoming a leader 160in its market segment. Fast Fashion number of stores 140holds the second place* in the 120 90list of Russian fashion retailers by 70financial results and shows the 50highest growth rates on the market. 30 10It is the unique growth that helps us 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010become leaders of Russian fashionbusiness in the near future. *Among vertically integrated fashion retailers of Russia. 9
  9. 9. ZOLLA The first Zolla store was opened We apply latest fashion trendsin 2005 in Moscow ( to our styles made specially forBy now the brand is present in more Russian customers. Zolla - means athan 50 major Russian cities with a combination of perfect style, highnetwork exceeding 160 stores. It quality and reasonable price whichincludes classic “Men” and “Women” makes it truly lines, “Jump by Zolla” linethat targets the young and a vintage“Zolla Concept” line. Zolla presents clothing linesfor ladies and gents living in bigcities. We did best to meet alltheir demands and create a widerange of high-quality garments ofmodern design. A creative team ofprofessional designers develop 12new collections every year. We give our customers anopportunity to create outfits not onlyby combining styles within eachseparate collection, but by matchingstyles and accessories from thoseprevious and ongoing. 11
  10. 10. JUMP! by ZOLLA Jump! is a separate clothingline by Zolla created in 2010 foryoung people. Its key point isthe undoubted comfort of streetfashion. JUMP! reflects passionfor casual, laid-back style andamazing ability of the young tocombine clothes and accessories. Jump by Zolla aims to dosomething more than justgenerating sales. Together withclothes and accessories, we createthe atmosphere and style that pullstogether everything that youngpeople love. In Spring/Summer 2011 you canfind this clothing line in Zolla storeswith floor space above 500 m2. 13
  11. 11. ZOLLA CONCEPT Zolla Concept line, launchedin 2010, allows us to increase ourcustomer base. Its main feature isthat here we use more expensivefabrics and accessories to createa more classic and exquisiteoutfit. Zolla Concept targets olderaudience with higher income. It is aperfect choice for those who preferhigh quality, sophisticated designand easy compatibility. 15
  12. 12. YNG YNG brand was created for the from YNG fashion design, but fromnew generation of young people, the way our colleagues live andwho live in harmony with the world behave. We share similar views andaround them: love nature, act ideas. Work is an integral part of ouras integral part of society and active life and we want to makeare involved into active and free the best of it. And, of course, makecommunication with each other. YNG the best.YNG is meant for those who arenot afraid to give vent to their We do think that being youngfeelings, those free of prejudice and means a feeling inside us, not thestereotypes, those who are willing age. That’s why we create ourto look awesome and still remain new collections for those who arethemselves. Here we follow main “forever YNG”.international trends mixing themwith different forms of youth culture,reaching balance between bestquality, prices and comfort. YNG shares interests of its youngcustomers: benefits from newtechnology, observes the latestfashion trends and keeps track ofthe newest movies, music releasesand cultural events. Life neverstands still. It can be seen not only 17
  13. 13. Contacts: Nikolay FomenkoBusiness Development Director FAST FASHION LLC Alice Stepanova Head of PR FAST FASHION LLC Address: 27, Partizanskaya st. 121351 Moscow, Russia Тel.: +7 (495) 775-24-52 18