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Frd13 program eng

  1. 1. THE FORUM PROGRAM NOVEMBER 28, THE FIRST DAY OF THE FORUM •  Oleg Kruchinin, President, Ukraine Retail Association 09:30 FORUM PARTICIPANTS’ •  Ruben Arutyunyan, Owner and president, Henderson Russia REGISTRATION, WELCOME COFFEE 11:00–13:00 OPENING OF THE FORUM, MAIN PLENARY SESSION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) FASHION MARKET IN RUSSIA: RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES • Special presentation: Economy and consumption. What should be ready to Russian entrepreneurs? • Developing consumer goods manu­ facturing in Russia. The outlook by the Ministry for solutions stimulating domestic production of clothing, footwear and accessories according to the demands of the modern retail chains. • The most accurate analytics to start a conversation: the dynamics of clothing and footwear sales in Russia and in the world? What is really going on with consumer demand and personal incomes? How will it affect sales in the future? Analysis of the market impact of online orders from abroad and international Internet giants’ appearance on Russian market. What to be ready for? • Number one decision makers’ comments of the largest chain stores and online stores selling clothes and footwear in Russia: how to assess the market, what are the main possible threats for the future development? Opportunities for growth? What operational changes are planned to be introduced under the influence of new economic and social challenges? Moderator: •  Edward Ostrobrod, Vice-president, SELA Speakers and panelists: •  Denis Pak, Director of the Department of State regulation of internal trade, MINPROMTORG Russia •  Igor Nikolaev, Partner, PKF, director, The Institute of strategic studies and analysis •  Ivan Fedyakov, General director, Infoline •  Evgeniy Lavrov, Retail-director, Jeans Symphony •  Yuriy Siparov, General director, Imelda (Belorussia) •  Ekaterina Soyak, General director, E.M.T.G. 18 •  Igor Barsukov, General director, Lady & Gentlemen •  Natalya Kondrashina, Commercial director, Finn Flare 13:00–13:30 COFFEE BREAK, MEETING AND NETWORKING WITH FORUM COLLEAGUES AND PARTNERS 13:30–14:30 PARALLEL SESSION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) HOW MUCH DO 7 MINUTES COST? It is known that 7 minutes is the maximum time for a buyer to feel comfortable in the queue. And 50% of goods are NOT purchased, if the waiting time exceeds this limit. At check-out, in the dressing room… Can you afford to lose almost 50% of those nearly made sales? If not, this session is for you! We discuss: what solutions and technological advances allow today to increase the average check and reduce service time for buyers? How to speed up the purchase process from dressing room to check-out? Improve the staff efficiency and speed in each store? And, most importantly, how to implement those solutions in your business? Speakers and panelists: •  Ruslan Ilyasov, General director, retail chain Primorosso •  Inga Nahmanson, General director, Fitting Realty •  Maria Gerasimenko, General director, Clever Fashion •  Dave Judge, Executive and creative director, StartJG (London) 13:30–14:30 PARALLEL SESSION (NEGOTIATION HALL) ROUND TABLE: RETAIL + RUSSIAN DESIGNERS = EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIP Today, while looking for ways to 'separate' from competitors by providing the cus­ tomer with unique, batch product range, many retail owners are trying to establish partnerships with russian designers. But despite the mutual interest, a partnership, profitable for both parties, is a rare commodity. How to build a commercially effective partnership? Let discuss the whole spectrum of questions: how to evaluate and choose a designer; whose products will match your target audience and 'make the counter'; how to control the process of manufacture and launch of a collection; how to motivate a creative team. We invite both sides of the process to the discussion, in order to find out how to build a logical progression for a cooperation. Speakers and panelists: •  Elena Kogel, Founder, •  Svetlana Komissarova, Leading teacher, Moscow Fashion Academy •  Andrey Yakobi, Director fashion company Real Profit Group •  Yulia Myatkovskaya, Senior Designer F5 Company •  Vitaliy Gordon, Managing director, Sunday Up Market •  Oksana Vencislitskaya, Head designer, one of the biggest Fashion retail chain 14:30–15:30 LUNCH, INFORMAL COMMUNICATION WITH COLLEAGUES 15:30–17:00 SPECIAL SESSION (NEGOTIATION HALL) PRIVATE CLUB FOR FASHION CHAINS DIRECTORS The discussion main topics: • How to convey the brand and company values to all the employees, including salespeople in the store, which broadcast them to customers? What you need to change “at the top”, in the central office, for all of your employees can work as an united, inspired team? • Features to manage “creative” team: buyers and designers. How and where to look for the right people, how to direct their creative skills in the commercial mainstream, how to teach and develop? What kind of incentive system to create to make the team really responsible for the result? • SERVICE is the only thing that can make a difference. How to build a “A+” unique service in the company? And to make sure your competitors do not copy you? Moderators: •  Andrey Kalmykov, General director, Trade Help •  Timur Yadgarov, Business trainer and couch, ACG Moscow 6th BUSINESS FORUM OF STORE CHAIN DIGNITARIES, STORES AND DISTRIBUTORS SELLING CLOTHES, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES NOVEMBER 28–29, 2013 | HOTEL MARRIOTT COURTYARD, MOSCOW
  2. 2. THE FORUM PROGRAM •  Alyona Mironova, Ex-head of PR&SMM department, Wildberries Speakers and panelist: •  Petr Malkin, Managing director, Sinta Gamma •  Vincent Lutens, Marketing Director of KupiVIP Holding •  Ruslan Ilyasov, General director, retail chain Primorosso •  Lorna Hall, Head of Retail & Strategy, WGSN •  Arman Tataryan, Commercial director, Delta Sport Ukraine (Nike, Mexx, New Look) •  Oleg Gruzdev, CEO&Founder of Gallery Fashion Forum and Starlette pret-a-porter show-room 15:30–16:45 PLENARY SESSION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) LOYALTY PROGRAMS. HOW SMART BRANDS GAIN PROFITS Companies that are able to collect customer data across all channels (traditional shopping, online commerce) and use them to forecast sales, may, on average, triple (!!!) their revenues. But the data per se gives nothing. The key to success is to use it smartly in daily communication with the buyer — in e-mail lists, call center activity and directly at the store. It is a qualitative analysis that gives an opportunity to build the most effective marketing campaign, make breakthroughs in merchandising, and create for a buyer a special experience of interaction with the brand. The session will discuss the most current developments in the field of customer experience: how they work, how much they cost, and how to calculate the efficiency of their use. The session will start with a special pre­ sentation from Lorna Hall, WGSN's Head of Retail & Strategy, “Fashion Retail & In­ novation Trends”. Lorna Hall will pres­ ent key themes driving change in the fashion retail business. Exploring global trends across retail business culture, store design, shopper experience as well as looking ahead at the next big trends; with best practice examples and ideas to give you a competitive edge. •  Julia Dutey, Marketing director, TMHF Group 16:45–17:00 COFFEE BREAK, SOCIALIZING WITH FORUM COLLEAGUES AND PARTNERS 17:00–18:00 PLENARY SESSION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) LOGISTIC: WHAT TO PLAN FOR TOMORROW? Today, for surviving and development in the current circumstances, it is necessary to have a flexible business model which will ensure the effective assortment management, a clear logistics and relevant to business objectives of information support. To predict all the wishes of buyers, companies have to hit their "speed of response" and the services. How the most successful companies have achieved this? And how to use their experience for middle and small companies — because the business landscape is very different. Speakers and panelists: •  Joaquin Villalba, Fashion retail professional. He has over ten years experience in supply chains including four years at the forefront of operations management at Zara-INDITEX, where he held several corporate positions including Head of European Logistics Operations. •  Julia Ezhova, Logistic director, Levi Strauss Moscow •  Carlos Joaquin Samper, Executive Director, Supply Chain Management, O’stin Sportmaster Group Moderator: •  Vladislav Us, Chief Editor, loyalty library Speakers and panelist: •  Giulio D'Erme, General director, Triumph International •  Olga Narozhnaya, Marketing director, Colin’s 18:00 TRANSFER TO THE VENUE OF THE EVENING RECEPTION FORUM FASHION RETAIL RUSSIA (TRANSFER FROM THE MAIN ENTRANCE OF THE HOTEL). 19:00 – START OF EVENING RECEPTION. DRESS-CODE – EVENING. 6th BUSINESS FORUM OF STORE CHAIN DIGNITARIES, STORES AND DISTRIBUTORS SELLING CLOTHES, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES NOVEMBER 28–29, 2013 | HOTEL MARRIOTT COURTYARD, MOSCOW 19
  3. 3. THE FORUM PROGRAM NOVEMBER 29, THE SECOND DAY OF THE FORUM 09:30 FORUM PARTICIPANTS’ REGISTRATION 10:00–11:15 PLENARY SESSION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) •  new sites, lease terms <—> shopping centers and developers •  placing orders for production <—> clothes, footwear, accessories manufacturers •  purchases for own collections <—> fabrics and accessories manufacturers GENERATION OF MILLENNIUMS: CULTURE SHOCK 12:30–13:30 DISCUSSION SESSION By 2015, the generation of millenniums will take 75% of the jobs. And they are our target audience in the near future. And exactly for this audience stores must be fully “reconstructed”. How they buy and make the choice? What values are they guided by? How to work with them? How the leading chain stores break their rules, rearranging work for the new generation? COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE AND ECONOMY FORMATS Moderator: •  Maria Gerasimenko, General director, Clever Fashion Speakers and panelists: •  Tamara Tanatarova, Marketing director, Gretta •  Olga Narozhnaya, Marketing director, Colin’s •  Alyona Mironova, Ex-head of PR&SMM department, Wildberries •  Andrey Mamontov, Retail expert •  Alexey Katsalukha, Co-owner «Oh,my» What current formats exist today and, more importantly, what is their economy? Analyzing the main differences and perspectives of each format in terms of commercial success and sales per square meter. Realizing who and under what circumstances should think about changing the format. And what is the price of this question? Speakers and panelists: •  Anna Kmitina, Managing director, ECCO Ros •  Igor Barsukov, General director, Lady & Gentlemen •  Andrey Gorb, Head of brands development Karen Millen and Oasis 12:30–13:30 ONLINE SALES OF CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR (VARVARKA HALL) OPENING OWN INTERNET SHOP Master class for those who are just about to open an online store. Step-to-step practice from A to Z based on specific sales of clothing, footwear and accessories. Speakers: 11:15–12:30 NEGOTIATIONS ON COOPERATION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) For the first time in Fashion Retail & Distribution forum we will hold sessions of negotiations on cooperation between executives of the network selling clothing, footwear and accessories and their partners! C-level executives from both parties provide an interesting and effective dialogue that creates a partnership on a completely new level! NEGOTIATING GUIDELINES: •  development of the regional markets <—> franchisee in the regions •  alternative sales channels <—> cooperation with online hyperstores •  procurement/distribution <—> distributors of clothing, footwear, accessories 20 (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) •  Vitaliy Panarin, Project manager, OTTO Group •  Alexey Salychev, Head of e-commerce department, brand Love Republic, Melon Fashion Group Company 13:30–14:15 LUNCH 14:15–15:15 SALES MANAGEMENT (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) HOW TO IMPLEMENT PL AND “NEW ITEMS”? MERCHANDISING, SALES MOTIVATION, POS MATERIALS… How to sell related products? What category can earn more? Where is their place in the shop? Plus, how to organize the checkout area? 6th BUSINESS FORUM OF STORE CHAIN DIGNITARIES, STORES AND DISTRIBUTORS SELLING CLOTHES, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES NOVEMBER 28–29, 2013 | HOTEL MARRIOTT COURTYARD, MOSCOW
  4. 4. THE FORUM PROGRAM Unique products. What could it be? Related products? Hand-made and custom-made products? Do those “widgets” really help to “make cash”? Speakers: •  Natalya Tasalova, General director, GNN FashionTrade Group •  Maria Gerasimenko, General director, Clever Fashion •  Anna Balandina, Managing partner, FCG Creative Lab •  Elena Kabanova, Ex-marketing director “Snow Queen”, Retail Atelier Partner 14:15–15:15 ONLINE SALES OF CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR (VARVARKA HALL) E-COMMERCE STRATEGIES FOR FASHION RETAIL The competitive environment and demand­ ing buyer, spoiled by all the offers, forces retailers to be flexible and adjust their strategies in line with the differentiated consumer experience. The session will discuss how leading retailers are building their e-business, which allows them to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Moderator: •  Vadim Shadrin, Fashion retail expert, ex-head of franchising development department, JamilCo Speakers: •  Fabio Meloni, Head of Buying, LaModa •  Olga Lomko, Commercial director, RUTaoBAo •  Georgiy Nikolaychik, Chairman of the board of directors, “Budu mamoy” (inter-seasonal discounts, the latest discounts, etc.)? How to run a campaign of sales? Successful and unsuccessful cases. Are the concepts of sales changing around the world, or are they done in the same old way? Speakers: •  Julia Veshnyakova, General director, Retail Technology Academy •  Oleg Gruzdev, CEO&Founder of Gallery Fashion Forum and Starlette pret-a-porter show-room 15:45–16:45 ONLINE SALES OF CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR (VARVARKA HALL) WHERE TO FIND NEW CUSTOMERS? Speakers and panelists: •  Anton Belogorodov, HR-director, Bosco di Ciliegi •  Julia Veshnyakova, General director, Retail Technology Academy •  Alexandra Tsoy, Deputy general director, MF Company •  Anna Belikova, General director, Job-in-fashon •  Nina Tarasova, Business trainer 18:00 CLOSING THE FORUM New buyers are the life force of any retail business. Where and how to find new customers? What is the ROI of different channels of communication with potential buyers? How to build a database of potential customers? And how the social networks act as a new sales channel: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, fashion bloggers and celebrities. Examples of successful cooperation — in concrete figures. Optional: a review of key data medium: price + efficiency. Speakers: •  Dmitriy Andriyashkin, Founder, •  Evgeniy Malyshev, Director, Icon Communication 16:45–17:00 COFFEE BREAK 17:00–18:00 CLOSING PLENARY SESSION (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) THE SELLER, THE MAIN LINK IN THE SALES! (GRAND COURTYARD HALL) Where there are the “right” people? How to motivate them to sell more and smile wider? How to make them want to hold down their job? And, most importantly, how to teach them? We will discuss two main issues: how to create the right sales team, and how to develop an incentive system that meets the objectives of the company (KPI). Plus: a review of salaries, search sources, staffing, and incentive schemes. As well as peculiarities of Generation Y and their motivation. MASTER-CLASS: SALES FORECASTING Moderator: •  Roman Rotblat, Commercial director, BINCO •  Mikhael Mykalo, Ex-analyst, Wildberries 15:15–15:45 COFFEE BREAK 15:45–16:45 SALES MANAGEMENT How to properly create a sales plan? How to manage inventory for the season? How to plan properly for discounted shares •  Timur Yadgarov, Business trainer and couch, ACG Moscow 6th BUSINESS FORUM OF STORE CHAIN DIGNITARIES, STORES AND DISTRIBUTORS SELLING CLOTHES, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES NOVEMBER 28–29, 2013 | HOTEL MARRIOTT COURTYARD, MOSCOW 21